Army Republic, Light Troops Declare War on Doritos || SWAT Declares War on Light Troops

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – The newly re-risen Light Troops make a big move, declaring war on the Doritos in order to assist the Rebel Penguin Federation, as do the Army Republic. In response, SWAT declares war on the Light Troops to assist the Doritos.

The Doritos just recently declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, following the surprising leave of Elmikey from the latter army and the chaos that followed. There has already been a battle of Tuxedo, in which the Doritos and Rebel Penguin Federation both claimed victory at. Now, the personal conflict is seemingly growing, as the Light Troops and Army Republic, two former world powers who just recently regained their footing, jump in on the side of the Rebel Penguin Federation, and the Special Weapons & Tactics, A.K.A SWAT, will join on the side of the Doritos.

Doritos against the Rebel Penguin Federation on Tuxedo. Both armies were able to max 50.

The Army Republic posted their declaration first, with Vinny providing some very choice words towards Elmikey and Mustapha. The post is titled “Another Death to be Sung”.

Hello my people of the Army Republic. This is a declaration of war on the Doritos. Off the face of Clubpenguin Warfare is where they shall be. As a memory, they should be considered irrelevant like they were before Elmikey came. Little do they know that, hiring Elmikey had consequences. Big ones at that. Most of the CPAC top ten will be converging on them, what allies do the DCP have? They literally have none. 11 and Andrew made the mistake to come to DCP, turning their backs on the Golds, which was a foolish mistake by all means. Then Elmikey was accepted into the leadership, knowing everyone hates him, turning his back on his home army, AND DCP’s “brother ally”. No more brother allies now huh DCP? So, the army community is ganging up on DCP for Elmikey being in it alone. Not to mention the b.s Mustapha says every day, the lies he makes up, and the arrogance in which he portrays.

He states that Andrew and Whats Up11 were foolish for leaving the Golds, who recently put themselves into lockdown, in the dust. He also states that Elmikey going to the Doritos was even worse, saying that the Doritos will have no brother allies left after turning their backs on the Rebel Penguin Federation. Another thing he says is that “most of the CPAC Top Ten will be converging on them”. This could be something to monitor in the coming days. Later on, following the scheduling of the invasions, he fires back at the imminent claim of a treaty between the Army Republic and Doritos, providing this picture and stating that “it doesn’t exist”.

Their loophole being that the month of February consists of 28 days.

Vinny’s full post can be read here.

The Light Troops then followed suit, declaring war on the Doritos soon after the Army Republic. Spi101, similarly to Vinny, also had some things to say to Mustapha and Elmikey, making it clear that the two of them were the main cause for their decision.

It’s time for war. It’s a war against our former brother ally, and we all know the Light Troops are best at war. This war is very important, considering that Elmikey, Former RPF Leader, got RPF into a war with us during our war with ACP.

He is responsible for part of the fall we took. Mustapha, one of the current Dorito Leaders, is also partly responsible due to DCP participating in the NDA and LT invasions. Not to mention that he cut off our alliance over me[Spi101] being LT Leader. Oh, and I would also like to mention that Mustapha has threatened war before, but I had to listen to his claims. This has happened during the war with ACP, he was frustrated with Aaronstone over trolling him, so I had to allow him to zap Aaron 40 times on our chat box.

Now onto our next reason for war, Since Elmikey has been removed from the RPF, the RPF are set free, making them one of our newest allies. BUT, Elmikey, who has just joined the Doritos, plans to declare war on the Rebel Penguin Federation due to his revenge against the RPF Leadership trying to remove him from power. Since all this has happened, With these two, Elmikey and Mustapha, joining forces in the Doritos, they’re classified more than just “high threats”, and because of that,

The Light Troops hereby declares war on the Doritos.

We will be joining this war with the AR and the new RPF. Prepare for hell, Doritos, this is what you get for doing all the reasons above.

He starts off by implying that revenge is the main cause for this war, against Elmikey specifically. He also goes on about the Doritos’ involvement in the infamous New Dawn Alliance in 2013 against the Light Troops under Mustapha10. The rest of what he says is about their reasoning in relation to Elmikey, calling his joining the leadership more than a “high threat”. You can read the entire post here.

