Yoangelyo Retires From Army Republic

BERG, Army Republic Empire – The past few weeks the Army Republic has struggled to solidify their position in the Top Ten. Yoangelyo, former leader and current Third In Command, has retired. She has served the AR for many months along side both Theory and the legendary VinDaily duo. 

Yoangelyo joined the AR on December 17, 2012. She ranked up quiet quickly, becoming a Third In Command in March of 2013. However, during the summer boom her climb up the ranks halted as she remained Third In Command for most of the summer. That however, changed when in August Buritodaily and Vinny announced their respective retirements.

The AR soon fell in size and ranking in the Top Ten. She became Second In Command and finally became leader in October. She led with Theory, up until she was fired, leading many attempts to rebuild the army. However, when Buritodaily and Vinny decided to return the army she by choice returned to the rank of Third In Command. Where she has spent her time up until now.

AR after the VinDaily duo returns to the army.

On February 27, Yoangelyo published her retirement post. The AR leader cited the reasons for her retirement as “I personally, am just too stressed over everything for this to be at least the slightest fun anymore.” She continued:

My time in the AR ownership, and most my AR responsibilities, have come to an end.  Again, I’m still gonna hang around on chat like usual and help out when needed, or if I feel like it.  I know this army can still do many amazing things. I still love AR as much as I did before. Thank you to all my wonderful friends I have met throughout AR, I don’t know what i would do without you.  A lot of you will be getting many thanks and long things written about them when my time comes to leave everything,

Excerpt from Yoangelyo’s retirement post

All the while, AR continues its climb to regain the power it had only several months prior. As the month of March begins, AR currently ranks eighth in Top Ten. The army community watches on to see what will happen in the Army Republic.

So, what do you think? Will Yoan’s departure have a major effect on the army? Will the VinDaily duo lead the AR to another massive rise? Comment with your thoughts below! Until next time,


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  1. Yes! It will have an effect!

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    • I’m sorry, but I am confused by your comment. Do you mean gay, or how uneducated, stupid, and worthless losers use the term if they do not like something?

      • You call me uneducated, stupid and worthless for using the term ”gay” when one does not like something, yet you are void of the fact that Wgfv is actually gay and should be terminated as soon as possible.

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  6. I hate to be the asshole here, but yoan retiring isn’t really news worthy.

  7. Bye Yoan 🙁 I literally just became your friend the day after you retired. Have a good life.

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