Light Troops Shut Down; Pirates Return


ICE BOX, Light Troops Capital – After many months of hard work and trying to reach further into the CPA Central Top 10, Waterkid has decided to officially shut down the Light Troops.

As always, CPA Central is holding a LIVE DISCUSSION of this topic at our chat.

Waterkid and Spi101 are both legends in the Light Troops army, so on September 21st of last year, the Light Troops returned under the incredible duo. During their past six months, Waterkid and Spi were able to come together to get the Light Troops to third on one of the CPA Central Top 10s. Now, that ‘incredible duo’ is responsible for the Light Troops’ termination. [The full shut-down post can be found here]

Through Waterkid, his reasonings for shutting down the Light Troops are all because of Spi101. His reasonings are:

  • Spi101 gave up when the Light Troops were falling.
  • Spi101 also gave up, before, when the Dark Warriors were falling.
  • Spi101 would always ‘rage and retire’.

I am sorry it had to end this way. I want to thank the new recruits and troops who stuck with the Light Troops through out all this time. I am not entirely sure about shutting down the Light Troops. I might lead it for the Easter Holidays, or the Pirates. Whatever happens, the Light Troops will always be a legendary army. No one is allowed to recreate the Light Troops. This is the OFFICIAL site of the Light Troops.

Waterkid states that this is no ordinary death, for the Light Troops. It one one much like the Night Warriors, dying in honor.

This death is no ordinary death. It marks the end of a legendary army. Although the Light Troops is dead, we’ll die a honorable death such as legendary armies like the Night Warriors.

Waterkid ends the post by stating the ‘Glory to the Light’. He also warns other armies not to hire Spi101. Waterkid told the truth about Spi101 in the last section, saying that he multi-logs and much more. Spi101 has not made a statement on this.

And for the last time….

Glory To The Light

Now, Waterkid has different plans. He is bringing back the Pirates, and army he is a legend in. Waterkid has lead the Pirates to their highest breakthrough in the Club Penguin army community. Below are some pictures of what Waterkid can do with the Pirates.



What do YOU think about the Light Troops shutting down? Will they return again under the act of Spi101? Will Waterkid make the Pirates a ‘world-power’ army again? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


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  1. r.i.p LT fuck u spi rot in hell u little faggot that’s the post I made on site before they deleted it feel free to laugh at spi for being a fag/army hopper

  2. I don’t regret what I did. It’s a consequence for those who never gave a shit about LT, such as you Jose. Although, thanks Water for keeping it alive since Oct.

    R.I.P. LT, one of the best armies ever.

  3. i never gave a shit about LT? I was in the one leading in LT’s struggle while ur ass was over there army hopping as always which your probably gonna do later. the only reason I never gave a shit about this LT is because this wasn’t LT it was some faggot army with a faggot leader named spi the only chill leader was water thank you very much praise the lord


  5. all you did was throw ur hissy fits when we fail in events which lead to multi logging by u lol so stfu

  6. don’t know why ACP is celebrating, it’s not like they’re the ones that killed LT.

  7. Although the Light Troops hate me , they were one of the best. RIP

  8. **** For spi
    Spi you are never going to be allowed to lead this army again and you are not allowed to recreate it. I’m sick of your bullshit. You come lead LT for 2 weeks and then you have a temper tantrum because our troops are “inactive”. Also don’t you dare ever call yourself a LT legend because you aren’t. A real LT leader would stick by LT’s side through its down falls, not retire.


    Thats taken from the Light troops of club penguins site. Just so spi knows that hes banished to lead or recreate LT.

    • Who the fuck are you to talk, who the fuck are you to banish me?

      If I recall correctly, YOU never were active since OCTOBER. YOU BARELY attended any events. YOU barely did anything for LT.

      So I question you, WHO ARE YOU TO BANISH ME?

      • First of all spi, who are you to talk when during october-February you were leading DW. so don’t you dare hold that against me cause you were leading DW during that time. Second of all I BARELY DID ANYTHING? I CAME TO A LOT OF EVENTS I’VE BEEN IN LT FOR 3 YEARS AND NEVER LEFT ITS SIDE. I NEVER BETRAYED UNLIKE YOU DID. I have more respect in LT than you. Nobody liked you leading cause after 2 weeks you throw a bitch fit and give up. You aren’t a real leader from LT nor are you a real legend. Your a fake. Remember spi I STAYED WITH LT. Also I banished you and even water agrees with me so deal with it. Your banished and like I said remember I STAYED WITH LT I DIDNT ARMY HOP.

      • spi ur banished

      • Uhh… you’re getting your shit wrong.

