Elitesof Named RPF Leader || RPF Rebellion Disbands

Tuxedo, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital– You read correctly, the RPF drama continues The RPF have gone from the glorious rebellion to a decent army, to almost non-existent, to a shockingly large army back to almost non-existent. The past few months have been complete chaos in the Rebel Penguin Federation and one must begin to get confused with what is going on. Can Elitesof turn the RPF around? Continue reading for further clarifications on what has occurred.

Before jumping into what is currently happening, I will give a timeline of what has happened to RPF since the retirement of Tanner, when RPF began to slip down from its consistent sizes.

-RPF Leader Tanner retires during war with CP Pirate Army.

-RPF assign Katty as leader.

-RPF slips into S/M for first time in new era.

-RPF Elects to ban all veterans and all who oppose the leadership.

-Katty is removed for speaking out against fellow leader Waffles and Commando.

-RPF chat is raided by a troll group.

-RPF is divided into two groups, RPF1 and RPF2.

-RPF1 makes CPAC top 10 once again

-RPF2 raids RPF1 events for a week and makes CPAC top 10 debut

-Both RPF’s slip back into S/M

-RPF2 Remains on SMAP and RPF1 is not ranked on any news sites.

-Mr Waffles 45 posts accusations to DW for taking all of RPF’s soldiers

Reaching the present, the RPF Founder, Commando has taken notice of the lossed hype given to both RPF’s and acts accordingly, officially assigning Elitesof, an old RPF veteran and legend as leader. This will not remove Mr. Waffle 45 and the leadership will be this duo unless something happens. The duo will now attempt to revive RPF to its former glory and bring it back to the top 10 here at CPAC.

A domino effect occurred when Commando gave Elitesof, and RPF veteran leader, as the RPF2 Council of veterans spoke in a meeting and decided to disband. The RPF2 are no longer an army and once again, there is only one sole RPF after Elitesof stated he will help train and develop Mr Waffles 45.

The RPF Leadership can be joked up as EliteWaffle45 or Wafflesof, but the RPF are attempting to change what brought them into a deep hole that is feared to be the same deep whole Elmikey brought RPF out of in 2013. RPF veterans were content with the choice made by the founder Commando and new era RPF were also ready to help the RPF rise once again.

Will this leadership work? I interviewed Elitesof, new RPF leader on what he thought.

Do you think this new leadership will rise RPF back up to significance?

Lol all i know is that I have large plans for RPF and things are gonna change. More people friendly, more effective, and definitely larger.

Upon you becoming leader, RPF2 has officially disbanded so long as RPF is restored with old and new traditions alike by this leadership, how do you feel about this?

I feel like I can do this, so RPF2 made the right decision

With all the hateful things and rumors being said about Waffles, how will you manage to get around such things and focus on making the RPF rise?

Well, Waffles has the heart of a good leader, but he kinda got thrown into the gauntlet. He needs some training and I can do that, plus make RPF rise.

Will Elitesof be the thing RPF needs to get back up? Elmikey was an old veteran who came back and brought RPF into the new age, Can Elitesof do the same? Will the new and old era RPF mix work? What do you think? Comment below, we want your opinions!

๖̶ۣۜۜCнιєƒ Paco ɪ

Minister of Lawncare

CP Army Central Editor-In-Chief

44 Responses

  1. Elitesof since his return has recreated two armies and led them to a best place of 8th SMAP, Waffles needs to be fired, if this carries on for another 2-4 weeks RPF will be dead and buried and back to the irrelevance they were used to for so long.


  2. Why do you guys treat Waffles as the only leader? Ausia & UK have leaders too.

  3. i know. thats why im here to bring more attention to the rest of RPF. Waffles tries to overcontrol, and im going to speak to him about that, and change it.

  4. follow us on Twitter @RPFrulers #RPFcomeback2014

  5. “RPF chat is raided by a troll group”

  6. So, who’s GT fighting in the legend cups now?

  7. This is so fucking funny.ElitesOf Celts got to 1st n Smap on their first week you kill your armies but maybe you will not be a fucked up mess lik Waffles if you try to talk he will rant he is what rpf says Elmikey is but with no leadership skills

  8. What did Elitesof do to earn legend other than make the FGR (a medium army that no one cares about) or proclaim himself as Korn without evidence? #ElitesofLegendRevote.

  9. “Mr Waffles 45 posts accusations to DW for taking all of RPF’s soldiers”

    You can’t force them to stay in the army, they can go where they want.

    RPF is as good as dead anyway, but I’d rather see it being lead by vets

  10. RPF is going to be dead within a month if Waffle stays. You could have the “perfect” leader lead alongside him, and they’d still be fighting a losing battle.

    You can’t rise an army when half the battle of rising it is against your co-leader.

  11. Whoever is running things behind RPF needs to have a serious look at themselves. Snaily is a fool, but didn’t they fire Bquik for being 6th in CPAC top 10 and being unable to attend his US events because of beig on vacation – not to mention they were just out of war back then.

    Now you have a moron named Waffles kingpin of RPF who have no US or AUS division whatsoever, and a UK division that maxes 7. Not even in the SMaP top 10. Not to mention all the unfair banning he has committed.

    By using the logic Snaily carried when she posted about Bquik being fired, Waffles should have been fired 50 times for his performance and actions in recent weeks.

    Double standards of course with Snaily and her goons lilstar and Commando. Never thought I would say this but Elm was right

  12. lol i thought from the title they gave Elitesof leader, then that RPF disbanded. i was like, “lol’.

  13. wow just wow

  14. Bquik and Lilstar did a way better job.

  15. It was always just a matter of time until the rebellion fell apart.

  16. Side note: RPF recently had an event maxing 11. We are improving with each day, and you can bet we’ll be back on CPAC soon.

  17. 11 fuck no run everyone its not like anyone in the smap top 5 cannot get 5 stupid fucks that think Waffle is a god I was talking on RPF chat and most of the troops did not know they were not on any top 10.North Korean all over again also Waffles stop bragging how you got RPF to 20 when you dropped them from 35 to 7.Now that shits messed up I wonder what army is going to kill the shell of RPF.Waffles cannot admit he is a bad leader!

  18. elitesoff can fuck off

  19. DW doesnt steal troops DW is just more attractive

    • I know you guys aren’t really “stealing troops”, but your army doesn’t becomes more attractive out of nowhere.
      I’ve seen that some of you guys only come to our chat to bash the current army. It’s obviously not chat recruiting. I’d rather name it “chat propaganda”.

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