Top Ten Armies: 3/30/14

A few armies are on the rise, but overall it seems to have been a relatively stagnant week. Here we are with another edition of the CPA Central Top Ten Armies.

NOTE: On March 31, 2014, UK (GMT) clocks move forward one hour. This means the time difference between EST and GMT will once again be five hours. 

Top Ten

1. Army of CP [+0] [91.36]

2. Nachos [+0] [78.58]

3. Ice Warriors [+0] [74.96]

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+4] [74.10]

5. Dark Warriors [+2] [67.88]

6. Redemption Force [NEW!] [65.75] 

7. Army Republic [NEW!] [64.45]

8. Light Troops [-2] [63.75] 

9. Doritos [+1] [62.25] 

10. Smart Penguins [-1] [57.46] 

The full statistics can be found here. 

To view those close to CPA Central, check out the full Small and Medium Top Ten. 

NOTE: CPAC is now using the new Top Ten Formula proposed by Boomer20 a few weeks ago. These early few editions will be a bit of trial and error as we work out the kinks in the new format, so please bear with us through any mistakes. The rating scale for the Consistency value.


1.Army of CP [+0]: ACP have had another very successful week, and have retained their top spot. They started off with an incredible showing in the finals of the CPAC March Madness II, maxing nearly 55, and were defeated by the Nachos in an incredibly close battle. Their AUSIA division next maxed 18 in a PB with the Dark Warriors. They went on to beat the Nachos in a PB on Berg, maxing 20, and then their AUSIA division defeated the EW in a PB, maxing 20. ACP tied with the Ice Warriors in a UK PB, with both armies maxing 30, and then maxed 25 at an AUSIA PB with MPF. ACP finished off their week tying with RPF in a PB, with both armies maxing around 30. They are now preparing for a rematch Practice Battle with the Nachos later today. ACP comes in at first this week.


2. Nachos [+0]: The Nachos it seems, have escaped their slump, with another great week. They started off by defeating ACP in the finals of the March Madness II, maxing 55, before maxing 28 at a recruiting session on Alaska. Their UK recruiting session on Alaska maxed 13, and then the Nachos moved on to fight with ACP once again in a PB on Breeze, maxing 23. They maxed 15 at a UK PB with RPF, and then 17 at a raid against the Army Republic. They maxed 15 at their UK PB with SP, and then 25 at a recruiting session later that day. The Nachos finished their week with a Celebration Party on Alaska, maxing 31. They are preparing to face the ACP in a rematch later today. The Nachos come in at second this week.


3. Ice Warriors [+0]: IW remain in the Top 3 after another good week. They started off with a PB against RPF, maxing 23, before several recruiting events, maxing 27 and 22 respectively. They maxed 7 at an AUSIA event, and then moved on to clash with ACP in a UK Practice Battle, maxing 23. They maxed 25 against ACP in a US PB the following day, and then finished off the week with two tactics sessions, maxing 8 and 27 at each. IW comes in at third this week.

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+4]RPF has shot back to the top 5 after several weeks on the fall. They started the week maxing 23 at a training session, and then continued, with maxes of 16, 25, and 21 at three more AUSIA/US sessions. They maxed 20 defending Tuxedo, their capital, from a raid, and then 15 in a PB with the Ice Warriors. RPF maxed 14 at an AUSIA training, and then continued with a number of recruiting sessions on Wednesday. They maxed 10 at a uLead session, and 12 during a PB with old rival the Nachos. They maxed 18 at a training session on Tuxedo, and 18 in a PB with the Light Troops. Finally, they finished the week with a very successful PB against ACP, maxing 30, and a strong AUSIA event, maxing 28. RPF comes in at fourth this week.

5. Dark Warriors [+2]DW has reentered the Top 5 after a civil war last week left the army in shambles. They maxed 27 at an early training session on Frosty, and then maxed 20 at a raid of Tuxedo. They also faced off against the Golds in a practice battle, maxing 20, and finished off the week with an unscheduled training session, maxing 23. DW comes in at fifth this week.

6. Redemption Force [NEW!]The Redemption Force has also made its first foray into the Top Ten, alongside rival AR. They started the week embroiled in war with AR, maxing 21 at the Battle of Thermal. They maxed around 8 and then 17 at two more battles, and maxed 13 at the UK Battle of Crystal. RF maxed 13 and 21 at two more invasions, and 13 at the Battle of Hypothermia to finish off the week. RF comes in at sixth this week.


7. Army Republic [NEW!]AR is back in the Top Ten after a week of fighting. They started off with the Invasion of Thermal, maxing 21, and then 15 at a UK battle on Southern Lights. They maxed about 13 and 15 at two more invasions, before a final assault maxed about 16 on Hibernate. They maxed about 10 at an invasion to wrap up the war, before signing a treaty with RF, who acknowledged their defeat. They have now declared war on DCP, and are preparing for a series of invasions this week. AR comes in at seventh this week.