        I never lead DW in October, It was November.

        Second, You never came to any. I never saw a DrMatt in our weeks events and the weeks before that in our chat. Ask Waterkid.

        Third, It doesn’t matter if you stay with LT or not. My point is, if you aren’t going to do anything, then get out of the army.

        The “armyhopping” excuse is the only comeback in your book to actually argue against me.

        • Oh its 1 month difference that’s such a big change. Also Spi it does matter if you stay in LT and I did do shit spi. I stayed with Jose and supra while LT was struggling the most while you were in some other army. I helped lead for a good amount of time last year meanwhile LT was struggling to stay alive. I never left LT and I did my best for LT to stay alive and after awhile it needed to end. So I did do shit spi for 3 years I did a lot of shit for LT. For 3 years I stayed with LT during its harsh times, I didn’t leave LT when it began to fall unlike you did. I didn’t rage when we had a bad event. I didn’t retire when I saw the army fall. Oh and Spi I did come to events and also spi stop holding that against me. Yeah i’ll admit I missed some events but does that really matter if I missed some? So stop holding it against me and stop trying to play this whole thing off as innocent cause you aren’t.

        • I’m not holding any hatred against you, retard. I’m simply explaining what you did for the past 2-3 weeks.

          You didn’t do shit, and if you did, maybe I wouldn’t be saying all this, saying that you’re inactive. Last year? that’s last year. This is NOW. This doesn’t revolve around last year. And you did retire one time, you left us for BloodLineHQ. Then again, you were all like “im gonna be active in LT i hate ioio” and then 2 weeks later, you barely attended anything.

          Why can’t you face the truth? lol…

          • Lol ok. I never said “I’m gonna be active in LT, I hate ioio.” First of all maybe its because I got sick of logging onto club penguin for awhile and I needed a break? Third of all I did do shit. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been going to events. I was simply inactive for 1 week in February and that’s because I was away. Literally the whole march I did log on for LT and you begged me to rejoin in the end of February. Spi just because I left for a little while doesn’t mean that I don’t care about LT. I cared about LT but I just needed a break. Spi I was active you idiot. I was only inactive for about a week so stop making up all this bullshit. Also I did DO SHIT FOR LT. Stop trying to make it seem like I’m the bad guy meanwhile I’m the good guy.

            How about you face the truth. How about you face the fact that you always leave LT when it falls. How about you face the fact that you did this to 90% of cp armies. Your not a real leader your not a real legend, your a fake. That’s why your banished from LT.

          • You’re very persistent, but the thing is,

            If you got sick of logging onto CP for awhile, and you “needed a break”, you could’ve just said so instead of disappearing like a fucking ninja.

            I “begged” you to rejoin because you’re one of LT’s oldest troops and I wanted to bring those memories back again. You were never active, stop denying it, Waterkid knows this for a fact and you can ask him. You’re not the good guy, you’re LYING.

            I’m not making any bullshit up, It’s what you did and It’s what I’m saying.

          • Okay i’ll give you that. I should of said something about my disappearance.

            I was active Spi. I did go to almost every event for 3 weeks straight as soon as I came back. I am actually the good guy because I STAYED WITH LT. I STAYED WITH LT THROUGH ITS TOUGH TIMES. I STAYED WHEN LT FELL. Unlike you,if we have one little bad event you flip out and retire.

          • He didn’t leave after 1 bad event, he left after 2 weeks of bad events.

          • Are you kidding me? You only attended about what, 2-3 events and then disappeared for the rest of the week, and then logged on chat occasionally? Stop lying dude.

            And why are you calling yourself the good guy if you had barely anything to do with this situation? I don’t care if you stayed with LT, if you don’t do anything in the army and visit chat occasionally then you’re practically useless.

            “unlike you, if we have one little bad event you flip out and retire”

            As Tylund said, we had 2 weeks of bad events. Well, of course you wouldn’t know that since you just never gave a single fuck.

      • Well Water banished you, is that enough?

  9. R.i.p to one of the best armies out there

  10. Acp must be really happy right now,but if they are they really shouldn’t be because like what WaterKid stated”don’t know why ACP is celebrating, it’s not like they’re the ones that killed LT.”

  11. I honestly don’t care if I’m banished in LT and removed from the Legends Page. Because evidently, I am an LT legend, and everybody with some common sense knows this.

    Still, I love LT, RIP.

  12. Water I love you and respect you 100% now that you’ve finally stepped up to Spi’s Bitch-ass.

  13. lol’d

  14. UMA outlives yet another enemy lols

    • yes, UMA outlives the Light Troops who were getting constant 25+ whereas UMA struggles to get 10 on CP. GG UMA.

