Declassified: ACP’s Operation Double F

BREEZE, ACP Empire – Back in the spring of 2013, the Nachos had smashed the ACP in a huge war that saw the army drop from 2nd on the top ten to an, at the time, record-low 9th placement on the top ten. The leadership was getting desperate and the Nachos had demanded that I were to be removed from the army. This is when Operation Double F was put into place.

During this war, I was leading with Swimmer – who is now with me in the Ice Warriors and the Nachos were smashing us, the Army of CP, at USA events due to their superiority in size. While the army was winning the majority of UK events, this was not enough as the Nachos had a better war plan and we couldn’t deal with them. When we asked for a treaty the Nachos demanded to some terms that, obviously, we didn’t want to agree to. The main point in the negotiations stated the following:

Kingfunks4 must immediately be removed from his position as ACP Leader.

That was it, plain and simple. There were no other additions to this part of the agreement and in a meeting of the ACP owners, we spotted a loop-hole. The agreement stated that I had to be removed from the leadership, but did not give a time period of how long I had to wait to come back to the leader role. While the infamous DWF (Down With Funks) campaign was taking place, Capncook, former ACP Leader and at the time Second-In-Command, suggested that they staged a fake coup of me. The plan was then for Shab and Boomer to reinstate me as leader and thus avoiding war with the Nachos, due to a treaty agreeing to no war for a certain period of time. 

The picture below shows the agreement between the Nachos and ACP leaderships. I am obviously not present at this meeting.

Part one of Operation Double F had, in our eyes, worked as planned. The Nachos had agreed a treaty that we could easily find a loophole in. I could force my way back into the leadership (obviously, not forcing my way back in because the coup itself was fake) and the Nachos would have to honor the treaty until June 7th. Swimmer announced later the same day that I was removed from ACP Leader and, to make it more believable, I went to the Ice Warriors for a new place to be in. Ironically, the plan would later fail and I would over a year later become the 6th IW Leader after joining late in 2013. 

We moved onto Part two of Operation Double F. The original plan had to get Shab and Boomer, often linked with leadership changes throughout ACP History, However, in a private post Shab and Boomer stated that they had no interest in doing what we wanted. Below is what Shab had written in a private post written after my “coup”. 

Boomer and I have decided that we will not be involving ourselves with this plan so forget about A. Regarding B, that would make Swimmer look bad and could shift opinions on him negatively and that is something you guys don’t need right now. Capn’s idea sounds the best at this point.

I had set out three options to get me back into the leader spot and all three had been disregarded by the former ACP Leaders and some of the owners at the time. The three options suggested are seen below. 

[A] = Ask Mchappy to reinstate me as leader as his opinion would be credited by the troops – no. << Ok Mch doesn’t like this idea so it would be B or C

[B] = A joint post by all of the owners saying that they are overruling Swimmers decision and infact did not agree with what he said and that he made the decision on his own.

[C] = Swimmer changes his mind and makes me leader. This would create the most suspicion and hate for Swimmer, but it could work.

Mchappy had also ruled himself out of helping with the situation, similarly to Shab and Boomer, as it would have ruined his reputation to be involved with, with turned out to be a huge scandal. Capncook, the very person who suggested this idea, was the one who was most against the fake coup and regretted suggesting the idea in the first place. He stated that his idea was not serious but the owners, unfortunately, took to the idea and went through with it. Capn said the following about stage two of the operation.

We should do the honorable thing and reinstate you [Funks] immediately and tell the army the truth. We should also from now on have the army decide on things, not just the leader(s) or leaders and owners. Also, this is the one exception to what I just said.

The other owners, including Superoo, Fluffy, Tori and Slime, opted for option B. However, Tori clearly stated in the private post that this option should only be chosen if we did not go through with Capn’s idea of telling the army the truth of what had happened. Swimmer and I had ignored advice from two of the best army leaders ever, and two of our owners. We had opted for option B and a post written by “all the owners” had been constructed. 

The post was in fact made solely by me, under Foldez’s name. Foldez had not agreed to this and was outraged when she was made the center of attention in what was increasingly becoming a bad operation that was doomed to fail. While I had appeared to be reinstated as leader by the ACP Owners, the chat had become chaotic. Some people were outraged that I was back in the army, some were glad that I was back. Either way, people doubted the way I had come back to the army and Capncook had announced what we were doing. While he suggested the idea, he was the one most against the idea and he told everyone. 

Swimmer quickly made a post stating the truth of what happened in a matter of 48 hours. In this post Swimmer stated how he had considered to coup me, how he thought he should remove me from the army. Even during the fake coup he considered keeping me out of the army. The army had offers to be allies with many, many armies that had previously been enemies and Swimmer felt confident, happy as ACP Leader. However, he was loyal to me. We were friends and he couldn’t keep me out of the army and he went ahead with the whole operation. While it would’ve been better for the army if I had left, I didn’t want it to look like I had been couped yet again in the ACP. 

What had been support “For the Kings” a month previous had turned into a split army.

To make matters worse, the HSA had joined the war as the Nachos had redeclared war on us. We could’ve ignored the Nachos and stated that they had a treaty to follow – but we knew we couldn’t do this. That would make us look even worse and there was only one way out of the situation. I announced my retirement from the army only 2 days after the fake coup. In my post I say how people following the DWF campaign had no heart, no feelings and had made leading the ACP make me feel worse. I still hold the same opinions that the people who followed the DWF campaign in the Nachos were wrong. The Nachos had later payed for the force removal of me from the leadership as Cassius Brutus demanded that the Nachos removed Mrgpv from the leadership as revenge. An example of why you dont want to make an army too angry, because if they get bigger they seek revenge. 

Swimmer also retired from the army a week later and the leadership had been passed into the experienced hands of Mchappy. The chaos had ended as Mchappy agreed a treaty with both the Nachos and HSA to end the war. The Nachos had got what they wanted and more. What did I learn from this operation? No leader should lie to their troops on such a scale. The troops should always be told what is happening and why. Furthermore, you need strong allies that will support you throughout any problems that you may endure. To do this, you need to help them as well. I learnt a lot from some of the chaotic situations in the Army of CP and I feel it made me a better leader. Since then, I helped both the Water Vikings and Ice Warriors to World Power status and my experiences in the ACP have helped this. I have formed strong bonds with armies that, not only are strong, but I share the same ideologies to. 

An army must have enemies, but Operation Double F created a lot of hate for the ACP. It wasnt the last scandal the ACP has been involved in, but it will be one that wont be forgotten for a long time. This post has released some private posts that show some behind the scene action taken place in the Operation Double F. Who was against it, who supported it. Truly, it was just the leaders who supported it. 

-Kingfunks4 CPA Central EP & Former ACP Leader

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  1. I remember this happening and you messing IW around since you were made IW 4ic afterwards.

    tut tut

  2. Only cowards try to find loopholes in treaties.

  3. Funks you better have got permission before releasing classified ACP files or I’ll have your ass for this…

  4. i love how in the post of funk’s coup it specifically says “THIS COUP IS NOT FAKE” and over a year later its like, “yeah, no, this shit was totally staged”

  5. the coup wasnt staged, funks just made it look like it was to protect his reputation

  6. You decided to post this after I come back to armies? This totally wasn’t the most embarrassing thing ever… Smh

  7. Dick move

  8. more like double d’s… amirite?

  9. Tip toe by the window, by the window! That is where I’ll be!


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