Five Years of Club Penguin Army Central


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — Very few groups in this community, be they armies or organizations, are able to celebrate five straight years as a part of the army world. Here at CPA Central, I am proud to announce that we have reached our five-year anniversary. 

Since 2009, CPAC has been the premier media organization for all of CP Armies, hosting tournaments, providing up-to-the-minute army news, and weekly Top Ten Army rankings and statistics. We also provide opportunities for you to get involved through Debates, Discussions, Polls, and philosophy posts. Feel free to discuss, debate, and be a part of Army History by sharing your opinions and commenting on our staff’s posts.

The mission statement of Club Penguin Army Central is something you’ve likely read a few times while browsing our site — it’s something I’ve read many times, personally. Though that statement has changed as the years change, the core mission of this site is the same as when it was founded on July 28, 2009 — to provide you, the members of army warfare, with the fastest, most informed, and best analyzed writing on the events that are shaping our community.

Though warfare functioned without a media before — and, undoubtedly, could do it again — it is hard to imagine this community without CPA Central. It is hard to imagine this community without a group of people who parade around as bowtie-wearing, journalistic idealists who are cataloging the newest coup d’etat, war or general conflict. I’m sure it’s pretty hard, as a leader, to imagine not having to worry about army media’s next investigative report, or imagine not being bothered by reporters looking to interview you. It’s hard to imagine a tournament not rolling around every three months, or the members of this community clamoring to see the Top Ten every Sunday morning.

And, really, over the past four years working in army media, I have been touched by the huge amount of history here and the family creating among this staff, and how we are still learning and growing together. So many people have played a part in where this site stands now. We could not be where we are without Woton, whose idea for a site fully-dedicated to armies new would later evolve into a centralized discussion desk for the community; a central place where we all come together.

So many of us over the past five years have tried to make this site a place for all of armies. I know it hasn’t always shown, but after five years, this site is still going strong; stronger than ever. We remain a host of community-shaping tournaments, of the most statistically accurate rankings system to date, of the best news coverage warfare has to offer, and of debate, discussion, and a comments section where all of warfare can come together.

The total stands at four defacings, seven CEOs, two and a half million views, and 5,081 posts.

Yeah, I know everyone here doesn’t love us. I know everyone here doesn’t love who we are and what we stand for; what we’ve done, even — maybe there are some people here that only read us out of necessity. But today; the day we mark five years as army’s leading media source — today, I would hope we can all come together to celebrate that. Thank you to all of the staff, both here at CPA Central and over at SM Army Press, for continuing to fill the role of armies’ reporter, thank you to all those who have worked with us to put together stories over the past five years, and finally, here’s to you who reads CPA Central, whether you’ve read us for five years or five days — thank you for your support.


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…and all those here at CPA Central.

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  3. I still remember how CPAC started off. It’s amazing to see how influential and massive CPAC has become ever since then.


  5. Good job CPAC. Even though I do not work for you guys anymore, I worked under Ias, Skloop, and the Bloo Brothers. Keep it up guys! WOLOLO™ Rifle 4 Lyfe

  6. The penguin on the logo gets lighter through years

  7. i still remember when dis site only had a few posts, just comes to show le ”cp armies will be ded soon” thing isnt gonna happen till cpnext

  8. Despite my opinion that a news site is too influential on the events of armies, it earned that position due to the fantastic job it’s done over the years.

    Happy birthday CPAC.

  9. Hey happy 15th birthday me…

  10. years 5 strong

  11. Every post you publish here as a member of staff feels great. Why? Because you know there is somebody out there who appreciates it.

  12. That’s such a sexy accomplishment, CPAC. You go gurl!

  13. happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to cpac
    happy birthday to you

  14. IDGAF unless I get a free membership or something.

  15. 5 Years Of Completely Unbiased Posts..

  16. Oh…. that’s ironic.
    The good fight has moved to the Dark Warriors, we are the best Club Penguin Army to ever exist. Anybody who challenges us will be destroyed.

  17. Okay,this isn’t Club Penguin but I’m thinking the next Star Wars is gonna be like Frozen: SINGING,BULLSHIT,AND FUCKING MORE SINGING,AND A TERRIBLE ENDING. HORY SHET IM GOING CRAZY

  18. From a small source of media to a central component of the army community, it’s amazing to see how much CPAC has progressed since the beginning. Through all, it has been a wonderful contribution in many ways that has revolutionized armies. Congratulations CPAC and to everyone who has been a part of the CPAC staff in creating the successful organization that exists today.

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