Summer @ CPAC: CP Army Awards Results

Almost two hundred members of the army community came out over the past week to participate in the Summer @ CPAC Awards, casting their votes on all sorts of different categories as we reminisce over the first half of the year. The results of those many polls are now in, and we are here to present many individuals, armies, and organizations with trophies. 

The first half of 2014 saw many important changes coming to armies. The most powerful armies in warfare were completely thrown upside-down as new armies rose to the top and many world powers from the previous year took a fall. Also, many catalysts of their armies have retired throughout this year, bringing change to the landscape throughout the community. We have also seen changes in army media, where multiple news sites, most notably SM Army Press, joined the ranks of media’s best this year. Without further adieu, the results of those polls are below.

Army Media Awards

The awards given out in the summer can largely be separated into two different categories: Large Army Awards and Army Media Awards. The first of which, the Army Media Awards, is a tradition from 2009 when the media in armies was far more competitive. The end of that competition, however, does not change the amount of talent that can be found in news sites throughout armies.

Many sites, individuals, and tournaments are important to the way we go about our daily business in the community. Covering events throughout large, medium and small armies, news sites are dedicated to provide the best viewer experience possible, and often have dedicated teams of staff. Army media’s influence has only grown in recent years, with investigative reports and editorials revolutionizing the affect the media has on armies.

The first poll was, expectantly, for the Best News Site. Four candidates: CP Army Central, SM Army Press, SM Army Central, and MM Army Central were considered for this award. Unsurprisingly, one site, which has won this award for five years straight, took home this award with over 82% of the total vote. The full results of this poll are as follows.

1st Place: Club Penguin Army Central 

2nd Place: Small/Medium Army Press

3rd Place: Major Medium Army Central

4th Place: Small and Medium Army Central

Throughout these news sites, many individuals sit at the helm — these individuals have, traditionally, been recognized with the award for Best News Site CEO. There have been many notable throughout the year, and seven total individuals were considered for this award. The winner of this award, taking home a little over 66% of the vote, is below — along with the full results of the poll.

1st Place: Bluesockwa1

2nd Place: Blaze

3rd Place: Bluesockwa2

4th Place: Bepboy9

5th Place: Mchappy

6th Place: Lucario564

7th Place: Jodie

A staple of what army media does when it comes to community outreach is the holding of various tournaments throughout the year. Five tournaments from three different news sites were considered for this award, but overall one tournament remains as legendary as ever, taking home almost 77% of the total vote.

1st Place: CPAC Legends Cup V

2nd Place: CPAC March Madness III

3rd Place: SMAC-Down III

4th Place: SMAP Summer Slash

5th Place: SMAP Summer Clash

Though we commonly focus on the leadership of news sites, the reality is that without its regular staff, news sites would not be successful — this is why, every year, the award for Best Reporter is given out, and CEOs are intentionally kept out of consideration. Many great reporters throughout armies were considered for this award, and the winners are below.

1st Place: Zakster

2nd Place: Dpd2000

3rd Place: Tempah

4th Place: Kingfunks4

5th Place: West 004

6th Place: 78562cool

7th Place Tie: Max

7th Place Tie: Lord Jay

9th Place: Gar101

10th Place: Tompenguin6

All other candidates can see me on chat for their place. 

Though philosophy has always been common at news sites, only recently has it, along with its sister column of Editorials, become very popular once again. Many prominent minds throughout armies have argued for all kinds of things, from broad topics like cheating and abuse, to more specific things, like most opinion pieces. The full results of the poll for Best Philosopher/Editorialist are below.

1st Place: Boomer 20

2nd Place: Bluesockwa1

3rd Place: Max 

4th Place: 78562cool

5th Place Tie: Bluesockwa2

5th Place Tie: Splasher99

7th Place: Wolfie1215

8th Place: Weatherboy1

And finally, one could argue that no other topic has seen as much growth in the recent year as has army graphics. Though graphics are not strictly news site-related, army media commonly serves as a breeding ground for the best graphics in armies, and that is why the award for Best GFX Designer is in this category. The competition for this award was heated, and the full results for the poll are as follows.

1st Place: Monsoon

2nd Place: Blizzard8880

3rd Place: Andy

4th Place: Dxdzn

5th Place: Wyoskyguy

6th Place: Zakster

7th Place: Blaze

8th Place: Stromae

9th Place: Sercan

Large Army Awards

The large army awards are some of the most sought-after of the year, and the individuals who receive them or do well in them often go on to be considered for CP Army Legend — if they do not hold that title already. The landscape for the large army awards this year was definitely different, with many new armies and individuals placing highly in the polls.

