Elmikey To Retire From Armies Following DoS Concerns || Mr. Waffle45 Also Leaves RPF

TUXEDO, RPF Empire — In what is Elmikey’s fifth retirement from Club Penguin Armies, he has lengthened his “temporary retirement” due to DoS concerns into a final leave from the community. 

On August 20, 2014, Elmikey announced what was his fifth retirement from the Club Penguin Army Community. Citing Denial of Service (DoS) concerns, Elmikey stated the following.

I am temporarily retiring due to the DDoS attacks. I will return once I have the proper equipment needed to prevent DDoS attacks. Fight the good fight. RPF is Far From Over. I did not want to do this but I cannot fight through them like I did last year. The attacks are affecting my family & friends. Farewell for now. 

The idea of a DoS or DDoS attack came to prominence in late 2012 in the army community, when the CPAC self-hosted site came under a series of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, leading the site’s accessibility to be threatened and causing the eventual relocation to WordPress.com. The CPAC self-hosted site, at the time, was one of few sites susceptible to DDoS attacks, as most others were not self-hosted. The only other notable army site to have been self-hosted was the Night Warriors site at the time of golden age.

This, however, soon led to the trend of knocking individuals offline. IP addresses logged from different army blogs gave individuals the ability to knock other members of the community offline. And, while DoSing is an issue and does happen, no one over-exaggerated the issue more than Elmikey. Throughout his one year and three month return to the community following his retirement in 2007, one could conservatively estimate that Elmikey cited DoS attacks as the reasoning behind his losses or general ineptitude to lead at least one hundred times.

In early August, Elmikey was overthrown from the Dark Warriors by advisors and co-leaders due to pressure throughout the army community against his ideology, as well as frustration over leading with him and his affects on the army. Soon after, he defaulted to the Rebel Penguin Federation, his former army. Elmikey quit the Rebel Penguin Federation in early 2014 after losing an election to Snaily5, which would leave the course of RPF to be changed forever. The army, which under Snaily and Waffles claimed to be religiously against Elmikey, soon welcomed both him and Silverburg into the army following the coup d’etat.

Since Elmikey and Silverburg’s return to the army, the Rebel Penguin Federation has entered the CPA Central Top Ten, although at low spots — they are yet to rise above eighth place, and have been averaging sizes of 20-25. Two days ago, on August 27th, Mr. Waffle45 announced his retirement from the leadership of the Rebel Penguin Federation. A small excerpt is below and the full post can be found here.

Personally, at first I detested leading with the Agents.  But eventually I actually started to enjoy it. I will tell you that first hand. The agents are not as bad to lead with as it seems. They are very valuable key players to any army that you will EVER see with them in it. Although I had quite a few disagreements with Elmikey including one standing at this moment, it was overall a good experience leading with them.

Many speculate the disagreement Waffles cites involves Elmikey and Silver’s return to the army after Waffle’s administration so vehemently proclaimed against them and the Dark Warriors. The Dark Warriors, too, under Elmikey, fought against the Rebel Penguin Federation, and Elmikey was a vocal critic of what the army had become — this, however, did not seem to stop him from defaulting to RPF again.

Only nine days following his temporary retirement, however, word has reached CPA Central that his retirement will become permanent. As in his temporary retirement announcement, Elmikey has cited ISP and connection issues as the reason he will not be returning to the army community. This information comes from a source inside Elmikey’s personal Kik Group, and is subject to change. Knowing Elmikey’s tendencies in the past year, it is not unlikely that he will change his mind and return to leadership in the community. The picture of Elmikey’s announcement is below.

If Elmikey’s retirement actually does happen, it will bring a somewhat unexpected end to the career of an individual who took the army community by storm following his return in May 2013. Taking ranks in the Rebel Penguin Federation, Doritos, Army of Club Penguin and Dark Warriors, Elmikey had a large hand in the widespread use of the autotyper and the success of multiple armies. He was named Person of the Year 2013 and inducted to CP Army Legend that same year, but despite his various accolades, Elmikey often came under attack in the army community. Because of his ideology and the way  he viewed most others as inferior and his arguments as infallible, many wars sparked throughout the community, most notably his war with the Nachos in Summer 2013 and a longstanding conflict between Elmikey and CPA Central.

This is a developing story and we await further comment from Elmikey, as well as we await to see if this retirement will really be as permanent as he claims. For now, what we do know is that Mr. Waffle45 retired from the Rebel Penguin Federation on August 27, 2014, and Elmikey’s temporary retirement became permanent only two days later. The RPF administration is now a shell of its former self, with Silverburg and Tompenguin6, two other defaulters from the Dark Warriors, at the helm.

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  1. Im sorry Elmikey.

  2. >slow computer

  3. “I am temporarily retiring due to the DDoS attacks.”

    Please explain why you’re still on chat almost daily.

    My opinion:

    You are just leaving for a while and you will be back when RPF will get “better”. Same thing you did in DW. You retired when DW wasn’t doing so good. Spreezie, WU11 and I [From what I remembered] worked really hard and got DW to great sizes. Then you come back and removed Spi…

  4. 😮 Cya Elm if you come back *wary*

  5. Well, if you are actually retiring forever.

    Thanks for training me in to becoming a great troop, recruiter, leader, etc. Even though we don’t really like each other anymore, I will always remember you for your greatness in RPF and the beginning stages of DW. You went inactive after a while and had ‘weird’ ideas and we were forced to remove you.

    Anyway, thank you, I salute you *salute*, good luck in life and have fun.

  6. Have a good retirement

  7. Argubaly the best *modern* leader of all time, his attitude can be questioned but his leading skill cannot. Goodbye Elm.

  8. *salute* You are the type of nigga Snaily hated.

  9. He was in a training yesterday. I don’t think his problems are that bad.

    And I guess kik uses internet, right? Then he isn’t really suspended.

  10. Elmikey is a cock, but so is the DW leadership.

    I wish they’d both stop acting like they are the “greatest” this community has ever seen.

    sorry it had to be done

  12. Good-bye Elmikey.

  13. is everyone quitting now

  14. Welcome to the club, Elmikey! Retirement Island.(i’m not even retired yet) 😛

  15. If Elmikey is coming to retirement army I’m getting my ass back to armies cuz I don’t want him here with me. xD

    • Me: Oh magic conch shell sould elm go to college?
      magic conch shell : yes
      Me: Oh magic conch shell can i have something to eat?
      Magic conch shell: yes

  16. Two dickheads have retired in a week.
    Waterkid and Elmikey.
    And that’s a cause for celebration
    This week will be forever known as
    Stupid High Idiotic Twits Stop. (name in progress)

  17. I don’t get Elmikey’s ”retirement”. In the past 3 days, he’s come to every event, recruited and been on chat, he removed ”retired” from his name, then he added it back, then he removed it and replaced it with ”TempRetired” and that was after he said all this. I’m confuzzled.

  18. wooooooo

  19. half a grand
    us dollars
    about 20p in sterling

  20. Dont go elm plssssssssssssss

  21. What a stupid dumb dick, he can change his IP by just resetting his box xD

  22. since when do u need to buy a new modem to reset your ip? and im like 90% sure u can get a new modem for like 50 bucks. and y the hell does he not just get a vpn or proxy

  23. OH thank god that the ugly ginger whale who thinks he’s a pr0 l33t IRA bomber is gone forever!!!!

  24. I wish elm nothing but a train to crash into his house and destroy his computer.

  25. He’ll be back within a week.

    But if he isn’t, good riddance.


  27. RPF is fine without Elmikey

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