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The Beginning of Something New!

CPA Central is pleased to announce the revival of the weekly comic strip, drawn by Delcrux!

New strips will feature every Sunday, beginning in March. The strip will focus on a brand-new army fighting to earn their place in the world of Club Penguin Armies. They’ll laugh, they’ll cry, they’ll probably get puffle-bombed along the way, but in the wacky world of Club Penguin, at least they’ll never be bored!

Strip premiers Monday 3/03/2014.

22 Responses

  1. BAA!
    Those drawings are great. When commando first drew out RPF penguins in headers and stuff, i thought that was awesome. But now that i see your drawings, i realize that your drawings are really magnificent.
    With the ability to draw your own penguins, you can easily be the community’s best graphic maker.
    Can’t wait to check out those comics.

  2. how is that awesome since when do penguins have guns

  3. whoever drew those penguins have talent,, good job

  4. wowza

  5. 3/03.. I have a project due that day.

  6. “Strip premiers Monday 3/03/2014.”

    IM IN!!!!

  7. This is about as exciting as sex without a condom.

  8. This seems good, but CP warfare is nothing liike an actual war like the comic seems to be making it seem. What next, Smart Penguins doing well? Geez!

  9. Do you make graphics?

  10. this is going to be great 😀

  11. cant wait for some good strippers

  12. Yay for comics!

  13. Wow Delcrux, you must be an amazing comic artist!

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