Success: The Flame Beneath the Balloon

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Desk – The rise to power and relevancy can be a glorious, albeit cruel, process. Through gaining what we label to be success, we are forced to abandon old principles and adopt new ones in order to adapt to the current functions of our surroundings. I am here to talk about success, and how it not only brings you up, but very frequently can bring you down.

Here at CPA Central, we have a page that enshrines users who have done notable things for the army community onto a list of Army Legends, home to the most prolific of leaders. This is commonly a goal for not only young troops, but more experienced leaders, including myself. We view it to be the pinnacle of social status in our circle, a sign that you have done more than the average person, and in correlation, better than them. This is what we view to be the peak of success. Now, what exactly is success? Upon consulting the online dictionary, I found this definition:

a performance or achievement that is marked by success, as by the attainment of honors

This only enforces what I said. To be an army legend is the highest honor possible in Club Penguin warfare. However, so commonly does this hunger for success engulf us. We become obsessed with accomplishing as much as possible, achieving the highest ranks possible in armies and fighting for a seat upon our theoretical Mount Olympus. Climbing and climbing that ladder, leaving armies in the dust that you once loved and introducing new-found ones into your vision. This is what we define as army hopping. I personally believe that army hopping branches from this desire to reach the top and to be able to say that you’re better than everyone. That high ranks in multiple armies means that you’re better than everyone, and that you’re closer to the aforementioned seat than they ever will be.

My sir, you are sadly mistaken.

We obsess over this idea of success. It’s almost psychologically unhealthy. But there’s a quote by David Frost that I have always enjoyed, and is very relevant here.

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.” -David Frost

A quote that I say myself is “If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing something wrong”. Both those quotes go hand-in-hand. You should never let success go to your head, as it will only corrupt and conquer your mind. This is only a game, mind you. We come here to have fun and nothing more. Now, I personally admit, I am not innocent in obsessing over success. I have aspirations still to become an army legend. However, I’ve come to terms with the fact that it could never happen. If it does, that’s just an added luxury to me. I come here to have fun, and so did you. And too often we forget that.

People who crave success sometimes get it. They sometimes do get their army to Number 1 or the Top 3. And they do celebrate it. But some never get past that. They use that accomplishment as leverage over others, fighting that they’ve done more than them. Sometimes it’s talk and they don’t mean it. But, too often, they do. This arrogance, derived from their previous accomplishments, takes over their thought process. For some, it’s like a drug. Once they get a taste of it, they only want more. But others stop there, and feel that they have every right to think they are better than everyone. The truth is, both sides are wrong. Some people obsess over getting that top spot, and all they ever do is recruit and waste their personal hours building an online army instead of treating it as a luxurious pastime as it’s meant to be.


We as a community are losing the vision our creators had for us. We’re treating this like it’s a real thing, a tangible company that we’re building. What do we have to earn, our internet name on a list that has no relevancy to the outside world? Sure, it’s cool and all, but is it really worth throwing your social life away? These are our golden years. We’re teenagers. We shouldn’t be getting stressed from an online game. I don’t expect my post to put a dent in that crazy obsession about success and its pecuniary value, but if you are to take one thing away from this long-ass post, please let it be the reminder that this is for fun.

Success cannot be measured by how much you accomplish here. It can only be measured by how good of a time you’ve had here, and how much you’ve gained from this as a whole. When we’re all in college, graduated, working a full-time job and supporting a family, raising our kids to become great people, the values we gain here can assist us then.

One of them should be to have fun.


Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

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  1. Very touching.

  2. Shit, that shit got me right in the shitter.

  3. That post has changed me. I am no longer a army hopper and no longer seek power.

  4. Amen. Excellent post, Zak.

  5. l

  6. Viva la Vida would be a perfect song relating to this issue imo

  7. you are probably the main person that the idea of arrogance in this post is dedicated to
    just saying

    • arrogance in the sense that you act as if you’re better than everyone because of your “accomplishments”

      • thats what i AM basing it off of, our fight. i should thank you for inspiring a part of the post, actually. and i’m not raging, just in case you possibly thought I was. you are able to admit your mistakes, which i admire. but even so some of your behavior towards me in the past couple of weeks has been ridiculously unacceptable.

        also, bringing up the comparison to dx, that attitude in general is immature as hell anyway. know when its appropriate to throw your ridicule at people.

  8. cp armies has no impact on your life. you don’t learn anything from this. They only thing you shouldn’t look back on is having fun

  9. Good post Zak. 😉

  10. Nice post Zak 🙂

  11. paragraphs should stick to being in posts

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  13. Very nice post. Something I didn’t see in a long time

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