Flare Overthrown From DW Leadership in Coup d’état

Frosty, DW Capital – After not hearing much from Dark Warriors, but today Freezie66, DW Leader, has announced a coup d’état on Flare, former DW Leader.

After DW staying in the shadows for a week or so, Freezie has announced that Flare is overthrown from the army. Below is an excerpt taken from Freezie’s post.

Nothing big, but Flare’s removed from his leadership postion. He has done virtually nothing since getting leader 3 weeks ago and all he has did is cause problems.

That is one of the first reasons, the second reason is that Freezie claims Flare has been giving out main owner and promoting random people to owner without telling other leaders. This can be seen below.

He hired random owners, and now is giving main out without consulting any of the other leaders.

Freezie says that Flare is apart of a hacking group and they are going to target him for firing Flare. None of this is confirmed yet but Freezie says:

 I welcome them to try and attack DW.

Later in the post, Freezie explains to SaW on why this happened:

SaW, I understand Flare’s a good friend of yours, but he has did virtually nothing since coming back and he’s only causing problems. The amount of owner he’s hired and now giving out pass to Tax who joined DW 3 days ago is just beyond insane.

Interview with Freezie66, DW Leader

Fury: Why did you coup flare?

Freezie: He does nothing for the army, it’s all been SaW and myself and he has been giving random owner out and giving chat pass out to people without consulting everyone else. He is also apart of “tha mix”

Fury: Do you still agree with your decision or do you regret it?

Freezie: No, no regrets. What is done is done.

Fury: Have you learned anything new about this supposedly hacker group?

Freezie: I’ve learned that it consist of seven nolifes who wish to consume time targetting people in the age range of 10-15.

Fury: Any final comments?


Fury: What? (Wary) Thanks for your time.

Interview with Flare, Former DW Leader

Fury: Why do you think Freezie was wrong about overthrowing you?

Flare: I couldn’t really tell you why he accused me of being in “a hacking group” as well as try and claim me of doing nothing when I was massively recruiting troops for DW the whole time I was in my position of leader.

Fury: Has there been any talk about you returning to DW?

Flare: No one has asked me to return, so for now I’m staying in AR.

Fury: Is it true that you are apart of a hacking group that is targeting Freezie?

Flare:  No I am not in any type of “hacking group” and I haven’t heard of this group at all.

Fury: Any final comments?

Flare: I have nothing against DW, or any of my former affiliates. That is all.

Fury: Thank you for your time

What do you think? Was Freezie right about firing Flare? Will DW pull through this? We want your opinion in a comment below.


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  1. once again, proteus spreading the illuminati message
    good post anyways

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  3. A little short but good

  4. One of your contexts is in black instead of blue.

  5. I’m kind of happy Freezie is back.

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