Ben/Surferboysc Retires from Ice Warriors

EDIT: Interview with Ben added.

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Territory – Not even 2 months after receiving the rank of Ice Warriors leader, Ben retires from his position at the top of the army, a position that only 5 people have ever been able to call their own.

Ben led the Ice Warriors for just over a month alongside Tes7, fellow Ice Warriors veteran. Their reign together saw the Ice Warriors take second at one point, as well as unofficially defeating the Rebel Penguin Federation in a war that lasted from late January to early February. The Ice Warriors were a constant Top 5 contender during his whole time as leader.

The Ice Warriors at their peak during Ben’s time as leader.

Below is his retirement post, being short yet sweet.

My short term as leader in this army is coming to an end.  I am retiring from both the Ice Warriors and the community as a whole.   I’ve had my share of leadership, and I’m sorry to say that I do not enjoy it.  I am glad for the opportunity that was given to me by the previous leaders and I’m sorry if I didn’t stay as long as you would have liked.  I’ve been in armies for around 5-6 years now and it’s honestly just getting old.  I no longer enjoy Club Penguin, nor do most of the people in armies.  All of my friends are getting older and retiring and I’ve really just lost motivation.  Thanks to all of you for having me as your leader.

The whole post can be read here. He claims that he did not enjoy leading armies, but is grateful for the opportunity that was given to him. Another reason, he states, is that he’s just getting too old.

With the departure of Ben, we now are led to wonder what the Ice Warriors will do after his retirement. Will they fill his position, or leave Tes as the solo leader? I sat down with Ben to ask him these questions and others pertaining to his retirement.

Interview with Ben/Surferboysc, Former Ice Warriors Leader

Zak: What prompted you to leave the Ice Warriors?

Ben: I was planning on retiring back in December, but I didn’t know if Tes had the abilities to lead by himself so I stayed here to help him out while he got used to leading.

Zak: What are your plans for your future in armies?

Ben: I don’t plan on joining or leading any more armies in the future.

Zak: Who will fill the leader role left by your departure?

Ben: Nobody will be filling my spot. Tes will be leading solo, as is tradition in the Ice Warriors.

Zak: Anything else?

Ben: No.

Zak: Thanks for your time.

Ben: No problem.

So it seems that Ben is done for good, and now, Tes will be continuing the custom of solo leadership in the Ice Warriors.

So, what do you think? Will Ben’s departure have a major effect on the army? Will Tes’ solo leadership bring new heights to the Ice Warriors? Comment with your thoughts below! Until next time,


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20 Responses

  1. Why couldnt he wait till Feb.30th 🙁

  2. Another GT bites the dust.

  3. “but I didn’t know is Tes ” from the interview.
    Should be IF,not IS.

  4. Feel sorry for Albert, I bet he’s like “Oh great, I leave and now we have chaos. The only time the IW is happy is when I come back to visit”

    Hey it’s true, Alb did have a cheerful nature. Everyone’s still sad.

  5. IW is gonna have had 12 leaders by next month.

  6. You were amazing ben for the short time you were leader of our army. Thank you for giving me some new experience as I was an owner under you.

  7. I could not disagree more with what you have said. I was only leading to help Tes get experience, as I said in my post. After the RPF war, I wasn’t needed anymore.

  8. Do you not see CPAC top 10s? We were ranked 5th up until this top 10.

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