      PS: LT died and still in this week’s top ten; where’s UMA?

  15. What a weekend for me to return to armies – wow.

  16. How does Roberto get more than 50 thumbs up 😮

    • He got it from a group called “BloodLine”. They consist of the old LT veterans. It’s more than likely they’re all downvoting my comments and upvoting the ones that are against me.

      Hey — I can’t see those likes and dislikes, so nice try, BL. 😉

      • Don’t worry — I’m here for you.

        Also, congrats to Roberto on a few impressive streaks.

      • no cp armies just hate you

      • and there are 10 people in Bloodline, and half of them don’t give two shits about cp armies. you must be pretty stupid to think were the 130 people who up voted rob’s comment lol. and are you really going to bring us up when reality is people just don’t like you.

        • 10 people.

          Each of them with about 1-3 browsers, double that to include Incognito mode.

          Judging from the comments you made just now — and Jose too — then I assume Bloodline does give a shit.

          • I’m still in CP armies, it obviously concerns something related to me. Same with Jose, since you fired us both for the dumbest of reasons. If you think that we’re stupid enough to spend 2 hours liking and disliking comments then you must have a serious mental problem.

          • Are you kidding me? dumbest of reasons? Jose was never fired, to begin with, he retired.

            Second of all, I fired you because you never really gave a shit about LT anymore.

            And third, from what it looks like, you guys are doing that, lol.

          • You fired me because I didn’t attend the invasion of Mammoth. I clearly did care for LT, as I’m still friends with everyone who was in it, except for dumbass faggots like you who quit when the going gets tough because they can’t face the fact they’re a terrible leader.

            Still going on about Bloodline I see. Nobody thinks that Bloodline is doing it, so what makes you think that? Just because you aren’t accepted in LT OR Bloodline doesn’t mean you have to spit on our name.

          • Still being very persistent.

            Again, I fired you because you never cared about LT in any way. All you did was cuss 24/7 and scared the recruits away, and when we muted you and then unmuted you, you bitched for 5-10 minutes straight.

            I don’t care if I’m not accepted in LT or bloodline, because Bloodline are just full of idiots like you, and the majority of LT doesn’t even care about the army itself so why should I care?

            I’m not a terrible Leader, just because I fired you for one of the reasos why LT fell doesn’t make me one. Infact, it makes me something called “STRICT”. Learn that word.

  17. I don’t know why everyone is bitching at Spi as Ioio has retired/shut down LT so many times, when they were falling. You guys obviously don’t know Ioio if you think he never gave up. He was a great leader but he has put LT to rest a lot. Also Water is such a hypocrite. Right when Spi leaves when LT is falling, he shuts them down and tell everybody to join Pirates. He gave up too. I admit I have gave up before too. But seriously, why is everyone giving Spi so much shit when so many leaders do the same thing.

  18. Spi you should just take a break from armies obviously your under a lot of stress. May I suggest a going to a therapist?

  19. Honestly, I don’t get all the hate Spi is getting. Sure, ACP is all throughout these comments, mostly money guy I believe, but still. LT has been a great rival to ACP throughout these many past months, and even though I hate LT, I respect them for giving ACP many great fights. One important thing that I think all ACP troops should take away from the LT rivalry is when we were small and getting beat by LT. We have to remember that no single army standing alone is invincible anymore. This case was especially proven with ACP during it’s fall from greatness.Through all the mudslinging and ridiculous accusations of multi-logging against the other army with many disputed battles because of it, we have to realize that we sometimes blow things way out proportion when it comes to fighting against our greatest enemies.Rather than going around dancing on his retirement announcement and only remembering him by the many names he has called other armies and what he has done to them, we can remember all the great battles we have had and what Spi has done with several armies by helping them rise to great heights.

    • This comment has proven that you have some sense in this game.

      Much respect to you, even though you’re in that peasant army.

      • >be in ACP
        >make comment about respecting and remembering our enemies
        >get 4 likes
        >Be Spi
        >Make a reply saying that I have sense in this game
        >Call ACP peasant army
        >1 like 4 dislikes

        Did anyone who liked my comment even get the message..

      • Spi, does it matter to you? Sky fish is even in Ice Warriirs, not ACP. So you better check the IW site more often. #eyesblind

  20. XD!11!

  21. This post was added to the staff record page.

  22. Lol Spi is horrible. People say I am like Spi101 coz I am called Spiderghost1. This makes me sad as I dislike spy101. LIKE THIS IF YOU AGREE!

  23. ayeee this is the funniest thread ever

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