Supposed Hackers Take Over the Doritos Chat

Summit, Doritos Capital – It appears something strange is going on over in the Doritos army. I went over to the official chat to see the chat background gone. Curious, I checked their website to find out what happened. What I found out was quite surprising.

This is the post which got me a bit concerned when I read it:

As you can see, Bam mentioned something along the lines of “Someone got the chat password, and we have no way to recover it due to Musta’s absense. Nobody knows how the chat’s password was leaked, whether it was hacked, or someone just happened to hand it out. That is where the speculation starts to take place. Many people don’t quite understand what “hacking” is. Hacking is, “to use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.” which could possibly be the case. But, things like this have happened in the past, where a past/current leader that knew the password, decided to mess with the army, and cause problems.

I sat down to interview both a troop, and a leader of the Doritos on the subject.

ME: Do you believe that the chat was hacked, or the password was leaked?

Carter: I’m unsure at the moment, because we know the hackers didn’t have the password, but they had the link to get main owner.

ME: What motives do you think the person had towards leaking or hacking this password?

Carter: I’m unsure about that as well, they didn’t really say a reason, they mostly just screwed around with everybody.

ME: Who do you suspect did this?

Carter: We have a reason to believe that either a former leader of DCP or SWAT member could be behind this.



ME: Do you believe that the chat was hacked, or the password was leaked?

Sit: The chat was hacked by a link that goes to the chat settings.

ME: What motives do you think the person had towards leaking this password?

Sit: I think he wanted to take over the chat or something because he kept making mods and owners members and changed the bg and added a chat called ‘Gay’.

ME: Who do you suspect did this?

Sit: A guy that was in stealth mode named Fader.

Those interviews being done, I again want to stress that this had all happened when Mustapha was away.

The thought of someone hacking the password brings up several questions to me. First of all, why would anyone care enough to hack into a chatroom where kids (and some adults) meet-up and play Club Penguin together? Also, are xat chatrooms actually safe? If people could easily hack into this chat, imagine someone hacking other, non-Club Penguin, chats such as; help, trade, test, etc. Now, what do you guys think? Was this chat hacked? Or, did someone just give out the password? Also, are xat chats truly safe?

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  1. “Hackers”

  2. Hackers gon have to go through me first

  3. It obviously was somebody who is currently involved in the CP Army community, as they timed this right when Mustapha was gone. That was a smart move on the hacker/leaker’s part.

    • Are you sure it was someone in the CP Army Community? I thought someone who had never heard of armies and deals with fish markets would have known the link to Doritos CP Chat in order to hack it.

  4. Because anyone with even minimal hacking skills wastes their time on a Club Penguin army right?

  5. the password was probably ” Eddhasthe “H.O.T.E.S.T” ass ever. “

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  7. < Is he a leader, or?

  8. im fromer dcp 3ic i didnt do it so im going to take a break off wn for 5 days to hlp dcp

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