As RPF Descends Into Anarchy – Snaily5 Retires from Armies

UPDATE 9:16 PM EST: Katty, RPF 2ic has been promoted as RPF Leader to fill a needed spot in the Ausia division. As of now RPF’s Leadership is Blake, Waffles, and Katty.

UPDATE 6:16 PM EST: Brady/Dpd2000 has announced that he would be leaving the Rebel Penguin Federation. The current leaders of the RPF are Mr. Waffle 45 and Blake/Vdmman.

TUXEDO, USRPF – Less than twenty-four hours ago, Bquik was removed from his position as leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation by Snaily5, Chief Justice of the RPF. Now in a turn of events Snaily5 has announced her own retirement from both the RPF and armies all together.

On the 27th of June Snaily5 demoted Bquik for his inactivity in the Rebel Penguin Federation. Following this, Bquik announced his resignation from the army itself. Snaily5’s move created much controversy within the RPF. The recent events have culminated with her own retirement.

In her post, Snaily5 accused “haters” for causing drama within not only the army, but also in the community:

went out of my way and sacrificed almost 3 years of my life giving myself to you, to give you a great time, everlasting memories, and a friend you could always rely on, lean on, learn from, and get advice from. I did my best to be a good influence in this community and help everyone learn valuable life skills and effective communication, as well as how to be a true friend. Many laughed at my efforts. Some ruined my reputation when I was at the top of my game in ACP, to which this day I am still horribly abused over. I could have left armies then but I felt my goal in these armies was unfulfilled. From the bottom, I rebuilt myself and my reputation and did incredible things in the army which is my true home, the RPF.

Excerpt from Snaily5’s Retirement – 27 June 2014

Snaily5 did not mince words when defending her actions. It is in her opinion, that everything she did was in the interest of the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Club Penguin Army Community.

I know I performed my responsibilities with success. I kept the chat safe and maintained and I used my best judgment to keep our fantastic site safe from being destroyed or compromised in any manner. Was that easy? No. Sometimes I had to put friendships aside and do what was right to keep it all safe. I sacrificed popularity in doing the right thing, so as not to dishonor what Commando created, and I have no regrets.

Excerpt from Snaily5’s Retirement – 27 June 2014

Snaily’s departure will certainly leave a void in the army. What do you think will happen? Will the RPF rise back to its former glory? Will its depression return? Comment YOUR opinions below.

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  1. I was the spark of RPF. The Good Fight Has Moved To The Dark Warriors. Everyone Join Dark Warriors.

  2. Salute to Snaily though for trying her best and fighting the good fight.

  3. THANK GOD!!!!!!




  4. she’ll be back lol

  5. Good snaily is gone I can not believe I cybered that irish whale twice before I saw her pic. When she did it with me she said FLIPS OFF BLUE BRA PULLS INTO GEAR 2 CHECKS FOR CANCER PUTS ON SEXY NURSE OUTFIT LOL and she gave me massages this is what she did to me in pc on acp chat back in 2012 this was so awkard and werid for a 19 year old

  6. She will be missed <3


  8. The snaily family’s excile has begun

  9. dw your anus is next

  10. Good god there was like 8 damn retirements this month in RPF…

  11. This was the most condescending thing I’ve ever read. “Sorry I was just morally better than everyone else, if only I could stop being so noble and glorious I could’ve done better among you common folk”. Fuck you.

  12. Speaking of RPF, Why is it that if you click on LTs RSS feed on the side near top ten, you get put into RPF’s old site?

    CPAC get it together.

  13. inb4 Brady hops to…


  14. Someone should have listened to Lord Pain earlier about Snaily and RPF would have been saved derp

  15. _____________¶¶¶¶¶¶¶_¶¶¶

  16. The Club Penguin Army Central needs to make changes for this site, people are currently swearing on this site due to the reason this site is not moderated and isn’t like other armies. This is meant for fun, why are we getting very greedy and becoming like the real world armies, don’t you guys have knowledge that children/kids come here and while then you guys are acting like immature 7 year olds. For your creator’s sake, do this for the safety of the word “fun” and also you have to acknowledge that we need to do this for fun, couping and insulting are just becoming a total nuisance. The internet is not like the real world, I admit that… But can’t you at least benefit yourself and not get into arguments such as sexism/racism and plus any other things related to arguments.

    As your Snaily5’s retirement…. I am truly an long-time soldier in Club Penguin Armies, and her retirement may benefit some people into thinking she was horrible and deserved to be hated. Although, she was an regular friend of mine… I am neutral when it comes to hating her or liking her, she is just known as a regular friend to me, and I do not wish to be involved in this, although I do give her a “good luck” in real life.

  17. RPF’s got some learning to do. This new leadership is something different and personally I don’t think the people In it were ready. But to all Rpf’ers, the good fight is still at Rpf. Not at DW and DW isn’t even the old DW now that Elm and his fanboys took it.

  18. katty is the worst thing to choose for rpf leader

  19. Glad Snaily is gone now but lets face it, she will be back soon. Hopefully Waffles leaves RPF now as well.

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