Freezie66 Removed in a Coup d’état and Banished from the Dark Warriors

UPDATE 4:00 PM EST: Freezie’s response post has now been deleted.

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – In the middle of their war with the Army of Club Penguin, Dark Warriors Creator and CP Army Legend Ambrosha has banished long-term leader Freezie66 from the army.

This is a developing story. More information will be added as it comes.

Yesterday, Ambrosha returned to the Dark Warriors very temporarily with one single post detailing Freezie’s removal. He states that this was a ‘mutual decision’ between himself and Freezie, and that he knew his time was coming to an end in DW. Here is an extract from the banishment post (this can be found here):

As creator of the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin, I hereby remove Freezie66 from his leadership position, and banish him from ever joining the Dark Warriors ever again. This was a mutual agreement that I made with Freezie, as he himself knew his time was coming to an end with an increasing amount of armies ready to pounce on him. As a result of the coup and banishment, he has officially retired from Club Penguin armies.

Freezie was out of control, he was breaking all the rules and getting him into feuds he never stood a chance in. He wanted to make the DW great again, and he succeeded. But he took it too far.

Why am I posting? It’s simple. Freezie66, a CP army legend without a doubt has run his course as leader here. Overun to put it into exact words. Freezie66 has been officially removed and banished from the Dark Warriors of Club Penguin.

As you can see, Freezie is not only removed from the army, but also banished to ensure he cannot return – a harsh punishment, especially for a well known leader. Why did Ambrosha take this drastic action? Let’s analyse a few of his given reasons.

Ambrosha states that (among many points):

Freezie66 has proven he is a dictator with his numerous coups of others; including Pufpuf103 who has been here since the start of this gen.

He has started fights inside the ownership, Crazy186 has been another victim of a coup from Freezie.

Overall has led too long, 7 months and no change of leadership really. It’s always been Freezie who has been the figurehead.

We can see that Ambrosha clearly thought it was time that Freezie left the Dark Warriors leadership, even though compared to other famous leaders such as Iceyfeet1234 this is a short time. He also suggests that Freezie has been creating fights, and has been seizing power in the army like a dictator, even though he was in the leadership with several others. As well as this, Ambrosha uses Freezie’s removals of other leaders to back up his points – for example his removal of Pufpuf103.

In contrast to Ambrosha’s post, it seems that Freezie did not agree to this or come to a mutual agreement, as we were told. In an edit on the same post, and his own response (which can be found on the DW homepage, but not on its link) the banished former leader states that he is very angry at Ambrosha’s actions, and that he will return to Dark Warriors. He also announced the new leader to take his place who is Final Chaser. Here is an extract from the post:

This is far from over DW, I swear I will avenge everything that has happened. This is not the end, I WILL REPAY everybody who has stuck throughout this army through the turmoil. A coup and banishment will not set me back, you have just held me down temporarily. I am not retired, THIS IS NOT OVER.

A washed up veteran from 2007 will not decide my fate in this army after all that I have done. I won’t let it end this way, I am not retired, I am not gone. I will be back, and I’ll cause a huge rise in DW when I’m at 100% motivation once more. Me being couped and banished has angered and motivated me a lot, YOU have just awoken me Amb and all other DW Legends involved in this. 

Expect me.

Freezie is clearly very annoyed, and even after his ‘joking’ retirement and return earlier in the week he states that he will return, and that banishment from the DW creator cannot stop him. However, a new picture and the information from other DW leaders and legends raises another important question – was this really Ambrosha?


Interview with Jack, DW former leader and legend

Supa: What were your thoughts when you read Ambrosha’s ‘banishment of Freezie’ post?

Jack: My main thought was to question the legitimacy of the post, as Ambrosha has had very little to do with the Dark Warriors for years. From what I’m told it was in fact Ambrosha who has couped Freezie from DW.

Supa: What is your opinion on the coup d’état and do you agree with it?

Jack: I both agree and disagree with it, I know Freezie had been wanting to take a break from DW so I agree in that sense, however I think it is disrespectful to all he has done for DW by couping him.

Supa: Do you think Freezie will be back, as he suggests in his post?

Jack: I can say it’s almost certain, and I don’t think too many people in DW would be against it should he choose to do so.

Supa: Any final comments?

Jack: Nope.

It remains to be seen how this will affect Dark Warriors, and the community overall. Freezie66 certainly was the figurehead of DW for quite a while, and was certainly at least partly behind their current rise.

What will happen to Dark Warriors now Freezie is banished? Do you agree with the removal and what are your thoughts on it? Do you think Freezie66 will return to the community? Comment below with YOUR opinion!

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  1. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. in the middle of a good war, thx a lot (:

  3. He did the right thing…



  6. Yay free from dictatorship at last

  7. Good job ambrosha.

  8. Yes, because this has nothing to do with the threats from 3 armies to help ACP if Freezie wasn’t removed.

  9. fake.
    why would ambrosha come out of nowhere and coup Freezie in the middle of a war? And I don’t even think amb was online ever since Crazy retired or got couped. However, it’s fishy that this is all happening as soon as the DW vs. ACP war ended, anyway.

  10. Don’t know if it’s real or not. Amb hasn’t been on in ages, nor was he on when the post was linked. Also, it’s strange why I would have been authored too.

  11. implying i’m amb.

    While it’s questionable that was not Ambrosha, I assure you that I did not “post” under Ambrosha as SaW thinks I did.

    Regardless if this is fake or not, Freezie has been thrown out of DW.

  12. I wonder if this is a ploy for DW to get out of the war with ACP. Fake a couping to ensure not losing the war.

  13. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 10
    Structure & Language: 9.5
    Overall grade:
    You literally just missed out on that 10, however if you keep it up you should see a 10 soon. Brilliant post.
    This post was added to the staff record page.

  14. Idk, from the posts about the declaration of wars, it didn’t look like a fun war to me. Revenge was one of the reasons I think. But then again, there might’ve been a back story I was unaware of.

    I just assumed we were going to break our treaty just like you did with RPF before. I mean come on, there were 6 days left in the treaty anyway, if it was such a big deal we would’ve just waited another week.

  15. You must be stupid Freezie helped Dark Warriors stay number one for four consecutive weeks I demand unbanishment of him cause you all made the worst decision ever for an army that I actually like where are your heads in the gutter? Freezie only couped Flare cause Dark Warriors shouldnt be dictatorship which makes sense. I suggest you think before you do shit

  16. Dark warriors, with all due respect, make up your goddamn minds.

  17. Whats up with all the coups these days, are armies just looking for more drama?

  18. 99.9999% of treaties in this community is a joke anyways.

  19. Go read DW site.

  20. >>>>>This is so false.
    Someone was being asnimposer and it wasn’t Ambrosha. He told me it this tonight. His WordPress username is steveamb, not steveambrosha. It probably Unk or Freezie66.
    Proof. <<<<<<<<<

  21. Someone smurfed under my name inside DW. I am looking into it and will take action once I found out the immature person using my name. Freezie is not removed from DW and deff not banished

  22. Asking questions are in fact fastidious thing if you are not understanding something fully, however this article provides good understanding even.

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