The following day (today), SWAT, who just saw the return of Tacodaily, their former leader, declared war on the Light Troops. Ganger90, SWAT legend, officially declared it so, and provided a short but sweet paragraph containing their reasoning for their decision.

Sorry BA brothers, but you’ve unfortunately failed us, and we will do what must be done. We are officially declaring war on the Light Troops. They have chosen to attack our brother allies and currently own two very legendary servers in SWAT’s history, Half Pipe & Mammoth and we will stop at nothing to get these servers back and to defeat the Light Troops.

He states that they are declaring war due to the Light Troops declaring war on the Doritos, as well as claiming that they own Half Pipe and Mammoth, two vital SWAT servers. The Light Troops recently had a Practice Battle with SWAT, where they won with sizes of up to 33.

The Light Troops face SWAT in a practice battle two days ago.

The Light Troops were quick to respond, posting a brief paragraph about the new conflict.

It seems like SWAT doesn’t know who they’re dealing with and who they’re actually helping, but anyway, since they have betrayed us, here’s whats going to happen. The SWAT are going to be defending DCP’s servers, but It’s fine either way, because we’re just going to kick their ass nicely and gain those servers without a hassle.

On another note,

Since SWAT is invading Mammoth at nearly the same times as the CPAC Tourney, The AR will defend Mammoth from SWAT for LT.

So, as seen, the Army Republic are now becoming involved with the conflict, and the Light Troops seem confident in their ability to swat away their opposition (with all pun intended). They also make formal SWAT’s intentions to assist the Doritos.

So, what do YOU think? Does this new, growing conflict have potential to become World War VII? Will more armies “converge” on the Doritos, as Vinny said? Did you enjoy my little side pun? Comment with your opinions below. Until next time,


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  1. Pretty chill post.

    Watch out, DCP&SWAT.

    • We’ll stay as 1st on the top 10, and keep the servers on our nations page. Win, win? Also, we have multiple other allies that are willing to get into the war and attack AR when the treaty ends. The treaty was meant to be at the end of the month and that’s when it will end. Sorry for not looking at the calender. You shouldn’t even be talking until you become relevant and anyone gives a fuck about you. Until then you’re just some cocky troop that has little value to his opinion

      • “keep servers on our nations page” are you serious? DCP doesn’t even have enough honor to remove servers when they are captured? That’s pretty low, even for you.

  2. Well that escalated quickly.

  3. putting a treaty date on a date that does not exist, big musty master race

  4. “The Light Troops then followed suit, declaring war on the Rebel Penguin Federation soon after the Army Republic. Spi101, similarly to Vinny, also had some things to say to Mustapha and Elmikey, making it clear that the two of them were the main cause for their decision.” Don’t you mean Doritos?

  5. Well… I think everyone is going to hate the Doritos They are the new (Old Elm RPF)

  6. Just to clarify, as of this comment it’s RPF vs DCP still. LT/AR vs DCP or w.e is a whole seperate war.

  7. So pretty much DCP is screwed?

  8. That pun never gets old xd

  9. Well at worst they can wait literally a week before their invasions become legitimate.

  10. February 30th lol. I’m surprised Doritos are such a big army if their leader doesn’t know how to count.

  11. This could be World War eight, but it won’t because swat ONLY declared war on LT, not AR or RPF. Therefore, in my eyes, there are two separate wars:
    DCP vs. LT AR and RPF
    LT vs SWAT
    In summary, DCP really has no help in the war unless SWAT declare war on AR and RPF, and LT is going to be very busy fighting in two wars.

  12. The same logic works the other way around. You could say since you agreed on February 30th as the date the treaty ends and that date never happens that means the treaty never ends.

