Light Troops Declare War On The Army of Club Penguin

ICE BOX, LT Capital – With the Army of Club Penguin losing one of their top leaders, Flipmoo, and the Light Troops rising incredibly, the ACP is subject to a declaration of war from their old rival, the Light Troops.

On the 30th of July, 2014, the Light Troops declared war on the Army of Club Penguin for raiding their capital, Ice Box, and they specified that they do not like trespassers. The Declaration of war post can be found here. Earlier that day, the Light Troops and the Dark Warriors agreed on a ceasefire, since neither side would agree on surrendering.

On this fine day, the Light Troops hereby declares war on the ACP.
Why? You raided our capital. We don’t like trespassers. 

-Excerpt from Light Troops Declaration of War Post

Lately, the Army of CP have experienced some retirements notably the retirement of Albaro Lord and Flipmoo. However, Mrtchy, former ACP second in command, has been promoted to the Commander-in-Chief rank in order to replace retired leader Flipmoo. the ACP had a training event on the 29th of July, which was the first event with their new AUSIA leader, and managed to get their average sizes.

The Army of Club Penguin got sizes of 20-25 during their last events

European ‘U-lead’ event

European CP raid

On the other hand, the Light Troops have done great during their last weeks and have grown incredibly. The Light Troops hired a lot of Club Penguin Armies Legends in their leadership such as Burr and Vendetta. The army got consistent sizes during their war against the Dark Warriors which ended hours before their declaration of war on the ACP.

The Light Troops army maxed sizes of 50 -55 during their last event.

Invasion of Yeti [From DW]

The First battle between these two highly ranked Top Ten armies will occur on Friday, August 1st, in which the Light Troops will attempt to invade the ACP capital, Breeze.

As of 4:40 AM UTC, The Army of Club Penguin have not published their response post to LT’s declaration of war post.

Who will win this war? The Army of Club Penguin or the Light Troops? Will it end up as a tie? Comment YOUR opinion below!

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  1. LT’s justifications for war are so completely silly that it’s impossible to understand. “You raided our capital. We don’t like trespassers.” LT has been raiding numerous ACP events for weeks, and some even bothered to log on to try to crash Flipmoo’s last event- how dishonorable. Such acts of aggression warrant a response, and an ACP raid on LT’s capital is only returning their ‘favor’. LT’s leadership is shameless; why people still choose to follow leaders like Waterkid I will never understand.

  2. Such a stupid reason to declare war on us. Because we raided your capital. Well, if these are reasons for declaring war on another army, we would’ve declared war on LT long ago. LT raids so much of our events, and we only raided LT’s capital, like, ONCE. We don’t like trespassers too, not just you, LT. How many times have you raided our events the past few weeks? More than we’ve raided yours, obviously.

    • The main reason we declared war is that we hate you and want you dead.
      Is that alright for you?

      • O.o Then why are the reasons you said NOT on part of the reasons on the war declaration post? You said it’s the main reason, ok, but, oh yeah, the main is not on the war post ooh. Idk why?

      • “The main reason we declared war is that we hate you and want you dead.”

        This comment is modern Club Penguin Armies in a nutshell. War is hate-driven instead of fun-driven; this is why Club Penguin is trying to snuff out all of our recruiting methods because we’ve created a toxic environment for people who (in many cases) pay to use their service.

        • I honestly don’t see why we are afraid the concept of war these days. CP Armies were created to go to war with each other. It doesn’t have to be hate fueled — or even have a reason behind it. When war comes home, I shall not cower in its wake.

        • “Fun” and “war” do not go together.

          • In club penguin, a game where smiling penguins that throw snowballs, war is fun. You act like Israel just launched a rocket on Gaza and blew up a puppy farm, it’s a game. Smiling penguins in green danced around a server “owned” by and army and made emotes together.

        • The amount of hypocrites in the community.

          Everyone complains about how CP armies aren’t fun. Its because theres no challenge. ACP needs to man up and fight LT

          • Nowhere did I say ACP shouldn’t fight LT (I suggested to the leaders that they do). The point that was made is that Club Penguin is slowly trying to kill us because the community no longer reflects anything near the environment of the actual game, which is a safety issue to them. They’re trying to protect their business, which is why they’re cracking down so hard on recruiting.

          • well boomer ACP sure doesnt reflect CP because theres always cussing and complaining whenever they go to war

        • Boomer shut up. If that is so, why are the Light Troops and Dark Warriors constantly getting 60+ ? Just because the ACP chat is not a good environment for your CP recruits which results in your small sizes, doesn’t mean it’s the same for other armies. LT and DW are living proof of what armies can be if you’re just smart enough to realize your mistakes and how a CP recruit thinks like.

        • So what, it’s still a good reason to declare war. If they wan’t an army dead, isn’t this the best course of action to take?

  3. So let me get this straight-
    >acp raids lt’s capital
    >raids are disrespectful
    >lt’s disrespected
    >lt declares war
    So ACP intentionally disrespects an army that has a strong history of not taking anyone’s shit and expect nothing to happen?

  4. ACP should really stop bitching on the comments and focus on finding away to stop the on coming storm… The Light Troops.

  5. ACP should just fight instead of trying to look for a way out all the time, I think this will end in the traditional ally gangbang

  6. Maybe Celts might side ACP….

  7. no words

  8. Come on now ACP… You don’t need justification to declare war. You knew this was coming. We are armies, fighting wars is what we do.

    Rather than whine about how unfair it is or try and gather an alliance up, how about instead try to fight with some honor and make it an interesting war?

    This is how it was when AR were brother allies with ACP. They could never go into war alone even though they were often plenty capable.

    • whenever ACP goes to war they automatically complain and moan about how the other army suddenly sucks

  9. oH MY GOD




  10. Funny how LT likes to think they are so tough, yet they waited until ACP was even more vulnerable than they already were with Flip retiring.

  11. I see some comments saying ACP won’t fight LT, but instead we are looking for a way out of the war… but wait, when did we say that? I don’t think we ever said that… :/


  13. I’d just like to state how during LT and ACP’s last war, LT hid away and IGNORED our invasions… Now you all are saying we’re the ones who don’t fight?

    Their reason for ignoring our invasions were:
    “I have come to the realisation that there’s no way to beat ACP’s(and their allies) Japanese divisions(unless we nuke them lol) because their invasions are way too late and nobody will stay online for that long. Of course, the only thing ACP(and their allies) have been doing is invading us with these divisions so we don’t come to the battles. Therefore, I see no point in continuing the war.”

    The troops of LT should take a stand up to the tyrant known as Waterkid. He is a racist, and he wants us dead for no reason in particular other than “we hate them”. We actually have done nothing wrong at all, except be “ACP”…

  14. woops forgot how many gaycp supporters are still on CPA

  15. So many comments on my 2nd post 😀

  16. May ACP be annihilated and cast out of the history of CP Armies. Death to ACP, I commend LT.

  17. *rises from the grave* GO ACP *goes back to grave*

  18. *sighs* guys i have bad news

  19. FINE FINE i will tell you my bad news i have been posioned by waterkid so im not the leader of acp anymore someone should take over ILL miss you guys );

  20. This post was added to the staff record page.

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