Dark Warriors Put an End to the Agents Era

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – With all of the chaos that has happened within the Dark Warriors army throughout the last month, the Dark Warriors finally put an official end to their “Agents Era”.

This Sunday, August 31st, marks the end of possibly the most successful era in Dark Warriors history, which is debatable by many in this warfare community. The retirement of both Vo Yo and XxToySoldier, from the Dark Warriors army, will officially put an end to the Dark Warriors’ Agents Era.

The Agents of DW was the biggest rise/era that any army has ever seen in history. We hit sizes of 80+ and 60+ constantly, and trained CP recruits into potential CP Army Legends. Without a doubt, DW was the best Club Penguin army this year. Vo Yo, Xxtoysoldier, and yes, even Elmikey. Never Forget.                    

                                                            XxToySoldier, Dark Warriors Legend, August 29, 2014

With this, it is known at this point that Drake will be the only leader of the Dark Warriors army. Possible candidates to become the newest Dark Warriors leader include Aaron, Badboy00923, and Bquik. It is unknown, as stated previously, if there will be any leader elections.

Following, I took the time to hold an interview with Drake, current Dark Warriors leader.

Interview with Drake, Dark Warriors Leader

CPAC: With the ending of the Dark Warriors’ Agents Era, do you see a new, better era beginning within your army?

Drake: Every army is experiencing a drop with the incoming school season. I can’t say it’ll be as successful as the run we had in the summer, but I will certainly give it my all.

CPAC: Following the retirement of both Vo Yo and XxToySoldier, will the Dark Warriors openly have leader applications, or elections within the army’s ownership?

Drake: Elections for our 3rd in Command position will be guaranteed. An army isn’t any good without a superb administration. Finding capable leaders will be tough as I’ve searched around without much luck. There will be no leader applications since there’s only so much you can determine from a written post. 

CPAC: Do you feel as if the Dark Warriors will hold up to current standards with two key roles of the army retiring?

Drake: I do. We’re an army who never gives up regardless of the situation. We’ll walk through hell and back if we have too. 

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

Drake: No problem.

The Dark Warriors will battle the Golden Troops this Sunday. Following the anticipated event, Vo Yo and XxToySoldier will be retiring, falling into the Advisor position of the army. It will take weeks after until the two formally dispatch from the whole Club Penguin army community.

What do YOU think of the Dark Warriors ending their Agents Era? Will the retirement of two key leaders bring down the Dark Warriors in future CPA Central Top 10 rankings? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Editor-in-Cheif

23 Responses

  1. Ghost left DW for DCP in like 3 days, fix the part about him running for leader. Anyways, nice post Dpd. I had a good run in the community, and I’ve achieved pretty much everything I aimed for since I joined armies in 2012. Huge thanks to all of my friends and enemies for making me who I am today.

  2. hmm, DW has fallen hugely this week maxing 25-30 the whole week and now Vo Yo and Toy leave, Drake has a huge task on his hands, good luck to him hope he does well.

  3. I don’t deserve or event want leader at the moment. I’m way too busy with school to be dealing with such affairs… Badboy or Aaron deserve it the most imo.

  4. Good luck to Drake.
    Like damn, big task on his hands.

  5. “The Agents of DW was the biggest rise/era that any army has ever seen in history.”

    I think that’s a bit too much…

    Best of this year? Sure. Of all time? I don’t think so.

  6. DW fell because we crushed them in the tourny, not cause of elmickey

  7. lets hope gt get 1st this week atleast :/

  8. DW is falling apart! I think DW will fall soon.

    • Could iw or gt be first this week and break dw’s record of being 1st the whole summer? or will dw stay 1st and be 1st for the whole summer? Stay tuned…….

  9. I found the Agents shit very gay Lol

  10. So what era is next?

  11. Almost every BAD leader retired this week. THANK YOU.

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