Dark Warriors vs. Doritos War Ends

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – What might have been expected to be a full-fledged war between the Dark Warriors and Doritos has drawn to an end.

Around January 26th, the Doritos had officially declared war on the Dark Warriors, reason being Mustapha10, DCP’s leader, believed the DW developed into a cowardly army. In response, Freezie believed Mustapha had many problems. The next day, the battle for Summit commenced, resulting in yet another disputed battle to be added to the history books.

However, on January 29th, a couple of representatives from the two forces held a meeting to discuss chances of ending the war, which they eventually did as Freezie stated in his post:

EDIT: Also, I didn’t return as leader in this war. I was just helping out a lot due to DW being leaderless at long periods of time, SaW/Unk my advice to you is to fix the stability in the owner ranks before you go about doing other things. That’s just my opinion.

Hi DW,

So after DCP declared war on us this past Saturday night, we really rose up. We couldn’t even have an event barely when DCP declared war so we really did rise up and in the end we weren’t killed. The past few weeks are without a doubt the lowest DW has been in a long time and I’m sorry if I was the main problem in this.

And honestly guys, I am retired and really don’t want to come back this time. It was sad that there’s no US owner online at times to lead events, this needs fixed asap.

There is no winner despite both armies having different war scores and there will be a fun battle on Saturday according to Musta/Unk.

Here, Freezie first suggests SaW/Unk, two DW legends and leaders, to first stabilize the ownership line before trying out anything else. Next, the retired leader claims that after DCP declared war on the DW, the army increased drastically in sizes regardless of having hit a low point in the road. Afterwards, a photograph is provided proving that both armies agreed to the cease-fire. In addition, a casual battle will be held on Saturday between the two armies.

On the other hand, DCP’s Mustapha10, who seemed joyful stated the following:

Hello, Troops! 

Today we ended the war with DW. We will still be battling them on Saturday for our invasion of Frosty, but we won’t actually take it from them. It’s just going to be a fun battle between allies. Yeah, I said allies. SaW and Unk will be returning to DW and restoring the former DW & DCP relationship. The DW that we were enemies with were under Spi and Freezie, now that DW has their old leaders back our old allies are back. They will also be attacking our enemies.

Freezie made a post and made it clear that he regretted attacking our brother allies [RPF & ACP] and he also regrets starting tensions with DCP because all of us were once allies with DW.

So, the war with DW ends and we’re now allies. There’s no winner of the war, and we’re just going to forget it even happened. No one takes any servers or anything. It was fun battling with them, but now it’s time to move on.

It’s great to see the old DW leaders back, but more importantly, it’s great to see our allies back.

Mustapha10 rejoices on the fact of the war having been ended and adds that instead of invading Frosty coming Saturday, a casual battle will be held instead. In addition, he confirms that Saw/Unk, two former leaders of the DW and legends, will be returning to lead the DW. Finally, it seems Mustapha10 is happy to see his old allies back on their feet and having positive ties with them.

Also important to mention is the Freezie has a message for the Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of CP too. He states:

Many people criticized me for my handling of foreign relations. I’ve told Musta and several others about this, but I’ll explain it again. I joined CP armies officially in November 2010 (DW was my first army) and I was only in DW for about 5 months until I retired. I didn’t come back to armies until August 2013 and that’s when I got DW Leader. I did not know who DW’s allies/enemies were because I was gone for those years.

I declared war on Cas (NDA) in September 2013 because ACP took 1st in the top 10 from us (DW had been choking for it as we hadn’t been first in like 6 months back then) and ACP basically stole it by having their events on 5 bar servers. After around 20 battles me and the other ACP Leaders decided to end it (I only ended it because I wanted to play GTAV ;) )

After the ACP war, DW stayed isolated. I got countless off offers from NDA/JLA to join them and fight by their side but I thought it was funny watching Cas/Spi blow mad steam off at each other during the ACP vs LT war everyday without being involved, so DW stayed low.

Truthfully, I don’t know how I began to hate RPF, I really can’t remember. I believe I declared war to get DW active, I’m not sure anyways the war only lasted around 7 or 8 battles and we ended it. Then Spreezie was born, DW began to hit huge sizes and tensions between ourselves and RPF rose to levels never seen before. We were in a cold war for like a month and we flamed each other each day, lol.

Then DCP came, I knew Spi/Musta had history before Spi joined to DW so I automatically knew we’d have to cut allied relations w/ DCP. And then a huge amount of trash talk began with battles happening too.

Even though I retired 2 weeks ago it was fun battling with these 3 great armies and I wish them the best of luck in the future. I don’t legit hate anyone or any army in this game, after all it was for fun guys?  This is my last post on DW site..for at least a long time. I wish DW the best of luck in what they do in this new era.

Freezie claims that he was criticized for the handling of foreign relations and in addition, says that we only declared war on the New Dawn Alliance because the ACP had attained first position on CPAC’s Top Ten. After the ACP vs. DW ended, he became isolated and was confronted by countless offers to join the New Dawn Alliance or Justice League Alliance. Also, he does not exactly remember why he hated the RPF but after Spreezie was born, it seemed as if after the DW began to hit huge sizes, tensions arose between the two armies. Finally, to conclude, he does not regret battling any of the armies and wishes DW the best of luck.

In short, with the DW and DCP having finally returned to former ties, we can expect to see no tensions to arise between the two brother allies. And as for now, like mentioned countless times, the two armies will be facing each other off for a casual battle coming Saturday.

What do YOU think? Did you believe the war would come to an end anytime soon?

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