Nachos Declare War on Doritos

BLIZZARD, Nachos Capital – With the Doritos rising back into the Top 10 this week they have been the subject of a declaration of war from the Nachos with the Nachos stating they do not have fun wars.

Ever since Mustapha left for his vacation the Doritos have been on a slow fall. With Jester and Bam leaving the Doritos for the Light Troops they sunk even further down the SMAP Top 10. However this fall did not last with the Doritos rising back into the CPAC Top 10 this week placing 10th with Lord West writing “hard work truly does pay off.”

Despite the Doritos only being in the Top 10 for one week the Nachos have wasted no time in declaring war and hope to seize servers from the Doritos nation. In his war address Nacho leader Beeky128778 gave a lengthy background to the reasons behind this decision to dive into war.

When we declare war on your army, it’s for one of two very practical reasons:

1. We don’t like you

2. You’ve provoked us

So, when we mod one of your leaders on our chat, and then he goes off on a banning spree and sends half of our members to a place where they don’t belong, what exactly did you expect us to do in retaliation? Like RPF a few short weeks ago, we have confirmation that DCP had been organizing a war against us, and were set to announce their declaration on the first of August. So, in preparation for your frightening 15 man invasion force, we’ve decided to make the first move and begin invading now. With an AUS that is sharply on the rise and a US/UK force that is finally on its way to breaking 30 consistently, I hope you soon realize that it was a big mistake for you to think you could mess with us and come out on top.

Anyway Nachos, this will be a very fun war, and should compliment our upcoming LC tournament run quite nicely. We’ll be invading at both AUS and UK/US times on each weekday, and then once on the weekends (provided the LC does not interfere with either of our armies). Above all else, have fun, show up, and let’s show these knockoffs what happens when you pick a fight with us.

As of 21:48 pm GMT the Doritos are yet to make an official response to this news however with multiple invasions scheduled it is surely just a matter of time before the Doritos launch a counter-offensive against the Nachos.

Look our for more news on this war to come in the next few days.

Who will win this war? Can the Nachos knock the Doritos back into SMAP? Comment YOUR opinion below and thanks for reading!


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43 Responses

  1. The Nachos have only been in the top 10 for a week? Wow, I didn’t notice..

  2. They gunna eat each other Nachos vs Doritos….

  3. You don’t wake a giant while he sleeps. This will be the worst mistake you chumps have ever made.

  4. Damn spin off nachos.

  5. this post is full of mistakes

    proof read before posting

  6. Doritos are the biggest failure since elms birth

  7. Here starts the “Chip Wars”

  8. Snack time!

  9. Doritos for the victory! 😉

  10. Mustapha sure ran his mouth on our chat to provoke the war

  11. Chips vs Chips
    Which one is the better brand?

  12. If only the Pretzel army were in this war. Then we’d be having a party.

  13. nigga foh

  14. You can all ea your chips. I will eat my popcorn.

  15. Why the hell would we plan to attack a bigger army while were down?

  16. DW is allies with DCP now Because LT is allies with Nachos. So we gunna whip their buttz

  17. says the former UMA

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