UMA Declare Victory in War Against the Light Troops

MITTENS, UMA Capital – In a war that started way back on June 13th the UMA has declared victory following an assault on the Light Troops nation.

On June 13th Light Troops leader Waterkid announced a declaration of war against the rising Underground Mafias Army. No reason was given for the declaration and it seemed quite out of the blue. This was the announcement on the Light Troops site.

As of today, Friday 13th, the Light Empire hereby declares war upon the Umannian Republic. Invasions shall start on Saturday. Troops, we’re at war.

The early exchanges in the war went as many would have expected, in a war where both sides dislike each other we often see a lot of disputed battles with leaders’ pride getting in the way of an admittance of defeat and this war was no different.

Along with the disputed battles we saw constant claims of allies being used with UMA suggesting that the now defunct Pirates were helping the Light Troops in their battles. The Light Troops claimed on multiple occasions that the UMA were multi logging with Waterkid citing the reason behind UMA’s slow tactics as “they (UMA) find it very difficult to do two emotes on two penguins at the same time.”

While the battles between the US and UK division were largely equal in this war the AUSIA battles were never attended by the Light Troops, showing a deficiency we also saw when they faced up against the League of Justice.

The standard AUSIA battle in this war

With battles won on both sides the Light Troops suddenly stopped attending any battles within the war. After liberating Ice Box on June 21st the Light Troops did not post any other battle results seemingly ‘quitting’ the war.

Two days after their last battle in this war Waterkid released a controversial post in which it seems Wgfv admits to multilogging in US Invasions. Waterkid claims he agreed a deal with Wgfv in which he would not leak the pictures if the war ended however with the UMA continuing to invade he was forced into releasing the screenshot which can be viewed below.

However these claims were soon found out to be fake with CPAC Staff member Boomer20 able to find a number of holes in the edited picture shown above.

The post accusing Wgfv of multilogging is the last time the Light Troops mentioned the war on their site as it seems they decided to lay their focus elsewhere. Meanwhile the UMA continued to pummel the Light Troops nation on all 3 fronts taking server after server after server.

With the Light Troops not defending anymore the UMA today announced a victory in the war with all of the Light Troops servers successfully invaded. This is the statement given by UMA AUSIA Leader Rockyiceman in the victory post (which can be read HERE).

Its been a fairly long time since the war started today we can claim victory. It has been 2 weeks since we last saw LT defending our invasion, I Rocky herby announce that UMA and the alliance I.A.N.H which consists of ACP, DCP, IW and a few more major armies now agree on denouncing LT is a army.

He also mentions that ‘ACP, DCP, IW’ as well as others agree on ‘denouncing LT’ as an official army due to their lack of servers which is an interesting twist.

In a war that lasted 17 days with a high number of battles the UMA has come out victorious.

Are the Light Troops still an army? Why did the Light Troops stop attending battles in this war? Comment YOUR opinion below, and thanks for reading.


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  1. Of course LT is still an army.

  2. The LT probably quit the war as soon as an alliance got involved since LT has a bad history of losing many wars to alliances

  3. LT won, deal with it.

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  5. when LT stops attending all battles for no reason and doesnt attend ausia events, they immediatly lose. doesnt matter how big uk or usa events were for LT

  6. LT should be punished they are fakes

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