Ice Warriors vs. Light Troops — The War So Far

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – Following the retirements of Roberto and Waterkid the Light Troops have been on a steady decline illustrated by their fall to 10th in this weeks Top 10. These retirements have also been coupled with a declaration of war from the Legends Cup Champions the Ice Warriors, in this post I will take a look at how the war has panned out so far.

The Light Troops survival over the past 11 months can largely be put down to the endless effort put in by Waterkid100. The Light Troops amazing summer can largely be put down to the effect Roberto had on the army. However as we head back into school time both Waterkid100 and Roberto have retired from all armies leading the Light Troops into a new age under the Trio of Tirodoragon, Konrad and Cargo. Although it is early days for the new leadership they fell 4 places in this weeks top 10, dangerously close to falling into the SMAP Top 10.

Their early struggles were not going to be helped by the declaration of war from the rising Ice Warriors. Fresh from winning the Legends Cup V the Ice Warriors declared war on the Light Troops. The declaration of war comes as a direct result on the flame posts exchanged during the Legends Cup. You can read more about the declaration of war on the Light Troops HERE.

At the time of writing 7 battles have taken place with every single of them an Ice Warriors invasion, although the war started quite competitive the battles have quickly become a none-contest with the Light Troops losing every single battle with their sizes and resistance almost completely diminished.

Battle of Husky

The first battle of the war saw the Ice Warriors’ US Force march onto Husky. They met LT Forces however they were soon overpowered with the Ice Warriors maxing 30 to the Light Troops’ 16. This is one of the few battles to have any Light Troop presence and it still wasn’t enough to stop the rampant Ice Warriors.

Battle Of Hockey & Outback

These two invasions have an individual post written fantastically by Lorenzo Bean, you can check it out HERE. The Ice Warriors came out victorious in both battles making the score a resounding 3-0.

Battle of Crunchy

The ‘battle’ of Crunchy is a very odd one indeed. The Ice Warriors made a victory post announcing they had captured Crunchy however there is no pictures added to suggest they actually did invade the server.

Without any pictures of the event it is hard to deduce if this invasion is even legitimate. It is now 2 days since the invasion and the pictures have still not been added and it doesn’t seem like they will be added anytime soon. The post states the Light Troops failed to show again which will become a regular feature of the post from here onwards.

Battle of Snow Globe

Another battle, another Ice Warriors victory and another Light Troops no-show. The Ice Warriors maxed 20 in what effectively became a training session due to a lack of opposition. Nonetheless Ice Warriors 2ic Albcoolio was delighted with the Ice Warriors’ performance during this battle. Below is an excerpt from the victory post.

Today we invaded another server from the Light Empire, Snow Globe. Once again, the LT were a no a show for the entire 30 mins and we invaded the server for the whole 30 mins which makes the War Score 5-0. We maxed 24 and averaged 22. Good job Ice Warriors- we are still undefeated in this war!

Battle of Sleet

In what was almost an identical copy of the ‘battle’ the previous day on Snow Globe the Ice Warriors yet again faced no opposition as they added Sleet to their nation. The Light Troops have seemingly given up on the war at this very early stage instead harnessing their energy onto a number of training sessions. This made the score 6-0 in favour of the Ice Warriors.

Battle of Chinook

Early today yet another server was prised away from the grips of the Light Troops. Another no-show on their part meant the Ice Warriors were given the server without much fuss. With the war now 7-0 and the Light Troops rapdily losing servers maybe would predict a surrender from them. However when I asked Light Troops Leader Konrad if the Light Troops were doing to return to this war he stated they would do so soon.

The war score currently stands at 

Ice Warriors 70 Light Troops.

Will we continue to see the Ice Warriors dominate? Can the Light Troops claw their way back into this war? Comment YOUR opinion in the section below and thank you for reading.


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

26 Responses

  1. LT is ignoring iw lol.

  2. Time for us to say au revour à LT. HehehehehheMUAHAHAHAH ehehehehe :3

    • If you really think LT will ”die” by this then you really are stupid.

      • Dude you are being mislead, IW is destroying LT, you need to realise that you left LT knocked out, now IW is destroying LT. Basically whats happening right now is The flying dutchmen & The black Pearl (both IW) vs the Endeavour(LT) in that ending scence in the pirates of the carribean.

        • Then what happens after the war? Why are the Ice Warriors acting like it’s because of this war LT has fallen? LT has fallen BEFORE the war. Don’t act like IW is all mighty when they declared war on an army that’s 10th on the Top Ten. ”IW is destroying LT” LT was in a Golden Age in the summer and you guys didn’t even touch us then. We practice battled you guys and you guys got wrecked. Now when me and Rob leave LT and we fall you decide to declare war. This is a tactic IW does all the time with LT.

          LT will still be alive after this war and they’ll continue to recruit and rise. (I’ll also like to include that IW declared war on LT last year on Christmas day with the ACP, we weren’t even in the top 5).

          • As said 100 times already, we had planned this for weeks but we wanted to win the Legends Cup first. It so happened you retired when we planned to invade LT. And how is it our fault your replacements arent good enough?

  3. does this even count as a war?

  4. LT is getting pissed on and calling it rain basically.

  5. konrad former fgr leader shows his leading skills

  6. “Battle of Slushy” don’t you mean Sleet?

  7. the pics were not added because we lost them and I was told that Ravenpaw would add them later, which he never did

  8. dumb iw were not gonna die :l

  9. you’re already dead -wary-

  10. im a ice warrior and we took ice box days ago

  11. you guys need to catch up on the war

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