Practice Battle Review: IW vs. GT

HALF PIPE, Battle Territory – On Wednesday, July 30th, 2014, the Ice Warriors battled Golden Troops into a bright and very close practice battle.

On July 30th, Ice Warriors met up with Golden Troops into a friendly practice battles like any other practice battle. Ice Warriors, ranked 9th on our top ten, were making it very tough and close for Golden Troops, who are 3rd. To many opinions, the angles were somewhat the same to them. But you will have to read on to find out who won in this practice battle for the ages.

Below, you can see Ice Warriors, who have about 20+, saying the ‘Y’ tactic, and Golden Troops, who have about 18, who are saying the ‘N’ tactic, so the way you can see, the Ice Warriors have a pretty nice advantage.

Both armies showed off some refreshing tactics for all troops, and it was very friendly for both of the armies, never allowing another army to have an advantage between the two. Below, you can see that Golden Troops, who have about 18, saying ”YOU MELTED AGAIN”, and Ice Warriors piling up.


After a good 30 minute battle, the Golden Troops admitted defeat to the Ice Warriors, by saying they won by a small margin. I managed to interview Lord Jay, Golden Troops 2nd in command, to get his thoughts on the practice battle.

I will be red. Jay will be orange.

CPAC: How do you feel about Golden Troops maxing around 18-20+ on Club Penguin on Wednesday?

GT: I think it was a one time thing. Yesterday we maxed 35, then the day before we max 38, I think our size, 18-20+, is just a small thing and the owners were not on.

CPAC:How do you think GT will be maintaining their 3rd spot on our top ten with this practice battle?

GT: I think GT will stay in the top ten and we will be able to overcome armies with sizes.  

CPAC: What plans do GT have thus that they maxed 18-20 on Club Penguin?

GT: On Thursday, July 31st, GT has a practice battle with Nachos, so I think the 18-20 max will be boosted back up to our 30-35+.

CPAC: Thank you for your time.

GT: No problem.

I also managed to interview Albc, Ice Warriors 2ic, to get his thoughts on the practice battle.

I will be orange. Albc will be blue.

CPAC: How do you think this practice battle will boost IW’s 9th spot on our top ten?

IW: Well, I think this PB will boost our spot on the Top 10 because we beat a Top 3 army. Plus, we do have consistent sizes on our practice battles, like vs ACP, which we won.

CPAC: How do you feel about IW maxing around 28 today?

IW: I feel quite astonished that we maxed 28 because we are at the bottom of the top ten surprisingly and we did have more troops than GT, a top 3 army.

CPAC: What plans does IW have now that they maxed 28?

IW: Well, our plan is usual as much… train, train train, and every now we have a practice battle. CPAC: Any last words? IW: BANG BANG.

My Opinion

I think both armies showed very good tactics. The Ice Warriors had some un-willing good tactics, and the Golden Troops and really slick tactics. But in the end, the size really matters, and the winner, which was not basis, was clearly Ice Warriors.

So, what do YOU  think about the practice battle? Do you think Golden Troops should’ve won? Do you believe that Ice Warriors clearly won and it was not basis? Do you think it should’ve been a tie? Comment on what YOU  think about the practice battle

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