Dark Warriors Battle For Breeze – Purple Republic Raid

BREEZE, Disputed Territory – In the first battle of the war between the Dark Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin, the newly formed Purple Republic raid.

It was just a few days ago when the Dark Warriors notably declared war upon the Army of Club Penguin. As we all know by now, the Purple Republic made yet another return to our community. Many, as expected, thought beforehand that the Purple Republic would be raiding this anticipated battle.

The Dark Warriors, who had been preparing for the battle all week, had 60+ users on their chat. This is merely 30 minutes before the battle would begin.

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Dark Warriors’ chat size before the battle had started.

Before the battle had begun, many members of the Purple Republic began to storm the server of Breeze. The Ice Berg was almost full of the Purple Republic.

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Purple Republic before the battle had started.

The battle started, so the Dark Warriors were quick to try to make an escape from the Purple Republic. There was no sign of the Army of Club Penguin, either. Moving to the Mine Shack, it was clear that there were numerous Purple Republic spies on their chat. The Dark Warriors decided it was best for another room change, so the army quickly moved to the Stadium.

In the Stadium, there were far more Dark Warriors’ troops then Purple Republic. The Stadium was nearly circled, with the Dark Warriors getting 50+ online. The Dark Warriors thought they had a break from the Purple Republic when they moved to the Boiler Room, a room that Dark Warriors leaders thought the Purple Republic did not know. This was a fail attempt, though, as the Purple Republic following right behind them.

Again, the Dark Warriors retreated from the Purple Republic. Still, there was no sign of the Army of Club Penguin who decided not to defend their Capital. The Dark Warriors made another escape to the Iceberg, which was quickly full. At this point, and throughout the whole length of the battle, there were many Dark Warriors’ lockouts. Tactics were spot on for the Dark Warriors.

Dark Warriors in the Iceberg.

The Dark Warriors made another move to the Stadium, where it would take some time for the Purple Republic to follow. The Dark Warriors would go into old combat, bunching up and throwing snowballs at the Purple Republic. The Dark Warriors claim victory of Breeze, but will their old treaty make this whole war still invalid?

After the battle had ended, I grabbed a quick interview with Xxtoysoldier, who is one of the current leaders of the Dark Warriors.

What is your thought about the Army of Club Penguin replying that they will not be fighting you in this war?

Well that is good, because we get free servers.

Was the turnout of the Battle of Breeze what you expected it to be?

Considering that we had over 75+ on our chatbox, yes. At the same time, I was not expecting the Purple Failures to try to raid our war.

What were you thinking when the Purple Republic tried to raid your battle?

Well, I was wondering why they would even raid us in the first place, lol. It was better than fighting nobody on Breeze.

What do YOU think about the Battle of Breeze? Is this invasion invalid? Will the Army of Club Penguin start to fight off the Dark Warriors? Will the Purple Republic continue to raid army events? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


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  1. ACP will be taking full advantage of the treaty and hereby voids DW’s invasion of Breeze.
    Therefore, Breeze remains a part of our nation.
    gg no re ’til October.

  2. PR strikes again, steam…

  3. PR for first in CPAC Top Ten!!!11

  4. dpd didnt even mention the treaty, obv bias. or just terrible work ethic.

  5. Lies and slander.
    This site is so biased against Purple Republic it’s insane. Have any of you “reporters” ever taken a Journalism course?

  6. Why is Elmikey wasting his own time? If he wants a war do it with an army that doesn’t have a treaty with DW.

  7. so pointless when there is a treaty in place

  8. All fucking vo yo’s fault for talking shit about PR

  9. “Purple Republic bafore the battle had started.”

  10. Quoting my last comment.
    First of all, there’s a reason why ACP handpicked temporary leaders to stabilize the army. I believe that their choices in those selected members were quite reasonable. Why use the absence of previous leadership as an excuse to slowly back away from the declaration? Each of those members are perfectly capable of leading ACP, and saying otherwise is technically insulting their functionality as a leader.
    Coming back to the old grudges. The crime is still there. Their history is left unmarked. It is proven that ACP too, has broken a treaty. It’s apparent that 90% of the comments relating to my post are judged from what pictures I had decided to implement into the write-up. The pictures do not make up the post. They are used to instill emphasis into my words. You are not kids anymore. Read the entirety of the post instead of looking at the pictures as if every post is a page from a children’s picture book.
    Now to reality. Let’s say a real army from any age decided to invade an opposing army. The opposing army says their leadership is gone, and so, the army can not invade them. See how stupid that sounds? It’s not the Dark Warrior’s fault that ACP can not recruit effectively to prepare for a war. It is not our fault that leaders had to be on leave. You are an army. You must prepare for the unexpected. Treaties can be broken. In this community, they hold no power.
    Back to the child friendly Club penguin reality. “Omg, stop taking this so seriously. A treaty is a treaty!!!” There’s a reason why treaties are broken. If there are no consequential blockades preventing one from doing such a feat, then the treaty is pretty much rendered useless. Change the connotation of treaty to “Law” all you wish. Heck, change the denotation of it in the dictionary. What is stopping us besides complaints in the comments section?
    The nature of an army. Do armies spend the entirety of their existence recruiting for nothing? Are you implying that the purpose of an army is to recruit for practice battles and scrims like one any old sport? No. If a leader and his officers raise an army to world class power, you better be damn sure that they’re going to take advantage of it. They will expand, utilizing the efficiency of their army and it’s methods.
    Do you expect the Dark Warriors to wait until the damn summer is over to do what armies are meant to do? Is this what Club penguin armies are all about? Did Oagol create an idea thinking “oh boy, we’ll have so much fun recruiting” instead of “this idea is awesome because battles are fun.”
    Of course, ACP does not have to oblige to our terms. They can simply not attend the invasions. They can do events in their locked igloo all they want. More fun for our troops, more recruiting sessions for their troops.
    You want to be a real army, ACP? Step it up and use the troops you trained. Don’t let them train and train for nothing.

