Zakster, WV Creator Retires from the Army

FROSTBITE, WV Capital – With the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT] war ending yesterday, a new report has arose from WV with the retirement of their creator and now former leader, Zakster. 

With the SWAT/WV war ending yesterday between a treaty, the well known WV Creator, Zakster has left the army looking for new things. With the WV creator leaving this could be a possible fall for WV even with their newly promoted leader, Buddy. Here is Zak’s retirement post to the Water Vikings found here.

Hola, Water Vikings!

I come to you with unfortunate news today. I have officially decided that it is time for me to step down from my position as leader. Since creating this glorious army four years ago, I always had a dream of us being a real superpower. I rejoined once again to get the Water Vikings back on their feet. Although I’ve only been back for three weeks, I’ve done my job. If I wasn’t confident in you all, I’d stay. But I’m confident you’ll bring WV back to their glory. You’ve got so much ahead of you all. The road will not be easy, but it’s conquerable. I’m refraining from a long post because there’s no real need for one, but I’m still putting all my raw emotion into this. The Water Vikings are easily the greatest thing I’ve ever been a part of, and I hope it is for all you as well.

In correlation with my retirement, I’d officially like to inaugurate Buddy as the Water Vikings’ new leader. I’m excited for the Water Vikings’ future as the road ahead is obviously bright. I know you all won’t let me down. Don’t prove me wrong.

“Though the tide may seem to disappear, it only reappears somewhere else.”

The tide will never stop rising.


With the retirement of Zakster and the newly promoted leader, Buddy the switch of the two might be a good thing for the arm but also might be a bad thing. Zak, a well known CPAC Vice President and the creator of WV a retirement of this sort from even 1 army could be tragic for the army but could always come around. In Zak’s post he states that he is not retiring from armies or CPAC but only WV for a time being.

I managed to get an interview with the retiree, Zakster. And the newly-promoted leader, Buddy.

Interview with Zakster

Q. Do you think that you leaving the army will impact them?

I don’t think so. I think they’ll be fine without me.

Q. Do you think that Buddy being leader was a correct choice?

I’ve been observing him over the past two weeks and if anyone’s ready to take leader, it’s him.

Interview with Buddy

Q. Do you think that Zak’s retirement will cause a fall on WV’s part?

I don’t think so. Me and other leaders will make sure that WV will stay stable, and even rise.

Q. What do you believe on the war ending with SWAT and WV’s
request to remove Badboy?

Well, I know that WV won, despite Bad’s multilog claim, which is false. I think that asking Badboy to be removed from SWAT is useless, he wont ever be removed unless he retires.

Will the WV be fine without Zak with their newly promoted leader, Buddy? Or will they take a fall and come back up? Or will they die? And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Lord Jay

CPAC Associate Producer


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  1. damn swat beat this little bitch so hard he retired

    jk ly zak

  2. So now we know Zak’s a free agent…..

  3. I used to be a WV Leader, during the Golden age or the Blue Summer I think when we were really good. Good times…

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