Month In Review: January 2014

Hello CPAC,

In this new series I am setting up, I will be reviewing each month of this year based on it’s events and show how stable our community is. Every month I will write up an overview of the month, so let us get started….

Part 1: Foreword

 Normally I won’t write a foreword unless I’m going to seriously offend certain groups, fortunately for you, that day isn’t today (for the most part). I’m here to explain more in depth of what this is going to be.

This will an analysis of the month, There are certain things I will not cover in detail for the time being such as…

  1. Particular wars without an alliance aspect or wide-army effect
  2. Particular battles without major repercussions
  3. Retirement of Leaders unless, the retiree in question contributed majorly to the community.

Realize that potentially far more could be added in the future, depending on how this goes. What I will post for this is the follow….

  1. Scandals
  2. Army-Wide Repercussion events
  3. Anything that wasn’t listed

So let’s get on with the actual review of this month.

Part 2: The Nacho Picture Faking /AR Multilogging Scandals

January brought yet another 2 major scandals in our world, with the Nacho Picture Faking Scandal, followed up by the AR Multilogging, Let’s begin with the Nachos, with them involved in a scandal to frame/ the RPF in Multilogging.

The Nachos have attempted to do this before, with the ACP during a war in July 2012, attempting to frame them for encouraging hacking of the Nacho Leadership. This was later disproved by both CPAC and ACP. The Nachos later admitted to doing it, although they did not receive further sanctions by any group.

This attempt was little to no more different than the July 2012 scandal. After closer examination of the pictures, it was found that there was various inconsistencies with the info-box (as seen here). Beeky, the Nacho Leader admitted to framing the pictures, but then went back on his previous statements in an interview by CPAC, Stating that the pictures were intended for a TSN post. I will comment more on this when I get to the next section, but while this was going on, another scandal was going on.

Around the same time, evidence began to arose of AR’s Leaders Buritodaily and Vinny, both Multilogging. Evidence first arose on January 9th, when Shaboomboom noticed that penguins from a previous multilogging incident, were still appearing. This spurred an investigation which revealed that the duo were both Multilogging. The Scandal quickly got out of hand on January 12th, as outrage across the community spread.

Burritodaily attempted to redirect the fire towards Boomer20, accusing him of making the post, in retaliation for quote,

“He has had strong disliking towards AR and especially the current leaders ever since his e-girlfriend Theory was demoted from leadership.”

But then, DCP using this as a reason to declare war, declared war against AR. BuritoDaily, seeing that his removal would more than likely end the war between the AR and DCP, resigned. DCP called off the war, and AR was left to recover the pieces of the shattered leadership.

Author’s Opinions

Well, these were unfortunate mistakes made by both armies, that greatly reduced their public image. While both armies have been involved in scandals like these before, I would personally expect them to learn from their previous mistakes.

When I see an army that makes the same mistakes over and over, I give my self a face-palm in sadness and the idiocy to repeat the same mistake twice and get your self caught. Nachos especially should have known not to frame them, as they were caught last time. Same goes for AR.

Things like this makes me lose faith in armies and humanity in general.

Part 3: Conflicts with Club Penguin

This month is a month that his been ridden with issues on CP. Earlier this month, we experienced a banning attack against our community. Reasons attributed to the mass banning were….

  • Autotyping
  • Recruiting
  • “sharing personal information”
  • Other various reasons.

Multiple leaders such as Elmikey, Mustapha10, and Jerry had been banned, up to 20 peoples’s penguin had been banned. This is signs that CP will get more strict with their policies towards armies.

Author’s Opinions

To be honest, we sort of deserved this. We are a very…. Teenage level community, in comparison to CP’s Kid friendly atmosphere. If our Xat chats were actually in CP, I would guarantee that 85% of all army members would be banned for various reasons.

But you have to remember, CP is trying to keep that atmosphere for a reason, for if it loses it’s child friendliness and safety, I would bet that it would cause CP to lose a lot of business from concerned parents and business means everything to Disney. We also tend to have behaviors that CP doesn’t favor, such as scamming, hacking, and other despicable acts.

But most of all, I believed we deserved this, in their eyes we have made their game worse with our presence frightening people, making them freak out and leave the servers.

We are a complicated issue to the CP Mods, some of us break the rules often, while others don’t, but they don’t go to our sites, they can’t differentiate between every single army, they don’t know who’s the rule breakers, or the one that fights the rule breakers. So consider this the best soultion rather than scorched earth policy in which they ban us all. We should all realize that this could have been far, far worse. We should be thankful that it wasn’t but it could change at any moment. They have the power, and we have no choice but to obey them.

 Part 4: How do you think we will deal with CPNext?

