Editorial – The Predictable War

BREAKING NEWS – The Ice Warriors have declared war on the Light Troops and Shadow Troops. A full CPAC Report will be out soon.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Following the recent war decleration of the ACP upon arch enemies the Light Troops, we yet again see two of the biggest armies of the modern era face each-other in potentially an exciting war. But is it that exciting?

Table of Content:

  1. The Allies
  2. AUSIA Overload
  3. Disputed Battles
  4. Ending The War
  5. Conclusion


1. The Allies

Wars with the Light Troops and Army of CP rarely end with just these two armies. The Light Troops are closely associated with the Black Alliance over the past three years and already we have seen the Shadow Troops join the side of the Light Troops. On top of this, the Army of CP are expected to have an ally to join their side as well, and the ACP have been a part of alliances such as the White Alliance.

While a lot of armies joining into wars may add to the fun and in particular give us a lot to talk about, but it often ends in one side being a lot more weighted than the other. Both armies have had this happen to them, such as the ACP under my leadership being severely outnumbered by the Black Alliance and just last year the Light Troops facing four or five armies at once with the demise of the BA. Does this lead to an interesting war? No. You could say that sometimes the sides are balanced and it leads to multiple fair wars but this is very rare and normally does not occur.

The AR, IW, ACP and Nachos among other armies joined in November 2012 to face the Black Alliance consisting of armies such as the Pirates, Light Troops and SWAT.

There is no doubt, in my opinion, that there will be allies in this war and that leads to more problems in itself. Allies will dress up as the army they are helping in battles they arent supposed to be at and if all allies turn up the rooms will be too full and it would be confusing. All in all, an allies war that is not a world war is not a good thing – but a world war is always good in its own way. This, however, will not be a world war.


2. AUSIA Overload


The ACP’s last AUSIA event sees them have sizes of about 20-25.

Ever since the ACP created the first ever strong AUSIA division during the summer of 2013, they haven’t really lost a war, as their AUSIA division helped them when the rest of the army was failing to perform. This has been down to daily AUSIA invasion of reclamation and generally they had two or three battles for this division a day. While it made the ACP a strong force in wars, most armies still do not have these divisions and it made wars predictable, with ACP almost guaranteed to win. This also links back into the ally section, because the ACP’s enemies need allies to combat the clear advantage that this brings them.

While the ACP are fully entitled to use their strengths to their advantage and I would use it as well if I were leader, maybe they should cap the amount of invasions they have to keep the war interesting. But to be honest, do the Army of CP care if the rest of the army community find it boring because they are winning all of their AUSIA battles? Not really, they are interested in winning and will probably use this division to try and win the war.


3. Disputed Battle

LT face ACP on sleet earlier this year. Both armies claimed victory with the LT claiming to win the war 40-2 and the ACP claiming to win 16-1-1.

Almost every war has this. Both armies claim to win battles and claim to win enough battles so they are winning on their own war score. Most of the time armies say they won when they really know they lost and just wanted to keep the morale of their army up and ultimately, to make them look better. This will happen in this war without a doubt, with the ACP, LT and other armies in the war claiming victory at every opportunity.

This is the most boring part of wars and in particular, between the Army of CP and the Light Troops. This war, alongside all the other wars between the two armies, will end with both claiming to have won and dominated the other army. We will learn nothing from what happens, such as who is the best army and both armies will claim to own one anothers servers unless they are returned. Previously in army history we could identify key war victories, for example the ACP’s win over the Night Warriors in 2010, but now this is impossible as there are no clear winner, because both say they were the ones who won.

So in the end, most of these battles will be pointless with both armies saying they won and both armies claiming to own the server and we will be back where we are now, with servers either disputed or returned at the end of the war.


4. Ending The War

Going back to the point about the returning of the servers. We will end the war with the servers just going back to their original owner or, as previously stated, they will forever go disputed and stay on both nations. The other ways that the war could end is with both armies saying that the other has no servers left and that they are ‘not an army’ because they claimed to win every battle they could and then say that the other has no servers. How could both armies magically end with no servers? They couldn’t just go running away.

ACP surrender to the Black Legion, consisting of several armies including the Light Troops and Pirates, in early 2013.


Another way that the war could end, which both armies have done before, is with one ignoring the other for some reason or another. They would then say that, again for some reason, that they won the war because of invalid invasions and the war would practically end with one army taking all of the others servers due to one not showing up. It’s really a cowardice way of hiding when being defeated.

The war will end in some boring or stupid way, with no clear or agreed winner and it will come with the typical flame posts being directed at the other army.


5. Conclusion

While this war could be different, with war battles and fair admissions of defeat with a defined winner at the end, I very much doubt that this will happen. It is probable that all of the things mentioned in this post will occur and result in a fairly disappointing war. We can only hope that these things do not impact the fun of this war and it is still an entertaining one.

What do YOU think about the war between the ACP and LT and their allies? Will there be a lot of disputed battles and overloaded AUSIA battles, or will it be different this time around? Comment YOUR opinions.


CPA Central CEO

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  3. In the war shadow troops helped LT so it could turn to a ally war.

  4. Needs more Heskey or Bendtner

  5. Ally and AUSIA gangbang on ST and LT goodnight

  6. AR is returning to aid ACP once again just like in 2012 and take down the evil Elmikey! Thy justice will be served.

  7. Good post Funks

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  9. The best decision LT’s allies could have made would have been to let them face ACP alone. To be honest, ST just really screwed LT’s chances by getting ACP’s allies involved.

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    Badboy got couped again.

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