Night Warriors Legends Denounce Recreation as Invalid

FOG, Night Warriors Capital – As reported by CPA Central earlier today, Waterkid100, creator of the Pirates, shut down the army and retook control of the Pirates site, firing the leadership and redirecting the former Pirates site to the Light Troops. The remnants of the Pirates announced that they planned to recreate the Night Warriors, sparking debate across the community as to the army’s legitimacy. Now both Vendetta, arguably the Night Warriors’ greatest leader, and NW Creator Cowboysfan13, have returned and denounced the recreated army.

The Night Warriors, created by Cowboysfan13 (Vince) in  launched into fame in late 2010; led by Vendetta and Tomb147, they became the first army to challenge and actually pose a threat to the titan ACP in a long time. Eventually, NW was defeated in the climactic battle of World War V, and the army collapsed soon after with NW’s surrender to ACP and Vendetta’s retirement. NW’s rise, actions, and sudden death quickly became a symbolic rallying point for anti-ACP armies, and remain so to this day. Though the army has been recreated several times since its official death in 2011, the present recreation has sparked intense controversy because of the negative view many members of armies have of the Pirates’ leaders, and because of the perception that they are soiling the name of the enigmatic Night Warriors.

The Night Warriors, circa early 2011, under the leadership of Vendetta.

Vendetta, considered by many to be the greatest leader of the Night Warriors, led them along with Tomb147 during their peak months in late 2010 and early 2011. He is widely held as one of the greatest politicians CP Armies have ever seen, and together he and Tomb147 earned CP Army Legend status mere months after their retirements. Now, in exclusive comments to CPAC, Vendetta has returned and denounced the current recreation, as well as all other recreations of NW following his retirement, as illegitimate.

What is your opinion on the 2014 recreation of the Night Warriors? 

“Fake and gay” comes to mind. They’re just a poor, crude imitation of NW. I’ve talked to the leaders and have never been more intellectually underwhelmed in my life.

Would you consider any recreation of NW legitimate?

NW after I retired can be described as illegitimate. No one has permission to ever recreate NW.

Vendetta, Former Night Warriors Leader, July 30, 2014

From someone considered one of armies’ most accomplished politics and eloquent speechwriters, Vendetta’s comments are biting, caustic, conveying his immense displeasure with what the new Night Warriors have become. He has started a petition against the Night Warriors. Cowboysfan13, the original creator of the Night Warriors, was also commented to CPAC, in concord with Vendetta, denouncing the new NW as a fake.

What is your opinion on the 2014 recreation of the Night Warriors?

It is completely illegitimate. His incarnation of NW is completely devoid of all the original members’ approval. I thank everyone for their support of the preservation of the NW legacy.

Cowboysfan13, NW Creator, July 30, 2014


Cowboysfan13 also discredited all rumors that he and Vendetta were planning to return and create a separate Night Warriors to revolt against the Pirates’ recreation.

The leadership of the recreated Night Warriors declined to comment when reached by CPAC.

What do YOU think? Is this recreation of the Night Warriors a legitimate army, in spite of the original members’ protests? Comment YOUR opinion!

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  3. Vendetta and Vince’s reactions:

  4. Lol make a new Pirates army

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  6. Andrew’s NW is the meat spin of CP Armies, he’s just trying to spin his dick in your face.

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  8. Andrew and his crew of misfits will remain fake and gay.

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  10. “… have never been more intellectually underwhelmed in my life.”

    i lol’d in agreement

  11. Noobs. They are just thirsty for fame and legendary status or something.

    • >NW
      >Legendary status
      Choose one bud

      • Fame and legendary aren’t always the same thing, bud. They’ll be dead pretty quick assuming that pretty much every single NW recreation has failed. It’s a horrid call for them. If NW is to rise again it’s to be headed up by the veterans who were in it during the Ven/Tomb era or partially Vince’s era. Which could happen fairly soon since there are quite a few non-NW and former NW who want to dish it out all over again. The odds would be in the favor of us.

  12. Minor error, Waterkid is not the creator of the Pirates.

  13. Woah! 😉


  14. As I told Andrew and his “crew”, They’re going to shit on you.

    • if your interpretation of “shitting on them” is some silly online petition and a few stupid insults I don’t think Andrew has anything to worry about

  15. The funny part is, They’ve bought a domain and css.

  16. I will do everything in my power to make sure that the new NW regime fails.

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