The first award in the large army category covers something that forebodes all of us as members of this community: the award for Biggest Retirement. Many prominent individuals retired in the first half of this year, leading to collapses or falls in the army they once led. Though seven different people were considered for this award, there was one clear front runner, and those results are below.

1st Place: Flipmoo/Slimball2007

2nd Place: Roberto

3rd Place: Freezie66

4th Place: Wyoskyguy

5th Place: Bearsboy10

6th Place: 6789cool

7th Place: Super Paco 24

The second category, which considers a wide range of people, focus on the commonly forgotten group that armies cannot function without: the award for Best Owner. Leaders are, intentionally, kept out of this poll, so that the owners that work toward making sure the army is top-notch can also receive recognition. The results for this poll are as follows.

1st Place: Drake88893

2nd Place Tie: Tompenguin6

2nd Place Tie: Albcoolio

4th Place Tie: Mikester

4th Place Tie: Tempah

6th Place Tie: Spi101

6th Place Tie: Fluffyboy3

8th Place: Tirodoragon

9th Place: Lord Jay

10th Place Tie: Splasher99

10th Place Tie: Applebitter

All other candidates can see me on chat for their place. 

Next up is the award for Biggest Rise. This award held a large amount of meaning, specifically right now, because many top five armies have only risen to the top five since the year began. Though multiple armies performed well in this poll, there was one clear front runner, an army that dominated both in its size counts and in its Top Ten ranks. The full results of the poll are below.

1st Place: Dark Warriors

2nd Place: Golden Troops

3rd Place: Ice Warriors

4th Place: Nachos

5th Place: Redemption Force

6th Place: Army of CP

7th Place Tie: Water Vikings

7th Place Tie: Special Weapons and Tactics

The direct opposite of the previous award is the award for the Most Dramatic Fall, given to the army whose drop in rankings or size gave way to the rise of new world powers. The Top Ten undulated throughout the first half of 2014, but there was one very clear winner, one army whose fall came unexpectedly and changed the course of warfare. That army, along with the full results, are as follows.

1st Place: Rebel Penguin Federation

2nd Place: Army of CP

3rd Place Tie: Pirates/Night Warriors

3rd Place Tie: Doritos

5th Place: Golds

6th Place: Chaos Army

The first of the three major awards is the award for Biggest Army. Six armies, who had held major world power rankings for a long period of time in 2014, were considered for this award. In the end, one army was the clear front runner, taking over 67% of the overall vote — the full results are below.

1st Place: Dark Warriors

2nd Place: Light Troops

3rd Place: Ice Warriors

4th Place: Nachos

5th Place: Army of CP

6th Place: Golden Troops

The next award is the award for Most Achieved, recognizing the individuals who are not essentially the most powerful in armies, but made the largest gains in their career during the first half of 2014. This poll considers one of the largest candidate groups of all polls, individuals from armies, news sites, and other groups. The full results are as follows.

1st Place: Flipmoo/Slimball2007

2nd Place: Laoise

3rd Place: xxToysoldier

4th Place: Elmikey

5th Place: Roberto

6th Place Tie: Vo Yo

6th Place Tie: Bluesockwa1

6th Place Tie: Blaze

9th Place Tie: Mrtchy

9th Place Tie: Jerry

9th Place Tie: Silverburg

All other candidates can see me on chat for their place. 

The final category, and arguably the most anticipated, is the award for the Best Leader. All kinds of leaders throughout armies take the helm in hopes of becoming legendary and forever-recognized as one of the most important people of their generation. It goes without saying that this award is a hard one to win, and many, many candidates were considered for it. This year, there was one clear front runner, and the results of the poll are below.

1st Place: Flipmoo/Slimball2007

2nd Place: Elmikey

3rd Place: Roberto

4th Place: Silverburg

5th Place: Kingfunks4

6th Place: xxToysoldier

7th Place: Beeky128778

8th Place: Vo Yo

9th Place: Tes7

10th Place Tie: Sercan

10th Place Tie: Mustapha10

All other candidates can see me on chat for their place. 

A huge thank you to all the viewers who took the time to participate in the Summer @ CPAC Awards 2014 — the viewer votes here at CPA Central, whatever they’re for, server as an important representation of what you guys, the viewers, think of the community and its changing landscape. A major thank you, also, to 78562cool, who spent countless hours getting these votes tallied, and to Monsoon, who designed the trophies. Congratulations, also, to all who were winners of these various awards — your contributions to the community are widely appreciated.


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Executive Producer

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