Zakster Appointed Golden Troops Leader

HALF PIPE, GT Empire – Following Tempah’s return to the army, former Nachos and WV Leader, Zak has joined the Golden Troops leadership as they aim to get to the top spot on the top ten for the first time since they were recreated. This came two days after Zak left the Water Vikings.

The army has been a constant presence in the top three for the duration of the summer, but they have yet to been placed at the 1st on the top ten – mainly down to the Dark Warriors’ dominant performance over the past three months. The army had been searching for a new USA Leader after Jerry left the army recently. The other current GT Leaders include Sercan, Tempah, Lord Pain, Vivek and Dinesh and Zak has now completed a strong 6-team leadership with 2 leaders in each division.


GT hit 25-30+ in a recent AUSIA event

In his first post as GT Leader, he had the following to say:

My name is Zak, and yesterday, I was blessed with the honor of becoming the 62nd leader of the Golden Troops! After stepping down from my position as Water Vikings Leader, I was approached by Sercan, Tempah, and Pain, all of which brought up the prospect of leading the illustrious Golden Troops. I knew from the start this was likely the position I’d take, despite the fact that I fielded other offers. I’m extremely excited to be here and lead alongside some of the best in warfare! My job here is to help rebuild the US division and lead it to success, and to assist the Golden Troops in the quest for first. Let’s unleash hell!


A little bit about me: I am the creator and former leader of the Water Vikings, an army who has reached world power in the past. I led the Underground Mafias Army to a month straight in the Top 5, bringing them stability for the first time in a while. I also led the Nachos soon after, although my term there is much less famous than that of my UMA term. Some other notable armies I’ve led are the Sun Troops, Ice Vikings, Shadow Troops, Dark Warriors, Ranger Troops, Pretzels, Pirates, and the Blizzard Warriors. I am currently the Vice President of CPA Central, and I am the former CEO of CPA Express, a formerly successful S/M army news site. I’m extremely excited to work with you all, and even more excited to see how far we can go.

Zak has a long history in the Water Vikings, the army he created, and at their height he helped the army to 2nd in the top ten, only behind a strong Nachos Army during the summer of 2013. Similarly to the new GT leadership, they also consisted of six leaders and the same effect could possibly happen to the Golden Troops – who could have a boost with the incoming experienced leader. I interviewed Zakster regarding his appointment to the GT leadership.

Q: What do you think you bring to the Golden Troops?

I feel I bring potential for a successful USA division that could propel GT to the top of the charts, as well as a lot of tactical innovation and experience. 

Q: Why did you decide to join GT?

I had a multitude of offers, but I feel that the opportunity given to me by GT is the greatest out of them all. The atmosphere here is constantly optimistic and the army itself is successful. 

Q: Will the Water Vikings be able to sustain recent success’ without you at the helm?

I believe they will be able to. Just before this interview, they were able to tie with ACP in an AUSIA battle, proving they’re easily capable. 

Q: Do you have any other comments?

Not at this time.

Zak informed CPA Central that he has had many armies that were offering him positions, but he said that the opportunity provided by the Golden Troops was the “greatest out of them all”. He also feels that his experience will be beneficial in building a strong USA division in the army and his absence in the Water Vikings will not be missed.

What do YOU think about Zakster’s appointment as Golden Troops leader? Will they grow and take the top spot, or will they stagnate or even fall? Comment YOUR opinions. 

-Kingfunks4 CPA Central EP

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