Oh No! I Sunk Your Capital: Why Having a Capital Is a Bad Idea

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk – This is Cynical Penguin here, today I am going to talk about Capitals and armies, and why I believe it’s not a great idea.

 Capitals in real Life, can serve as the center of politics and governing of any given nation. It makes sense to have your government in one centralized area to maximize more efficient governing. It tends to be the cultural center of any given nation, with it’s citizen’s enjoying high-cultured lives.

It makes sense to do this in real life, but it makes absolutely no sense to do it in CP armies. But, when I see armies declaring “FOG IS OUR NEW CAPITAL!” I tend to scratch my head in confusion. You see, I don’t really see the point in having capitals in armies, because they lead to more issues than solved. Like I said above, the point of having a capital in real life for the most part, is to keep an organized government, but who organizes their government on servers? We do that on chats and our websites, not on our servers. Sure, it’s fun to imagine you have your personal palace, but in all reality it’s just not practical.

I personally find them to demoralize troops whenever you lose your capital. When you hear “The Capital has fallen” you instantly make an assumption that the army that loss the capital, is thus losing the war. The “Capital” becomes a target by the enemy to capture it to cause the said demoralizing effect on newer soldiers.

One of the greatest examples of this demoralizing effect and ability to turn around wars, is the Invasion of Fog, in World War V. The Night Warrior led Alliance had pushed the Army of CP off their capital of Breeze. Everyone in the community at that time was starting to think that ACP’s time as the dominant power in CP armies was coming to an end. That was the assumption until  ACP made a remarkable comeback on February 19th, 2011 when they took the Night Warrior’s Capital of Fog from the clutches of the NW. Using the morale boost, the ACP systematically captured server after server from the NW nation. The Allies of NW, seeing their “leader” being utterly crushed, all surrendered or defected to assist ACP in destroying any remaining resistance.

There is another point to be made from this story. The fact that if your capital falls, the enemy will have a morale boost, thus increasing the likelihood of you losing the war, and for what? So you can roleplay in your “capital”. Which brings up another point I would like to point out, what makes these servers so special versus any of your other servers? Every server, beyond it’s obvious name, is identical and provides no distinction between them.

The only real value I can see in servers, is for it’s historical values. Servers such as Tundra and Mammoth are historically important for the sheer amount of CP army history that has happened on said server, but if the server names were to be switch for some random reason we would not know and assume it was the same server. In Short, I simply do not get the point of having Capitals in general, they cause more issues than they solve (if any). They give the enemy a morale boost, creates bad publicity, and possibly demoralize troops.

 тнє.cуηιcαℓ.ρєηgυιη- CPAC Philosopher/ Reviewer 

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  1. this actually makes a lot of sense. Even though I actually do go on servers RPF owns and hang out roleplaying as a agent/cop in RPF uniform.

  2. By the way, in case you didn’t notice, your site got trolled. Dude how do you not realize that.

  3. The capital exists to determine when a war has been one. It also serves the purpose of being the most defended server by the army it is under control of. If a capital is claimed, that is considered a stopping point in the war where the now capital-less army either admits defeat or continues to fight until further loss. Basically, it determines the loss or victory of a war.

    Also, attacking a capital is a direct declaration of war. So there’s that. Also, capitals tend to be very popular servers, and they’re great for recruiting on.

    • But there has never been a rule saying you NEED a capital, as far as I have known. So why even have the weakness when you can fix it?

  4. I love this post (Wary)

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