Top Ten Armies: 06/29/14

A very surprising Top Ten this week as two armies who for a long time held spots in the Top Three lose those spots. 

Top Ten1. Dark Warriors [+1] [78.00]

2. Golden Troops [+6] [75.75]

3. Light Troops [+2] [74.11] 

4. Army of CP [-3] [73.62] 

5. Ice Warriors [-2] [72.35] 

6. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [64.06] 

7. Nachos [NEW!] [63.75] 

8. Underground Mafias Army [-4] [53.44] 

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [51.87] 

10. Doritos [-1] [48.62] 

The full statistics can be found here.

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1. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors have not had a busy week, but in the few events they have had they reached some great sizes. In their first event of the week they had a training session on Frosty and maxed sizes of 50+ with an average of about 40. In this event they had great formations and tactics as well, to match the huge sizes that they had. Later that day they declared war on the Army of CP, who said that the declaration of war was invalid due to a treaty signed by the armies stating war could not take place until October. Their second and final event of the week came on Saturday as they maxed 60 and averaged 50 on CP, getting even more than they had at their other event of the week. This event was an invasion of Breeze, which the Army of CP did not turn up to due to reasons previously stated. The Dark Warriors come in at 1st this week.

2. Golden Troops: Within the second week of their return to our community, the Golden Troops rank 2nd this week. The Army of Club Penguin gave the Golden Troops their Capital, Half Pipe, back, which brings communications between the two together. To start their week, the Golden Troops held a normal Training Session on their newly reformed Capital, with a max of 19+ online. The best point of the Golden Troops’ week was at their first official UK event, where the army had a max of 31+ on Club Penguin. In their first AUSIA event of the week, a max of 20+ was found online. The same day, the army battled out the Army of Club Penguin, which ended up to be a tie. The next two AUSIA events, for the Golden Troops, would have a 25+ turnout. On Friday, the Ice Warriors decided to have a battle with the Golden Troops. This was a victory for the Golden Troops, maxing 25+. To put their week to an end, the army held an AUSIA Training Session, with a max of 20+, on Club Penguin.

3. Light Troops: The Light Troops consider this week to be the start of the newest “Golden Age”, as they fall into 3rd place. The Light Troops started off their week with a Training Session on Club Penguin, which had a max of 20+ online. The next day, the army held a Practice Battle against the Army of Club Penguin, who are considered their ‘rivals’. At this battle, the Light Troops had over 18+ on Club Penguin. In the midst of the week, the Light Troops’ chat was under siege of fellow legends and retirees of the army. At a Practice Battle with the Nachos, tensions grew as the Light Troops only maxed 15+. At their next event, the Light Troops had a Practice Battle with the Lime Green Army, and the Light Troops were able to have their best turnout of the whole week. This was a max of 25+ on Club Penguin. The army held yet another battle against their rivals, with only a max of 17+ online. With their return, the Purple Republic were the next ones to have a battle against the Light Troops. In this specific battle, the Light Troops had over 18+ online. To put their week to an end, the Light Troops had an excellent US Training Session with 30+ on Club Penguin. Again, the Purple Republic raided their event. The Light Troops really hope to be the victors of the CPA Central Conquest Games.

4. Army of CP: ACP had another consistant week, though they take a fall from the Top Three. ACP started off the week helping the League of Justice raid the server of Fog.  ACP’s first Ausia event of the week resulted in some smaller numbers.  In this event, they maxed 12.  The same day, their UK and US divisions maxed 20 and 19 respectively.  After ACP’s Ausia division hit 12 online, they quickly rebounded to have three events where they maxed 15.  ACP’s UK/US highlight of the week was in the PB against LT.  During this PB, ACP maxed 25.  ACP claimed victory due to LT hiding in an unspecified igloo.  During this week, ACP got into some trouble by using an old Ausia picture in one of their results posts.  ACP was quick to publicly announce that it was just an accident.  On June 25th, DW declared war on ACP.  ACP claims to have a treaty with DW that lasts until October 1st.  DW has announced that they will not be honoring this treaty, so ACP will be ignoring all invasions.

5. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors had an event-filled week, as they pull into 5th place in this week’s CPA Central Top 10. The army started off their week with maxing 18+ online at an Unscheduled Training Session. The Ice Warriors were one of the many armies that took down the Black Alliance/Pirates in a raid from the IANH Alliance. The Ice Warriors’ UK Division has been on a roll lately, especially on Monday when the army got a max of 28+ on Club Penguin. In the next two days, the Ice Warriors would battle the Chaos and the Pretzels. In both battles, the Ice Warriors maxed around 16+ online. The anticipated moment of the Ice Warriors’ week was, especially, at a US Training Session with approximately 40+ on Club Penguin. This was one of the best events for the Ice Warriors yet. To put their week to an end, the Ice Warriors held an Unscheduled AUSIA and UK Training Session. The army, as a whole, hopes to win CPA Central’s Conquest Games as their Creator, Iceyfeet1234, has thought of the tournament himself.


