Pirates to Become the Night Warriors

Migrator, Pirates Capital– The Pirates of Club Penguin are no more as Ghost, Andrew24, Spy, and Final Chaser have all left the Pirates after reports of a deal with Waterkid was not met and Waterkid has now merged Pirates into the Light Troops. The ex-Pirate leaders have now taken a different approach by moving armies and becoming the Night Warriors leaders. Continue reading for more details.

As many know, Waterkid had ownership of the Pirates as former leader and established the Pirates as a major army and even hit top 3’s on the CPAC top 10’s several times with a strong UK division. The Pirates had evolved from this with Ausia, and United State divisions complimenting the UK. Under Andrew24, Final Chaser, Ghost, and Spy the Pirates removed the title of being a UK only army from their past. The Pirates had involvement with BA and was at war with RPF until being shut down temporarily. The Pirates came back to life to finish what was started however other things happened.

Pirates doing E+7 earlier this year

Pirates doing E+7 earlier this year

According to the Former Pirates, Waterkid had used them and promised to hand over the site to the leaders of the Pirates after two weeks into leading. The promise was not kept and the Pirate leaders became ex-Pirate leaders moving into and re-birthing the long forgotten Night Warriors, who in past times used to be the only army that was ever a match for ACP during the 2010 Era. The Night Warriors have a very rich history and have been led by well-known community members such as Tomb, Vince and Vendetta, as well as a start for other well-known people such as DW’s Bquik.

Night Warriors of 2010-11 Celebrating a win against ACP

Night Warriors of 2010-11 Celebrating a win against ACP

The transition from Pirates to Night Warriors happened so fast and easily it does seem the Night Warriors will be an army to watch within the next week or two, the question is, how strong will they be, and will they ever be able to return to the type of threat they once were. The leaders of the new Night Warriors seem confident and are ready to see this NW possibly surpass all expectations.

The question is, will this Night Warriors army live up to its hype? Will it surpass Pirates sizes and top 10 rankings? Will this incident stir up a Light Troops vs. Night Warriors war? Comment what you think! We enjoy hearing your opinion!

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P.S. Cheers to myself on my 50th post here on this lovely CP Army Central news site.

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  1. 1st

  2. Several issues with this. I know neither the leaders, nor anyone else will give a shit, but I think I should express them because pissing people off is what I do best.

    This trend of recreating any old army you can think of when none of the leaders had any particular meaningful involvement with the deceased army is old, cheap and unimpressive. Create your own legacy, don’t ride on the tails of others.

    The Night Warriors were an army so different from the current Pirates. Although some of their leaders may admire their work, [I myself idolize what they accomplished] this doesn’t mean they should literally try and be them. There is a difference between borrowing ideas and stealing them.

    I could find no visual evidence that they ever got permission from a respectable former NW leader or their creator. Both Vince and Vendetta come online somewhat often so until they get permission I don’t see them having the right to use the Night Warriors name. Not honorably or recognizably at the very least.

  3. NW site?

  4. grave? I thought he was in LT

  5. Im reading then I see the words “waterkid pirates leader” So im like oh crap im skipping to the comments….Dislike meh all you want irdc

  6. That picture of Pirates wasn’t ”earlier this year” it was recent, a week ago.

    Also the Pirates merged into the Light Troops, not the Night Warriors. Andrew and his crew just brought back NW because I wouldn’t give them main admin of the Pirates site.

  7. This is a disrespect to one of the greatest armies of all time. Having people consider this an army is downright insane and they should not be able to have any spots or information on any news informant website without permission from Vendetta. He wanted this army to be laid to rest and never to return, it had a fantastic run, then it’s done.

  8. Won’t last long, they didn’t even get permission from Vince and Vendetta unless there is something they haven’t told the media, which I highly doubt.

  9. I honestly think NW needs to stay dead.

  10. I’m not sure how I feel about this ~ Honestly, NW will never return to any glory, atleast, not the NW from the past. We can call it “Night Warriors”, but it will never be the Night Warriors.

  11. Another week, Another army.

  12. I was just on their chat which matter of factly was the OG NW chat that there is no way they’d have the password to… I suspect hacking or something. They banned me and other leaders like Ven who warned them. These guys are corrupted nobodies that will rape the NW. I can’t bare it…


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