8. Light Troops [-2]LT has a drop of two spaces in the Top 10 this week after being surrounded by the drama of Spi101 leaving LT again. LT started off the week with a raid which turned into a PB against the Nachos where they maxed 13. They continued on the week with another PB with RPF where they maxed 15. The very same day they raided UMA’s server, Chinook, and maxed 17. On Friday they faced off SWAT in a scheduled PB on Mammoth. This ended up becoming a four-way battle with DCP, UMA, SWAT and LT. It was considered a tie between SWAT and LT with LT maxing at 15. After this, Waterkid announced that LT is a dead army on Sunday morning and we have yet to see what is to happen with LT. LT comes in at eighth this week.

9. Doritos [+1]: DCP are rising ever so slightly after a week without their leader Mustapha10 left them at the very bottom of the Top Ten. They started off with a training event, maxing 28, before being incapacitated for several days by an early April Fools’ joke overthrowing. DCP’s second and last event was a raid of the Battle of Mammoth, where they maxed about 25. DCP comes in at ninth this week.

dcp on mammoth6

10. Smart Penguins [-1]SP is on a slight fall but just barely remains in the Top Ten. They started off maxing 12 in the SMAP Tournament, before moving on to max 18 and 8 at two more training events. They maxed 15 in their Friday Event and tied with the Nachos in a PB, maxing 12. Finally, SP finished the week maxing 17 at an AUSIA event, and maxed 7 in the SMAC Tournament. SP comes in at tenth this week.



This week, we asked you if you thought the chaos in the Dark Warriors would turn into a long-lasting Civil War. Your results are below.

New poll released every Sunday!


What do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment below with your thoughts.

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45 Responses

  1. RIP LT

    • Shouldn’t you have put that on ACP site instead of in bold on the comment section. Because then more ACP soldiers would read it and people it’s not directed to (everyone else) wouldn’t read it.

  2. Lovely

  3. Great job this week RPF!

  4. I love when the thing the poll is about ends before the poll results are even released.

  5. RPF looking good!

  6. Good job, Dark Warriors. Top 5 again.

  7. Really bad week for armies in general.

  8. But a good Top 10

  9. Great job again IW – Let’s push for 1st or 2nd next week 🙂

  10. Sessions on 1 bars are worth more points than on 4-5 bars, but in a head-to-head battle, you are facing far different (and far more numerous) stressors than what you have at training event, hence the higher value.

  11. NICE

  12. btw LT were merged into pirates

  13. I’m glad people stopped whining and making up excuses like “5 bar warriors” and whatever else. We’ve been the biggest army for months now, and nobody can deny it.
    It’s been years since ACP has been this successful. Congratulations!

  14. Great job Nachos! Glad to see we have nearly established ourselves as a Top 3 army again.

  15. No SWAT? :L

  16. Nachos will RISE!

  17. […] Secondly, we hit the 6th place on the CPA Central! AWESOME! The 6th place on RF was the highest Redemption Force has ever hit in a LONG time, so I’d like to congragulate everyone. You can see the Top Ten HERE. […]

  18. Though this is totally unrelated to the current subject, I think CPAC should start a talkshow or news segment on youtube, or other sharing site about CP armies that is around 3-15 minutes long. I think it’s a great idea, but I’m just thinking out loud.

    Another idea I have is that you guys should do livestreams on twitch when battles are going on. That’d be cool as well!

  19. AWESOME to see the big 3 on top again, its 2010 all over again

  20. Soda Pop Army —– Smart Penguins
    Oh, the horror in noobs.

  21. > Allen comes in on the same week RF gets 6th
    > thank you allen!11!!!!1!1!!111!!1!!1!!1111111111

  22. The headers so sexy

  23. the fuck is up with the header

  24. UNRELATED: is it just me or cpac was defaced

  25. ya m8 real good week for iw
    even tho they cancelled like 4 events due to shit sizes
    and had several events with 10 ppl that werent posted

  26. 1. Army of CP [+0] [91.36] PERFECT

    2. Nachos [+0] [78.58] PERFECT

    3. Ice Warriors [+0] [74.96] PERFECT

    4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+4] [74.10] PERFECT

    5. Dark Warriors [+2] [67.88] PERFECT

    6. Redemption Force [NEW!] [65.75] BIASED SHOULD BE LOWER

    7. Army Republic [NEW!] [64.45] BIASED SHOULD BE HIGHER

    8. Light Troops [-2] [63.75] PERFECT

    9. Doritos [+1] [62.25] BIASED SHOULD BE HIGHER

    10. Smart Penguins [-1] [57.46] PERFECT

  27. What’s up with the CPAC background? All “HA HA”, “Blargh!” and defaced things. And why a pokemon header?
    Anyway, good Top 10, SP got more points for UK this time!

  28. A nice top 3, and DW gets back in the top 5 woot woot, anyways good top ten for this week & this header is sexy yo

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