Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors Declare War on Light Troops & Shadow Troops

ICE BOX, Light Troops Nation – The Light Troops and Shadow Troops’ have been dealt a blow in a war that threatens to escalate as the Ice Warriors join the Army of CP to battle the Light Troops, while the Dark Warriors declare war on the Shadow Troops.

In a recent post made by Dark Warriors Leader Drake, he stated that the Dark Warriors would be declaring war on the Shadow Troops, but make no mention of their allies the Light Troops. The Dark Warriors state that they have declared war as they have declared war on members of the Grand Alliance, consisting of the DW and their allies the IW and ACP.

A state of War now exists between the Dark Warriors Nation and the Shadow Troops Empire.

The Democratic/Republic Government of ST has committed unprovoked Acts of war against the Grand Alliance  which has been established by DW.

Therefore, the Dark Warriors shall be taking immediate action to exterminate any threats that is thrust upon the Alliance. The commanders of our army are hereby authorized and directed to to deploy the entire naval and military forces of the Dark Warriors Nation and to bring the conflict to a successful termination.

War is hereby declared.

The Shadow Troops have only recently returned to the top ten, finding themselves just outside the top five last weekend and have shown signs of rapidly improving under the new leadership. The Dark Warriors, on the other hand, have recently regained their spot at 1st after a brief dip in performance following some leadership changes. The temporary fall saw the Light Troops take the top spot, but they have fallen to third following the DW’s regaining strength.

The Light Troops claimed to win their opening battle against the Ice Warriors and Army of CP with sizes of 35+.


In addition to this, the Ice Warriors, who are arch rivals with the Light Troops, have declared war on the army at war with the Army of CP. After a leadership change that saw Gtu and Albc take the helm of one of the most historic armies, they have struggled to perform to their previous heights of the summer and have been 5th for the past three weeks. However, they do hope that this war will spark the army into life and move them back towards the top three. Below is what Albc said in his declaration of war.

We will assist our brother allies, the Army of Club Penguin in the war that they are in against LT. The evil Light Troops decided to have their allies, the Shadow Troops assist them in this war. Together, the Ice Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin will take down the Light Troops and the Shadow Troops.

The Light Troops have said that the ACP only bought in allies to the war due to them being too small to face the them and win, but the ACP followed up this point by stating that the Light Troops asked the Shadow Troops for help first. Both armies have already started flame posts towards each-other and the war is well underway as five of the top six armies face-off in what could be an exciting clash.

Who do YOU think are going to win the war? Also, are the LT right in saying that the ACP were scared, or were the ACP balancing the books? Comment YOUR opinions.


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  1. why do armies insist on throwing out ethical technicalities and good-evil allegations despite the whole purpose of the community being to declare war and to have fun battling in such wars?

  2. I heard that ST has merged into LT.

  3. Im starting to like this world war. Ive even got a plan to stir the world war up and I mean badly so it is world war.

  4. These wars will never get anywhere with LT and ACP/IW/DW both claiming victory at every battle. Somebody needs to get in and judge the battles or something.

    • I suggested this earlier also, And i got the answer that they had tried and that it sadly failed.

      • I agree with the both of you. If a couple of CPAC reporters volunteered to judge this battle with the permission from all armies then this would be interesting

        • With both armies claiming victory on everything, there’s no indication of whether the army is struggling or doing well. By this, I mean that, if an army is defeated at war, they know that the army must improve. If they are victorious, they know to keep up the good work. If both sides keep claiming victory,
          a) the recruits won’t know who is really winning the war
          b)We can’t tell if an army is performing well or struggling
          c) There’s no sense of competition. There’s no real point to a competitive war if armies can’t handle a simple defeat.

          • I can guarantee that you will never find a suitable judge because there is always going to be some bias for or against a certain army.

        • no third party has the authority or good judgement to decide the winner of a non-tourney battle
          also, CPAC reporters are just that, reporters and not qualified judges to a battle

  5. I only left for one week.

  6. IW and ACP are small, so i doubt LT wont be able to handle them. DW’s UK is atrocious, so I don’t really think LT will have a problem with this war.

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