BREAKING NEWS: Elmikey and Pain Plot Return of Fire Warriors


Klondike, CPAC Headquarters– It was an average Monday night that became a little less average as a secret meeting was leaked that included a chat with Elmikey and Pain on a chat roomdiscussing a creation of the new site for the once great army Fire Warriors and terms of ranks, graphics, and css. The two are both known to be dictators with questionable methods, and have decided to recreate the army last led by Pochoma and Pringle, who changed it to Roman Fire Warriors and Ninjas then died.

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18 Responses

  1. april fools1111

  2. Can we get a “Heil Pain” from anyone?

  3. April Fools from CPAC Staff and your favorite Mexican<3


  5. uggg i hate april fools day so much its so annoying!

  6. Best Aprils fools anything I’ve seen all day.

  7. Paco dont give them ideas


  9. going through old archives, fuck you paco, i fell for this shit twice

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