  13. Hell will be unleashed.

  14. Shit’s about to go down.

  15. SWAT? How is that not dead yet?

  16. I think a few more armies could join up this war. Hoping for a World War myself.

  17. “hell will be unleashed” LOL probably the hell of DCP cuz lets face it the majority of SWAT was infact DCP looooool

  18. how is whats up 11 even DCP leader is he just that leader to make him self feel good even though he dosen’t do anything? loool

    • EXACTLY. DCP would still be big without WU11. He’s just there for the title. Before he was leading Golds he was just a noob in the SMAC community leading the Chaos army I think? Then all of a sudden he gets leader since he failed in leading Golds and merged them into DCP.

      Maybe Andrew is actually doing something for DCP, but I know for sure WU11 is doing absolutely nothing for it except bragging about leading DCP and for the fame. I bet you he’ll ditch DCP within a heartbeat if they fell to the bottom of the Top Ten, because that’s just the type of army hopper he is.

      • Lmao, which you can’t do well without Spi, you know you can’t. It’s your fault LT fell after you couped Spi.
        By the way, I didn’t fail with the Golds, we consistently got 20-30. And what did LT consistently max with you leading alone? Right, I think it was 10.

        • and if golds got constant 20-30 why merge and die off golds were only big cos you took DW troops. You guys never circled the ice berg when I have with LT leading alone.

          • Let me ask you, why did you not restart CPPA and go to LT? Is it because you know you would fail again? Yeah, I think so too.
            You decided to go to LT because you know you cant be successful with the Pirates like they once were.
            You are out of your prime, and you will not get back into your prime.

          • Wrong. You don’t know anything about me. I chose LT because Spi restarted it in September 21st 2013 when I wasn’t in armies and so I joined LT as 2ic. Then we made a promise to keep LT alive for a year, so that is why I stuck with LT. If it wasn’t for that promise, I would’ve left LT in November. I also had plans on remaking Pirates a month ago, but changed my mind as I had to keep leading LT.

            You had no prime whatsoever. You are a failure of a leader. Golds will not rise under you, you’re just a SMAC noob who thinks he is now a good leader because you merged Golds into DCP because you and 10 leaders failed. You will never be as good as me as I’ve lead the largest UK division ever in CP armies. What have you done? I just know you as that AR noob who ragequit AR to join Pirates in 2012 or 2013. I got nominated legend how many times? Where was your name? No where to be found. Who were you before you led Golds? A nobody. Don’t ever call me a failure when you spent most of your career in SMAC, dumb ass.

          • Golds have been in CPAC a few times.
            You have no right to say that, you can’t even get 35 with LT, you are CLEARLY out of your prime.
            We must not all forget you’re that bitch that was a Neo-Nazi supporting the Nazis, and you think that we should all kill women, which you should be the one going to prison if you even try.
            Lets not also forget that you act as if you’re the creator of the Pirates, which you don’t.
            Lets also add, you seem to have some major anger issues, I think you get that fixed.
            You also believe I’m a “SMAC noob” because I led Chaos. But what happened after that? Yeah, Golds and DCP were in CPAC, which I was leading both of those armies.
            Lets also mention, you must look at what you did with LT, you remained in SMAC for a very long time, until Spi returned. Golds were getting 5th on CPAC while your version of LT was getting a shitty SMAC spot.

          • LT was only in SMAC because we had no USA division, thus no USA points. I got 30+ with LT plenty of times, check the links above. You think you’re a CPAC guy cos you led Golds and DCP? You did nothing in DCP and Golds only got 5th on CPAC and then fell back to the bottom. I think women should be killed? I think idiots like you should be killed. You’re saying I never got an army to 35+ (which I have) when you haven’t either. You’re not a good leader, Golds is an army filled with DW rejects, and you should just shut the hell up and go back to your Chaos army where you belong. You are nothing and have no leadership skills. ”Golds have been in CPAC a few times” yeah when DW changed their names to Golds. Golds only got 5th and 6th and the other times they were at the bottom Top Ten.

  19. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  20. What generation of SWAT is this again…? There is way too many, I cannot keep track at all.

  21. This post was added to the staff record page.

  22. DCP & SWAT, beware for your ultimate defeatment! ~Light Troops

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