6. Rebel Penguin Federation: To start the week Dpd was announced as an RPF USA General, following the end of the Pirates and their first event came at an AUSIA invasion of Arctic with sizes of 9. They had similar sizes at an AUSIA invasion of Alpine later the same day. Following these invasions the RPF declared that they had won the war against the Pirates and then the next day they had only 10+ at a UK invasion of Patagonia. The next server won was Walrus as they hit sizes of 15+ at a USA invasion and 10+ at a USA invasion of Sabertooth. On the 26th of June, Snaily announced that Dpd and Blake were the USA leaders and only hours later, in an unrelated way, Commando announced that he would leave the army for the last time. To follow, Snaily also left the army the next day as she felt she was not welcomed in the army community. The next RPF event came in the form of a PB against the Doritos and they again only hit sizes of 10-15 and then Cewan and Omega announced their return to the army who finished the week with sizes of 15-18 at the Dry Run of the upcoming CPAC Conquest Games. The RPF remain static at 6th this week.

Conquest 2

7. Nachos: The Nachos come back to CPAC from the SM Army Press Top Ten this week, ranking it at 7th place. Their week began with a Recruiting Session where they reached sizes of 20, followed by another with similar sizes. On Tuesday, they faced off against the Light Troops in a Practice Battle, then raided Tuxedo the following day. Over the next two days they fought both the Pretzels and the Golden Troops in Practice Battles, and finished off the week practicing for the Conquest Games.


8. Underground Mafias Army: UMA had another interesting due to another week of War.  UMA has been fighting the Light Troops in a gruesome war.  UMA started off the week with an event on the server Fog.  UMA and the League of Justice raided the Pirate’s invasion on Fog.  UMA started off the week with an Ausia invasion of LT’s capital Ice Box, where they got 14 online.  UMA claims victory for this battle.  This same day, UMA had a cleansing of Flurry.  In this event, they got 17 online.  Soon after, LT made a post containing a picture of Wgfv saying he mutlilogged.  Boomer and other officials labeled this picture as fake.  In this week UMA claims to have captured 7 of LT’s servers.  UMA’s big event happened on the cleansing of Flurry, as said above.  To capitalize on a crazy week, Wgfv, UMA’s leader, declared that he will be retiring.  This will be a fatal blow to UMA.  We will see how UMA does without Wgfv.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT continues to withstand the CPA Central Top 10. Within this week, the army has been following up with their war against the Doritos. The Special Weapons and Tactics army started their week with forming a new leadership. The Special Weapons and Tactics invaded Canoe for their first event of the week, while the Doritos were a no-show. The army maxed 24+ online, which was one of their highest totals of the entire week. At their next event, which was the Invasion of Bonza, the army got another max of 24+ on Club Penguin. Next, the Special Weapons and Tactics invaded both Fog and Big Surf at AUSIA times. To put their week to an end, the Special Weapons and Tactics army raided Mammoth, which was previously their Capital.

10. Doritos: The Doritos stay within the Top 10 this week, as they take part in the IANH Alliance Raid of Fog. In the army’s first AUSIA event of the week, they maxed 10+ online. A few days later, the Doritos held an Unscheduled Training Session with a max of 16+. To put their week to an end, which is also the highlight of their week, the Doritos battled the Rebel Penguin Federation on Tuxedo. The army maxed 18+ on Club Penguin. The Doritos continue to ignore the Special Weapons and Tactics army regarding their current war. The Doritos leadership has been under the eye, with the ownership rapidly changing to suit the army’s needs.

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This week, we asked about a war that was brewing as the week started. The Black Alliance, in its new reformation, was facing off against a new group of opponents. We asked how long you thought the war would last. The majority of you said “No longer than a week”, and you guys were right.

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97 Responses

  1. tfw waiting for Top Ten

    jk Bloo ily

  2. hmm, GT on the rise

  3. Congratulations GT for being second! If only we hadn’t had those points taken out of the tactics category.. we would’ve been first.

  4. GO golden troops!

  5. 1. Dark Warriors [+1] [78.00] PERFECT

    2. Golden Troops [+6] [75.75] PERFECT

    3. Light Troops [+2] [74.11] PERFECT

    4. Army of CP [-3] [73.62] PERFECT

    5. Ice Warriors [-2] [72.35] PERFECT

    6. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [64.06] PERFECT

    7. Nachos [NEW!] [63.75] PERFECT

    8. Underground Mafias Army [-4] [53.44] Should be 9th

    9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [51.87] Should be 10th

    10. Doritos [-1] [48.62] Honestly? We should have 8th

    • DCP had 2 events this week, maxed 16 at one and 14 at the other. Your lucky to even be on this top ten, because I don’t even know how the fuck you are.
      Squad Up.