    There were also other points made that ACP of course, ignored. If the DW went against an army below them in the top ten, (DCP), people suddenly had a problem and decided to step in. Hate if you do, hate if you don’t. At this point, we’re taking protests with a grain of salt.

    “What he does not realize is that in a game where invasions are only recognized based on their validity and has no physical consequence, treaties are binding.”
    A quote from the ACP website. What the ACP does not realize, is that rules and consequences can easily be set in place. With all the treaties broken so far, not only on the Dark Warrior’s side, I’m surprised that not even 1 fool suggested to CPAC that consequences could be set in place to prevent further misdemeanors from transpiring.

    But there are no consequences. The “rules” are not even enforced, and so, it would be natural that armies would be taking advantage of it. Technically, ACP is using a rule that no one follows as an excuse to cover their asses.

    Not to mention the fact that ACP actually did log on during the invasion. 2 ACP penguins, regardless if they were just spectating their capital being taken or not, logged on during an invasion. This can be classified as an attempt to defend their capital and actively participating in the battle.(by locking 2 troops out) The ACP had said they were not showing up to the battle. Yet, they have. Which leads us to believe that this has been a successful invasion against the ACP. (because they participated in it)

    So until consequences are actually set in place(CPAC can do so since armies compete for the top 10), armies will continue to abuse treaties.

  11. we didn’t prepare for this all week it was 2-3 day notice, DW was scattered across CP and about half of the army was locked out of each gathering room, Easily would of had pics of 70-80+ werent for hafl the army being locked out of each room and me having to go a few mins into battle after getting good footage,

    • ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▐
      ▄░▐░░░▄▄░█░▀▀ YOU HAVE BEEN 2SPOOKED BY THE
      ░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SPOOKY SCARY DW LEADER

  12. Well, atleast it was fun to battle those PR. Anyway, why do we even have treaties. The only example I can give is Hitler and the treaty of Versailles. He broke it, but did the other countries ignore him and let him invade their land lol… IMO, a treaty just sounds like a ceasefire, nothing else.

    • Real armies also don’t stand in a line ant throw snowballs at each other. We battle on a game intended for 7 year olds. We adjust accordingly.

  13. Oh damn! Dislike squad has struck, better hide yo’ kids!

  14. I honestly don’t understand why ACP won’t come out and fight. If they could simply give it a chance, I’m pretty sure it’d be beneficial to both DW and ACP. However, most armies simply don’t care for war and would rather have a bunch of ‘practice’ battles and training sessions that don’t add up to anything without war.

  15. If they are ignoring the treaty look at it this way: In real life, if two countries have a peace treaty for 20 years and both leaders of those countries are dead by lets say 15 years after the treaty was signed, is the treaty invalid? Of course not, if they ignore the treaty in real life, then they would come to justice from the United Nations, so even if we don’t have a council of that type in cp armies, it’s still shameful.

  16. I’m in DW and I think we have to stop breaking fucking treaties. This entire war is invalid despite how much we could kick acp’s ass.

  17. Tbh who the fuck cares about PR anymore. They just do the same old shit, They raid, Wear Purple, Do nazi symbols. Who the fuck cares? They’ve been doing this for over 2 years. Honestly

  18. purple pride server wide
    go nazis go

  19. There is a treaty which DW signed and therefore, this is invalid.
    We’re good allies with both armies, but surely you can’t just ignore this treaty?

  20. Top kek


  22. The battle was not allowed in the first place. Now dw is taking the acp capital. Make them give it back!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Were all gay 1% at least and its showing in these comments Lol now hump somebody

  24. Seriously, we need some rules in this community. I hate to say it but everything is getting out of hand.

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