Legends Cup V: Qualifiers Review

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KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – The Fifth Annual Legends Cup kicked off over the weekend with eight qualifying battles. Who will move on, and whose chances at victory are lost?

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Red Bracket – July 26th

Guardian Penguins vs. Rebel Penguin Federation(2)


The Legends Cup began with a battle between the Rebel RPF (SMAP 11 [-10]) who cling to life after the Veterans’ Revolt against Mr Waffle45 and the Guardian Penguins (SMAP 14 [+1]). RPF made an amazing comeback from a nonexistent chat size 30 minutes before the battle to a strong showing of 13. GP also came out strong, maxing 11. In a vote of 5-2, RPF was given the victory after the full battle time.

RPF(2) moves on to face the Golden Troops (CPAC 3 [-1]). 

Pookies vs. Pirates


The second battle of the Legends Cup V was far less interesting than the first. The Pookies (SMAP 10 [DRP]) had experienced a massive growth last week but a similarly major fall this week, and did not even log on. The Pirates (CPAC 5 [+5]) were declared the automatic victors after five minutes, with a strong showing of size maxing 39.

The Pirates move on to face the Golds (SMAP 7 [-5]).

Redemption Force vs. Purple Republic


The Redemption Force (SMAP 1 [+3]) faced off against the Purple Republic (CPAC 8 [+0]) in the next battle, with both armies coming out strong with great sizes. In the end, PR completely destroyed RF tactically and with an edge in size, winning the battle in an 8-0 vote. This marks, of course, the first time PR has fought in a CPAC tournament, and now many will be waiting to see if they can keep up their initial momentum from this battle.

Purple Republic moves on to face the Army of CP (CPAC 4 [+1])

Reds vs. Doritos


The last battle of the qualifiers for the Red Bracket was, in the pattern of earlier battles, uneventful. The recently rising Doritos (CPAC 10 [NEW]) were set to face off initially against the Soda Pop Army (N/A [MERGED]), who then merged into the Reds, changing the Doritos’ opponent before the battle. In the end, though, it mattered little, as the Reds (SMAP 8 [NEW]) were a no-show and Doritos auto-won the battle after five minutes.

The Doritos move on to face the Ice Warriors (CPAC 9 [-3]).

Blue Bracket – July 27th

Special Weapons and Tactics vs. DJ Army


Day Two of the Legends Cup V began with little fanfare as the DJ Army (SMAP 15 [-2]) forfeit their battle against SWAT (CPAC 6 [-2]) almost immediately, making SWAT the automatic winners. Neither army logged on and as such no pictures were taken.

SWAT moves on to face the Dark Warriors (CPAC 1 [+0]).

Striking Raiders vs. Chaos Army


The first actual fight of the day was between the Striking Raiders (SMAP 12 [-2]) and the Chaos Army (SMAP 6 [+6]), and despite a rather immature raid by some members of the Royale Penguins, the tournament proceeded as planned. Chaos dominated the battle with sizes of 10 against SR’s 3.

Chaos moves on to face the Nachos (CPAC 7 [+0]).

Air Force vs. Underground Mafias Army


This was a fairly straightforward battle as well, with UMA (SMAP 4 [+7]) facing off against the CP Air Force (SMAP 3 [+4]). AF’s small sizes ended the battle fairly quickly and they forfeit about 15 minutes in. No pictures were taken at the battle, nor could any be found on the armies’ sites.

UMA moves on to face the Light Troops (CPAC 2 [+1]).

Metal Warriors vs. Water Troops 


The Qualifiers of the Legends Cup V wrapped up with a battle between the Metal Warriors (N/A [NOPLACE]) and the Water Troops (N/A [NOPLACE]). MW was asked to wear black for this battle, and won fairly easily, though WT did grow in size and strength as the battle went on. No pictures were taken or could be found.

Metal Warriors move on to face the Rebel Penguin Federation(1) (N/A [NOPLACE])

Based on these results, who do you think will win in the Second Round of the Legends Cup V?

Comment YOUR opinion!

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15 Responses

  1. That was very immature. But also funny as all fucks.

  2. Good job to all armies involved. Those Royale Penguins are so naughty!

  3. I look down on those Royale Penguins. They’ve shamed me.

  4. On behalf of the Royale Penguins, we officially apologise. This was just meant to be a fun media stunt to get our names out there. We didn’t resort to ddosing or hacking like previous armies have done. We performed a harmless joke raid instead.

    A huge congratulations to all armies who participated without surrendering (WARY face goes to Pookies, DJ Army and SR) and an even bigger congratulations to all armies that won.

    Excuse me for a moment while I go all Bo Dallas. Armies that lost, don’t look down on yourself! All you have to do is BOLIEVE and you can make a return.

    All armies did a spectacular job.

  5. and royale penguins, if you’re gonna raid, don’t be shit at it

  6. and royale penguins, if you’re gonna raid, don’t be shit at it

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