  6. LGA did better than DCP and we aint in top ten suprising and were consistant and matched the size

  7. Awesome top 10.

  8. GO GT GO

  9. LGA did better than DCP check the site and we were consistant maxing the size also Why is Ice Warriors 5th.

  10. Interesting

  11. With the exception of DW, size numbers were way down this week which is kind of worrying given that summer just recently started. DW managed to get 1st with only two events because no one else was anywhere near their size numbers. We may not actually see that much of a boost this summer because armies are recycling older troops more so than they’re recruiting new ones, and older troops tend to prefer not to be online all day during the summer. Should be interesting to see if this is just an off week or if the pattern continues.

    • I agree with you being that numbers are small. The top 10 this time last year (30th June 2013) hosted a lot bigger sizes.

      Still though, I think once the Legends Cup kicks off we’ll see a rise. Armies as a whole generally do rise during these tournaments.

      • with respect i think if DW had more than 2 events a week they’d be smaller on average, but 2 events a week just got you first so why should you have more

        • Regardless, our sizes would still probably be higher. About 2 months ago RPF were the army with the most events and they declared war on us with the opinion we’d fall if we had too many events.

          While DW’s 40-50 disappeared during that war, we still outsized RPF. I don’t think any army could have 2 events a week and get the sizes DW does. If it was possible, other armies would be doing it, or at least trying to. I’m not being arrogant here either, we do a lot of recruiting.

        • Congrats with GT though, I’m sure GT will be up there and grab a few 1st spots this summer too.

    • Recycle and recruit [a process headed by Elmikey] is the common practice in armies today.

      The fact that people focus more on finding new phrases to auto-type with rather than focus on building a loyal core of soldiers and just letting more and more join in is what may be hurting the community.

      The auto-typing factor creates quick and successful results, but does not build long term success like the latter.

  12. Just wondering, is the maximum points for sizes 40? I think that should be changed since more armies will rise…

    • Yes it is 40, but armies hardly ever hit it assuming they have a decent amount of events. I think I can only recall one week where an army had a perfect Top Ten score (2013 Nachos?). Size is capped at 40 because size is not the sole determinant of army success, and the more you increase the points above 40, the less focus is paid to everything else like tactics and event quality. DW’s Top Ten score was 78 which would have made them 5th in the Top Ten Unk linked from this time last year, so you can see there is still a lot of room for improvement. It’s not all about size.

  13. IW should be 3rd

  14. Wooooooooooo DW is no.1

  15. omfg if we had one more event we would have been first lmao

  16. My top ten

    1. ACP
    2. DW
    4. LT
    5. RPF
    6. IW
    7. NACHOS
    8. LGA
    9. UMA
    10. SWAT

  17. Congrats to the Doritos Ice Warriors Golden Troops Dark Warriors Underground Mafias Armyand Light Troops

  18. Down goes the Acp army. But in a month they will be good again.

  19. Where is purple republic

  20. 7th? This is booty we beat the living balls out of the pretzels and were too big for the golden troops to even show up to our practice battle nachos hated 4 lyfe

  21. first place is a 78 in the summer wtf

    • To be fair the formula has changed since then. If this was last summers formula, GT and DW would have 85-90 points i’d guess

  22. Reblogged this on The Official Golden Troops of Club Penguin and commented:
    GT is second! Great job

  23. Wonderful top ten. GT is rising.

  24. cpac is no longer messed up

  25. Stop. Giving. Shitty. Rpf. High. Rankings.
    Honestly, why aren’t THEY in SMAP right now?

  26. Not a single score above 80 this week, Poor week for armies.

  27. I want everyone that kept pointing out that we were on SMAP to now bend over and let me wiggle around a maraca handle in their asshole.

  28. Where is Chaos we maxed 23 and dcp didnt

  29. Congratulations to all the armies this week, especially DW for getting first and GT for their rise – wouldn’t surprise me if they get a good number of #1s this summer 🙂

  30. I added up DW’s score on the full statistics and it adds up to 118 but its meant to be 78?

  31. 7th? This is booty if it weren’t for that frikin ausia we’d be second bcus we beat the living balls out of every PB and we too damn big for the golden troops to even log on. Y evryone h8 on nachos

  32. 7th? This is booty if it weren’t for that frikin ausia we’d be second bcus we beat the living balls out of every PB and we too damn big for the golden troops to even log on. Y evryone h8 on nachos

  33. Chaos should’ve been tenth

  34. Golden Troops! Golden Troops!
    Awesome rank for our 2nd week into reformation!

  35. Things black folks say:
    Whats up son?

  36. Well done GT and all armies. Nothing TOO surprising apart from GT’s jump but still a good top 10 (message to acp haters: even though we are 4th I’m not saying biased or stuff)

  37. Go Nachos! We earned that!

  38. abcbaby123

  39. Woo! Back in the list 😀

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