From The Troops’ Point of View – Episode 1

Hello, and welcome to the brand new series, “From The Troops’ Point of View”, brought to you by Wheelo. A new installment will be posted every two weeks. We’ll be reviewing and discussing about what the troops think about their army, what they think should be done to improve it, and what they think of other armies in CP.

Troops' point of view


NOTE: This post is also to help get the troops’ opinion heard.

We all know that the objective of a Club Penguin Army is to be the biggest it can possibly be. We also know that we have leaders, who are basically the people in charge. The objective for a troop in a Club Penguin Army is to rank up, because the more they rank up, the higher in the ranks they go, therefore they receive more power. But when that troop first joins as a new recruit, it can all be a bit confusing and eccentric. I think we can all speak in theory.

When we get good sizes on Club Penguin, the leaders are happy, the troops are happy. But we can’t always get 40+ on Club Penguin, and as much as we’d like all our recruits to stay, some of them won’t unless the army has been successful over the last few days, weeks, and most preferably to them and the leaders, months. But when things aren’t going the best, with troops’ moral disheartened by the army’s misfortune, and the leaders trying their best to build the army back up by recruiting like hell, a lot of troops will be tempted to leave the army, and some even joining other armies. The majority of the troops will stay loyal, but what are THOSE troops’ point of view on the army?

I asked a random recruit from four of the Top Ten Armies two questions.

What do you think is the best thing about your army?


WickedTheHunter, ACP Recruit : For how kind everyone is! I also feel like people understand when you ask questions.


Penny91654, RPF Recruit : Hmm well I haven’t been here for too long, but I like how loyal and friendly everyone is! It’s like one big family!


Smokeycold, Doritos recruit: That it is very responsive.


Jakob Desouza, DW Recruit: The People.


What do YOU think can be done to make your army better?


WickedTheHunter, ACP Recruit: Maybe a little less spammers.


Penny91654, RPF Recruit: [No answer received]dcp

Smokycold, DCP Recruit : Ok, first thing’s about chat: I would like there to be less bad words and more things on topic. Also, during battles, that everyone would do the one emote at the same time.


Jakob Desouza, DW Recruit: Actually I think this army is just perfect as it is.


Overall, in an average army recruit’s opinion, they are happy with their army’s current trajectory and progress. In the same way, maybe these the leaders of these armies will take in what was said by their recruits and do their best to fulfill their wishes.

Stay tuned for our new installment in 2 weeks, Sunday, March 9th. 

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  1. Nice opinion for ACP and DCP, also the Jakob Dezouza character, NOTHING is perfect, not even you.

  2. Next time review either leaders and/or high member-mod ranked soldiers. Also, to Jakob Dezouza: If DW is perfect, how will ACP win the war? Simple. The Dark Warriors are not perfect, and ACP is better.

  3. Im lovin dis series.
    Interview me next :o. leedle.

  4. Apparently everyone likes their armies. I clicked this post expecting to see recruits raging about how horrible the army is xD

  5. Interesting.

  6. You should have interviewed a LT troop. Otherwise I liked it.

  7. Nacho Point of View: “Ya, it is pretty rad. I am a Xenophobe against other armies, so, whatevs.”

  8. I very much enjoyed reading this post.

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    Overall grade: 8.5

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  10. ah yes, I remember this

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