Legends Cup V: Second Round Times

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Legends Cup V – The Editors Predict #2

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KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ – As the qualifiers have now finished, we look forward to seeing what will happen in the first round of the Legends Cup V. The qualifiers saw some upsets and amazing sizes and the editors will give their opinion on what will happen in the next round and who will move onto the Quarter-Finals.

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CPAC Gossip Column: Live Blog on the Albaro Intercourse Crisis

BREEZE, REAL LIFE — An anonymous source went on the record with CPA Central earlier today when noting that Albaro Lord, in celebration of Flipmoo’s recent retirement from armies and searching for a consolation prize following not receiving the leadership, sought out an female. We here at CPA Central bring you all the details.  Continue reading

Retirement of SWAT Leader/Legend, Tacodaily

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons and Tactics Capital – After Tacodaily’s in and outs of SWAT, he has temporarily retired from the army. This happened just after their first battle of CPA Central’s Legends Cup V. Continue reading

The July 2014 Legends Inductions Results

After more than a week of voting among the public and of deliberation among the Legends Committee, we are here to induct three members of the community to Legend Status as a result of this July’s vote.  Continue reading

Top Ten Armies: 07/27/14

While some armies do hold onto their ranks, we see some shifts in the Top Ten this week as we move through the first round of CPAC’s Legends Cup V.

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Legends Cup V: LIVE

Follow ALL the action LIVE from the Legends Cup V


The Life and Times of Flipmoo/Slimball2007

BREEZE, ACP Empire — Flipmoo/Slimball2007 — a veteran hailing from the early days of armies, the founder of the Impossible Mission Army Force, and the leader largely credited with the Army of Club Penguin’s rise back to World Power from its 2012 slump — has brought an end to his career, retiring from armies earlier today. His retirement post can be read here. Continue reading

Doritos and ACP Clash in Practice Battle

SUMMIT Doritos Empire – Just about two days ago, the Doritos army and the Army Of Club Penguin clashed in a Practise Battle. Both armies did well, especially the Doritos, after their recent fall. The Doritos and the Army Of Club Penguin had a practise battle on Summit, the Dorito capital. Here is a review of this battle. The Army Of Club Penguin claimed to have averaged twenty three to twenty six and the Doritos claimed to have maxed twenty to twenty two. Continue reading

Ice Warriors vs Redemption Force: LIVE

Tune into the Ice Warriors vs Redemption Force Practice Battle, live on