ACP Declare War on the Dark Warriors

BREEZE, ACP Empire – After coming out of a slump, the ACP have been on top for the past two months. With 5 months since the last war between these two armies, the ACP have declared war.

The last battle between the two major powers resulted in various arguments. No one could decide the winner.

DW during a practice battle against the ACP. 2/15/14

As of February 23rd, 3:30 PM EST, the Commandants Intelligence Department of the Army of Club Penguin came to a universal consensus to declare war upon the Dark Warriors. Our reasons for war are listed below:

  1. Acknowledging a clear victor since our ceasefire which began in September, 2013. 5 months have passed since the DW declared war on the D.R.A.C.P, and we cannot let their actions go without punishment.
  2. Harassment from DW’s leadership. Not a single day goes by without DW’s notorious leaders constantly insulting us for either holding events on 5 bar servers or ignorantly accusing us of editing pictures.
  3. War is required to keep an army healthy and prosperous. This is a great way to test our strength and to settle our differences.

The full declaration can be read HERE. 

The war will have a few rules. These include:

  • AUSIA forces are unable to take part.
  • No more then two battles can be fought per day.

With many claims of ACP using edited pictures, no allies can be used to help support both sides. DW also responded to the declaration of war.

I’m not only fighting for DW, I’m fighting for the CP army community. ACP’s corrupt actions of editing pictures and going on 5 bar servers ENDS now. They have stole top 10 spots which they don’t deserve. This war will be won, I promise you. It is going to be a test to the limits, but we shall prevail. DARK WARRIORS FOREVER.


The full post can be read HERE.


I have managed to get an interview from Jerry, ACP Leader. 

Chris [Me]: What was your reasoning behind the declaration of war?

Jerry: We wanted revenge for the insults and harassment, and to get a clear victor from the war in September.

Chris [Me]: What do you expect to see as the war goes along?

Jerry: Both armies have great recruiters, so I expect sizes to grow. This may be the battle of the year

Chris [Me]: Do you see DW and ACP becoming allies after the war?

Jerry: After the way they treated us, absolutely not.

Chris [Me]: Thanks for your time

Jerry: No problem!


I wanted to hear the story from both sides, so I asked Supa Em, DW UK Leader, for an interview.

Chris [Me]: What were your impressions after hearing that the ACP declared war on DW?

Supa Em: I was interested, but not too surprised as I heard a few days ago that some people were being banned on the [ACP] chat and that they banned them here. Not sure if this was true though, but I was hoping we wouldnt have a war now as we’re currently attempting to rebuild in isolation.

Chris [Me]: How long do you think the war will last?

Supa Em: I’m not sure. I’d say at least a week because I think this will be quite close. I’m not going to lie, ACP are doing very well at the moment and I think it will be interesting to see how long it takes to decide a victor.

Chris [Me]:  What are the DW’s plans as the war goes along?

Supa Em: I really don’t know yet, except that we’re waiting for ACP to make the first move and invasions, which they have now.

Chris [Me]: Any last comments?

Supa Em: Hello, and happy half term to those of you out there that are from the UK. Also, shout out to my rubber ducky :3.


 As always, CPAC wants YOUR take on the situation! Give us your opinion in the comments. Who do you think will come up victorious and who will end up short? Which servers will be taken and lost during the events? Let us know what YOU think!

Also, leave me some feedback on what I should improve!

Signing off,


CPAC Reporter

13 Responses

  1. inb4 “bias!1!11!! ACP SCUM”

  2. Once again I think dw is being dumb

  3. why are DW being dumb? We didn’t declare war and I very much hope you’re not talking about my interview. There is nothing wrong with having a rubber ducky…

  4. gypsy serc tryna cut

  5. When ever DW Get war declared on them or when they Declare War they brig up something that happened like 5 – 8 months ago.

  6. I frankly have no idea which army to support during this war.

  7. Sad AUSIA doesn’t recieve the ability to participate in the interesting battle.

  8. Lol ACP’s only good force is Aus so this war is a bad idea what ever ACP loses they’ll reclaim it with Aus

  9. Umm our UK averages 35-40 and us is 25-30. So I think diffrent

  10. When you have time, i would like to meet you on a chat. I need to talk to you about the staff record page. I will grade this post once we have met on a chat.

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