IW & RPF War: The Battles So Far

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation war has begun, there have been many hard fought battles already. Lets take a look into each one.

This war started off with many people thinking that the Rebel Penguin Federation was going to ignore the invasions by the Ice Warriors. This did not happen, though. In total there have been 6 battles between the two so far, and more coming on the way. The Nachos are also currently in a war with the Rebel Penguin Federation, winning their last three battles.

Battle of Abominable [US]:

This was the first battle in this war. The Ice Warriors invaded the server of Abominable from the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Rebel Penguin Federation did not show, though, because they had an idea for a secret plan where the Ice Warriors would not get into the CPA Central Top 10. This battle was won by the Ice Warriors.

The Ice Warriors at the battle of Abominable.

Battle of Arctic [AUSIA]:

This was the first official AUSIA battle in this war. The Ice Warriors were invading for this battle. The Rebel Penguin Federation did log on, maxing 9 troops on Club Penguin. Being led by Sidie9, the Ice Warriors got a max of 14 troops on Club Penguin. In the end, the Rebel Penguin Federation did surrender this battle thus being a win for the Ice Warriors.


Both armies [IW & RPF] at the AUSIA battle of Arctic.

Battle of Abominable [AUSIA]:

After the Ice Warriors have taken the server of Abominable from the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Rebel Penguin Federation tried to take it back. In the end, the Ice Warriors had a better size but the Rebel Penguin Federation had better tactics. The Nachos were also seen at this battle, but it was mainly to be focused on the Ice Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation. This battle was disputed, thus the server will remain with the Ice Warriors.

Battle of Abominable. [IW & RPF]

Battle of Ice Cream [UK]:

This battle finally was a defense on the Ice Warriors’ side. In this battle, the Ice Warriors were able to max 25 troops, while the Rebel Penguin Federation only maxed 13 on Club Penguin. Both armies has splendid tactics.

Size comparison of the two armies. [IW & RPF]

 Battle of Snowcap [UK]:

This was one of the three defenses held by the Ice Warriors in one day. Both armies had almost the same sizes since these battles were held back-to-back, but the Rebel Penguin Federation may of had a slight size fall. Again, this battle was also won by the Ice Warriors.

Battle of Snowcap. [IW & RPF]

Battle of Matterhorn [UK]:

This was the last battle as of so far. This was yet another battle held back-to-back, and one of the Ice Warriors’ defenses. The Ice Warriors stayed with the same sizes, but the Rebel Penguin Federation fell again. The end result, another Ice Warriors’ victory.

Battle of Matterhorn. [IW & RPF]


Proof of the Rebel Penguin Federation handing over the victories to the Ice Warriors.


Coming tonight, the Ice Warriors plan to invade the Rebel Penguin Federation’s server of Outback. My opinion is that we will see the Rebel Penguin Federation win their first battle of this war.

Current War Score: 6 – 0 [Ice Warriors]

Without further adieu, what do YOU think about the war so far? Will the Ice Warriors pull off yet another win at Outback? Will the Rebel Penguin Federation come back and finally fin their first victory? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!

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CPA Central Reporter

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  1. RPF Is getting dere ass handed to them Backwards on a Sunday afternoon Naked in a parking lot in SCHOOL.

  2. rpf getting rekt

    • You guys are a little too dependant on CPA Central for news. How about you check out the websites of other armies or even attend the battles as a spectator. You’ve grown clueless… get facts of your own.

  3. Tip for future armies, just don’t mess with IW unless you have been preparing for a while.

  4. l0l at all the shit pj talked and now their uk div is getting destroid.

  5. Actually IW allied with nachos, I was at the battles and Benage was dressed in blue Proving my point.

  6. Next time, don’t wake a sleeping bear.

  7. “The Rebel Penguin Federation did not show, though, because they had an idea for a secret plan where the Ice Warriors would not get into the CPA Central Top 10.” xD

  8. @chameleon… How is this Bias? Bro, Im even in RPF and I dont think this is Biased. Dont go hating on a post just because we may not be doing the best atm….

  9. Its best to not mess with best, the rest.
    I definitely think IW will win. Ashamed to say I was in rpf once.

  10. Lololol “Benage” XD learn to spell a 5 letter word.

  11. RPF UK is pretty sad, they cant even fight in the only room they know which is the berg

  12. I’m rather surprised at the fact that the Ice Warriors were able to get 14 at their first Ausia battle.

    Let’s have an Ausia PB after this war! 😛

    A very informative post. It’s nice.

  13. Acp has a pretty decent Ausia. That would actually be a decent battle to see Flipmoo *hmm*

  14. *rolls eyes* we ignore one battle, and then everyone starts freaking out. The others were TIES, meaning nobody won or lost. final score: IW=1 RPF=0. and mark my words, WE WILL RISE.

  15. the bias it burns!!!

  16. With the Nacho Army on the side of the Ice Warriors, there is no chance of them losing. At the end of the day, we have the numbers and also the tactics.

  17. Oh so RPF get their asses handed to the, by AR, DW, and Nachos, yet they still want more. I would never want to be embarrassed this many times.

  18. Isn’t weird that all of the RPF owners are getting so many dislikes but the IW leaders have 5 like and no dislikes? B-I-A…

  19. Just watch this comment get bombed with dislikes. Probably cause RPF members don’t really care what the media says about us. I only read this so I know what the enemy are saying 😀

    • yeah the butthurt comments i make afterwards are all baits to troll u all im just pretending to be retarded

    • what did I tell you….7 dislikes and counting

    • Person… its not call of duty “Psssst I have a visual on the enemy” xD and media seriously its not Itv news. And you will be bombed will dislikes because hardly anyone likes you. (wary)

  20. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 8
    Structure & Language: 8
    Overall grade: 8

    Good post, keep up the good content.

    This post was added to the staff record page.

  21. dis p0st iis bias!!1!!!11!!1111111111

  22. Some army finally have the guts to take down RPF, ( IW ) And when they are totally pissing all over their bomb fire they get butt hurt. :/
    And scream the only word they have In defence to that ( Bias ) Just because someone kicks your ass for a change and your not used to losing dosen’t mean you have to go cry in a corner take it like the suppose-ed strong army you are. *Evil laugh* -_-

  23. At this rate the RPF will be an SMAC army like the good old days. Kudos to Nachos and especially Ice Warriors.

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