BREAKING: “Ambrosha” Impersonator Who Fired Freezie66 Revealed a Fake


FROSTY, DW Nation – With a crazy change of events, DW creator, Ambrosha, states that he has been impersonated to fire Freezie66 from his DW leadership position.  Ambrosha states that Freezie66 is still a leader and legend of DW and action towards this impostor will be taken.

This is a developing story, news will be reported – as it comes. All updates are after the Read More. 

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10:25 PM EST (2/28/14):  DW has adopted a new leadership.  The full DW post can be read HERE.

7:36 PM EST (2/26/14):  Xiunknown has denied being involved with this mess and claims that Crazy186 was the one behind this impersonation.

5:46 PM EST (2/26/14):  Freezie66 has posted that he has two main suspects and believes that Crazy186 was involved in this impersonation.  This post can be found HERE.

5:40 PM EST (2/26/14:  Ambrosha’s official post for this situation has been posted.  The post can be seen below.


Someone has made a new WordPress account and attempted to use my name to get their way in DW. This isn’t what DW needs by any means. Freezie is and has always been an excellent leader for DW and he shall continue his leadership and regain his Legend status. As far as whoever the traitor is, we will be running an investigation to find out who has betrayed DW. They will be banished and all past experience they had within DW shall be removed(Legend, ex-Leader). -Ambrosha 

5:20 PM EST:  Ambrosha announces in the DW chat that he is not the one who banned Freezie from DW.  Picture shown below.  An official post has yet to be posted.

Stay tuned, this post will be updated as more information is released.  Comment with your opinion of this DW crisis.  Who do you think did it?



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41 Responses

  1. 1st WTF

  2. Dude! Excitement!

  3. good post cool thanks.

  4. Although he probably wasn’t involved judging the way he reacted, I do have my suspicious Freezie knew the coup was going to happen

    Several hours before being couped, an alliance was gathering up to take out Freezie once and for all. It’s very strange he was removed so soon after the alliance had spread.

    However, if Freezie is still DW Leader then this theory makes little to no sense. Very interesting and exciting to find out who the culprit was.

    Suspects: Freezie66 and Crazy186 for me

  5. I’m so surprised. Wow. I really thought Freezie was couped because he’d been leading too long.

  6. I will undoubtedly go down as a suspect, but yet again I assure you I had no role in this.

    There was 7-8 Administrations on DW at the time of the coup, 2 should not be signalled out unless Freezie did actually have a fight with Crazy. If this is true, then Crazy is the main suspect.

    I had NOTHING to do with DW in the last few weeks, do not point at me

  7. itz all an elaborate ruse!11!!111! :O

  8. not surprised it was a fake, i was like ”wtf why the heck was freezie couped”

  9. During a middle of a war as well.

  10. The real Ambrosha posted the banishment. This one is fake 😉

    They did this to get out of the war with ACP.

  12. plot twist: person impersonate Ambrosha so that Freezie gets back in leadership.

  13. Can we just get rid of Freezie? He’s been being a four year old crybaby since the coup of Pufpuf103, and now he’s just screaming at us like we’re some kind of dirt. #Freezie4RealCoup

  14. Will fake accounts go around in every army? Will people start to impersonate every army to become leader?

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