ACP Reclaims Mammoth

MAMMOTH, ACP Empire – After years of having the server split up the famous server of Mammoth could be returning to the Army of Club Penguin completely.

Shortly after the death of the Light Troops, the Army of Club Penguin issued a post announcing that they would invade their birth server:

It is time to regain our birth server back. The historical server that belongs truly to ACP and was stolen long ago. We wish to regain it with diplomacy, however, there are many armies that claim owning it. Therefore, we are calling you, whoever claims to own Mammoth, to battle.

Excerpt from ACP Site

However this idea was quickly scrapped as the ACP were able to conquer Mammoth without firing a shot. Mammoth has historically been considered a neutral server ever since it was stripped away from the ACP.

Mammoth was lost as a result of the Fourth World War. In 2008, the Great Alliance which consisted of the Nachos, Ice Warriors, UMA, RPF, RBAA, LVAS, Black Bandits, Black Jackets, Lunar Army, Tacos, Club Penguin Warriors, and the Watex Warriors. Meanwhile, the ACP was left to fend for themselves. The ACP eventually lost the war and was forced to recognize the server’s neutrality. As a result, the server eventually died as an army hub because no one felt the need to defend it.

ACP vs Great Alliance

The RPF, Nachos, LT, and IW had all made notable claims to the server. Sercan, ACP Leader, discussed the server’s status with the remaining armies that had claims.



treaty 3

This annexation could be seen as an ideological victory for the army which has recently seen a return to first in CPAC’s Top Ten in the last few editions. Sercan has declared himself the “Conqueror of Mammoth”. The ACP have yet formally announced the time of the invasion other than the fact that it will occur this Saturday.

What do you think? Do you think ACP has 100 percent claim to the server? Is this ideological victory a sign of things to come in the future? Comment YOUR opinion below in the comments section.


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  1. Fun to see Mammoth back in ACP hands, but we will never see it’s glory days ever again, despite efforts made by multiple people.

  2. I’m not sure the state of LT’s claim to the server, but with at least a majority share in its ownership, this is still a symbolic day for ACP. By this point though, Mammoth’s value is solely nostalgic, as it is consistently a 1 bar server, and it has not had any sort of army culture or general army awareness by the “citizens” for years. But for ACP, this is like coming back to see the house you grew up in and an opportunity to reminisce about the good times had there. To say it is still meaningful would be an understatement.

  3. Sercan does realize that he isn’t the first ACP leader to reclaim Mammoth, right? Not by a long shot.

    • Boomer did it first man, then I think Cassius did it? Or am I thinking of another leader from when ACP was trying a new leader every month.

    • Boomer did, Shab did, Bobcatboy10 did, Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000 did, Slider568 (?) did, Swimmerboy01 did, and Capncook/Tori did (courtesy of this page).

      Might I add that almost every one of those conquests was done by force in battle. For Sercan to claim the title “Conqueror of Mammoth” for his little diplomatic tea party is a bit absurd.

      • I was the first to successfully reinvade it after it was declared neutral, but I honestly lost track of it after my leadership ended. It had a tendency to be lost and then reclaimed by different armies in just about every major war, and I think it has been a while since ACP has managed to retain possession of it for an extended period of time.

      • I remember when Flip and I invaded Mammoth again. Good times.

  4. Mammoth is mine. (:

  5. Dark Warriors owns the claims to Mammoth. Mammoth is an important server to me. We will defend.

  6. squids r invadin mammoth 2morow. fite and meat ur makur

  7. I love Mammoth, it is where I first started off in armies; yet it will never rise to it’s former glory. The leaders will try, then it will only be a historic relic a few weeks later.

  8. ACP is having a proper invasion against nobody, or even if there is someone to show up, they will probably end up crushed. That’s why ACP already owns 100% of Mammoth. I don’t think ACP ever owned the server only by itself, which is why I considered this title for myself (it’s a bit braggy, I know, but I just wanted a cool sounding title 😆 don’t be mean)
    Anyway, if DW attempts invading it from us, they can try. We will be there to defend it.

  9. This is the funniest, most biased post I’ve ever seen. First Off the Light Troops never owned Mammoth. It is SWAT’s Capital and birth server. The Ice Warriors also never owned it. So I don’t get why ACP makes these ridiculous claims just because they are the strongest army in a time period where all armies are doing bad. No one ever owned Mammoth 100% for a long time, and if anyone owns it more then 50% its most certainly SWAT.

    • Your army can’t die 9000 times and come back claiming all the same servers. You have to re-invade them. SWAT has done this throughout its history, and in my recollection it has never once asserted any real claim to Mammoth with actual invasions. The reason so many armies claimed to own Mammoth was because it was invaded from SWAT by countless armies in countless wars.

      Plus a quick search of your website proves you claimed Mammoth once again without invading it:

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