Every month, I will have a question for you, questions that are important to our community. I will usually have 10-15 quotes for you each month, and a poll. This month’s question is related to how CP armies will deal with the coming of CPnext. Here is their thoughts on the situation.

“No Idea”-Shaboomboom

“They will adapt, just like we have to the other things CP has thrown at us.”-Jack

“Well Im confident someone will find a way to deal with it and armies will have normal events like they used to.”- Final Draft

“I think CP armies will find a way to make it work as Oagal did back in ’06, and also there would be more we might decide to make rooms…Well servers”-Bluey

“I believe we’ll be forced to come together as a community to reach a soultion, As to what soultion is, we can only guess”-Jerry

“Well I think CP armies will just continue, there’s battle until cp might notice them and sooner or later us armies will inspire more people. Then we can join together as allies”-Monster

“We will battle for rooms or move to CPPS like CPPS.Me and possibly battle over CPPS servers.”-Hefman

“The Cp armies be deal the Cpnext but, some of the army members get banned for no reason by some random person who don’t like it”-Sonic1120

“Hmm I think we’ll use Friend-Jump, if there’s no way around the random server spawn.”-Danny

“I think armies will be able to adapt to CPnext, but sadly some armies will not be able to adapt for multiple reasons”- Captain Australia 

Part 5: Overall Thoughts.

Warning: The Below is the staff member’s opinion on the month alone, and does not reflect the views of CPAC.

It’s been quite a month to follow up the crash course that was 2013. It was certainly a far slower and less eventful from the near-constant breaking new everyday last year. However, I feel like we are continuing the trend of overall growth in what has been proclaimed as a “Renaissance” after the Chaos of 2012 and 2013. The scandals continued with the AR multilogging, the Nacho Picture Scandal. I am personally liking the more slow atmosphere compared the adrenaline rush of 2013 where there was constant action. Hopes are still looking high for a community, but there is a dark cloud forming in the form of CPnext which should be kept in the minds of most people of this challenge that is slowly looming over us.

It was almost surreal to me at first, to realize that we were finally over a year passed since World War VI finally winded down and end. Overall, I found this month to be very good in terms of the health of the community.

So with that said, I look forward to the next month.

From The.Cynical.Penguin, I wish you all a great February 

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  1. Have fun discussing this month!

  2. this was a pretty retarded month

  3. One word to describe 2014; Meh.

  4. Mustapha was never banned, I was

  5. reposting comment i made on the previous cpnext post
    >go on the server for half an hour
    >claim it (your army now has 1 server)
    >make a site to record how many servers an army has claimed
    >friend everyone in your army so that you can roomjump to each other
    >fight in unpopulated rooms such as the pool and don’t emphasize getting good sizes like 40 – 50 so that both armies can fight in the same room without accidentally creating new rooms

  6. We need a new Theme <

  7. First off, if I have been ignoring DW’s existence it’s completely coincidental I swear. I have nothing against DW. As for your other accusations, I find them to be un-profound.

    In my past BA Posts, I didn’t talk about the individual armies, I talked about the internal doings of the alliances as seen here: (Reposted work from Sir Proditor)
    In fact, in neither of my posts did I even mention any armies that were in the Black Alliance, Look at it yourself. As for the 2013 year in review, you would have to also have to blame many others for not mentioning DW. Again, the sections that might have relate to you that I actually wrote, wouldn’t need to mention the individual armies, I was talking about the Black Alliance as a whole, not analysis on every single army’s contributions.

    As for this post, As I mentioned in the things I wouldn’t do, I wouldn’t do wars that you’ve been in, It would be simply too boring to report that DW has fallen, that wouldn’t exactly be worthy of an entire section.

    Now I appreciate your feedback, and I have made the decision to include a section in the future called “Notable Wars” for the wars that happened during that month so that they may be remembered.

    I’m still trying to work this out, I haven’t gotten this 100% down yet, and I intend to improve this with time.

  8. Skipped a ton of wars in this post too, all about CPNEXT

    • Did you even read the foreword? I said specifically….
      “Particular wars without an alliance aspect or wide-army effect”
      I know I’m likely not going to change anything, but please read the post in full….

  9. This month was full of Club Penguin Anal and prons (Wary)

  10. Freezie no offense but I am pretty sure LT was the biggest army involved in BA. They were always the main army to assemble it with Ioio and were beasically the army who created it. DW as I can remember if they were in were only apart of it not much of a small or huge army.

    • I would say Pirates,LT, and DW were the main 3 armies. Their contributions equal in terms of time spent/size contributions

      • Pirates and DW were mostly in the last generation of BA. The first BA contained armies such as LT, AR, and UMA. LT was the army who basically stuck with BA and always had good sizes.

  11. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 8
    Structure & Language: 8
    Overall grade: 8

    This post was added to the staff record page.

  12. Good post, but a few grammatical errors.

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