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Hello all.

So, for awhile now, you’ve seen the ads on CPA Central. Since a few years ago, CPAC has been earning some money as a corporation, and I am happy to say that our earnings have stabilized and I think CPAC’s prospects for earnings look better than ever this year. Now, CPAC’s earnings have always been a touchy topic. In 2012, multiple DDOS attacks hit the site due to the fact that people were angry over Woton “making money off the CEO’s work.”

And as our funds continue to do well, it only makes sense that we put more of those funds back into the site. Hence, I am happy to announce that we will be pioneering reporter payment here at CPA Central. Over the past few weeks, Splasher99, 78562cool and myself have been hard at work devising a set of requirements and setting up the staff site to keep record of every reporter’s posts. The year has been broken up into Quarters like most major companies, with payments happening in March, June, September, and December. Bonuses are also available throughout the year at the CEO’s discretion.

A few things to note before we continue:

  • Payment takes place in Xat currency.
  • Not all staff members are paid.
  • Rules and requirements must be met before being paid each Quarter.

Yes, we’re not paying everyone. The CPA Central Staff Site, which anyone who is accepted will soon be on, outlines the system of requirements that must be met to be paid per Quarter. They are quoted below.

  1. 6 posts a month (18 every quarter), average grade above a 7 according to the CPA Central Reporter Grading Scale. News and Philosophy can be evaluated by this scale. Op-Eds and Satire do not count in the 18 per quarter requirement.
  2. Staff members may be involved in armies, but no other competing news sites. Exceptions may be granted by the Board Chairs on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Staff follow all conduct guidelines. Any issues that are not resolved with the CEO/Board Chairs, whether they are suspected or proven, can void your payment for that quarter (extended/lessened on a case-by-case basis.)
  4. Special non-posting ranks can also receive payments quarterly on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Bonuses can be granted to any member of the staff by the Board Chairs.
  6. These rules can be amended at any time by the Board of Trustees.

The payment is currently set at 500 per quarter and up to 2,000 per year, with bonuses granted at some points throughout the year. The amount currently sits at this because while we are working hard to fix the problems, Woton and I are working to develop a better way to work things out. While everything we do from now on will happen with UGC Cards, we are currently waiting for about 80% of the Xat Reserve on Woton’s account to decrease.

Let me also make sure all of CPAC’s Sponsors know that no money from adspace contributes to staff payment. The earnings from the ads you buy go back into the site — giveaways and tournaments — as they always have. The introduction of reporter payment does not change this, and we plan to use CPAC’s dollar earnings to facilitate our staff payment needs.

In commemoration of this new system, I am offering an extension of the Quarter for all those who wish to apply. This means, anyone who applies on this post and is accepted will have the end of the Quarter extend from March 31st, 2014 to April 30th. However, no Quarter extensions will take place after the first. I encourage anyone who is interested to apply with the form below.


Previous Media Experience: 

Example Post: 

I’m excited to see how this works out in the coming months. I know it will be rough getting started, but I am optimistic that Woton, Blue2 and myself will continue to work out the kinks in this system and have a developed system of payment by March. Good luck to all who are interested in applying!


CPA Central CEO

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  1. 0 / 10 not real money

  2. Can I become a full time reporter now?

  3. Name: Lord Loyalty / Kwi

    Previous Media Experience: RPF Author, CPAF Author, SMAC Reporter, CPAR Author.

    Example Post:

    Why do we get banned for Recruiting in Club Penguin?

    Well, as we all know, we are getting banned forever from Club Penguin due to Recruiting. Bullshi**, ain’t it? Well look, there’re plenty of reasons why we get banned forever on CP. Not AUTO-RECRUITING! Our words are getting censored due to a reason. Why? Check it out, ya’ll. These words we use like : “Join Online” or “” is prohibited. The reason why, is because the CP Staff doesn’t Allow Site Links on CP! The bad thing is, whenever we recruit, Boom – “Banned Forever” . The good thing is, CP is gathering safety to the community of Club Penguin which is us who chills in CP such as Army Parties or Wedding ceremony. Would you actually trust someone on CP who gives you a site link to go to? Instantly? Of course not! We all tried it. Which is the reason why we are here, currently. But this explains why others reject to join Cp Armies.

    Is CP Armies Really Safe?

    We all say Cp Armies are fun. Yet, you all know the chaos in CP Armies. Ddosing and Hacking, Ip Address and IP Grabbers. These people we recruit who are new to Xat, doesn’t even know what Ip Grabbers are. There’re chances that newbies of CP Armies’s Ip Address are getting stolen and hacked in. Parents wouldn’t allow their kids nor their Family Computer to get ddos and get under controlled under a Anonymous Freak. Heartless. We can’t always keep the people in CP Armies safe. No where is safe. Unless, we guardians and leaderships warn to those newbies of xat, and tell them warnings of being CP Armies. Being in CP Armies is fun and all, but we go through sh***. No matter what, we’ll go through it. It already happened to most of us. Now, this is the REAL reason why we are getting banned for Recruiting on CP. The more people we recruit, the more chaos will happen in Cp Armies. People saying “OMG! I’m getting ddosed! Help!” are actually those newbies in CP a long time ago. We have friends, yet we can’t usually trust each other 1000%. We don’t even know each other in the real world. There is no need to give out personal info to others. Including your friends. Some of us have been through it before. No matter what, sh** comes to ruin everything.

    What do we do now?

    Like damn.. now what? We recruit and recruit, saying we give you safety… half of the CP Armies Nation are ddos/hacked/attacked! What can we do? All we can do is warn. People post about the warnings, yet months after months, new people comes and thinks everything will be fun and normal. WRONG! No matter what we say or what we do… chaos comes in our way, every time. We are hopeless, yet we are trying our best to keep everyone safe. Pfft please, nobody will be safe. Any anonymous can create fake armies to grab IP’s. Your most trustworthy friend MIGHT backstab you. Hard. We can’t always look out for you guys. This is why you report immediately! If someone PC you a site link, REPORT IT! Ya’ll know the rules. Just trying our best to keep ourselves together. Like we said, the people we recruit are the MOST IMPORTANT members in CP Armies. Don’t care too much for the leaders. No matter what rank or how high you are…these newbies are your little eggs. Keep them warn until they understand. Until they hatch and grow up to warn the lower ones. Even if we don’t know sh*** about each other…but we can still have us….Friends.


    • bad conclusion
      went off topic

      • to elaborate, you went from the topic of “why people get banned for recruiting” to “bad things in the community” to “Be friends with everyone and treat your recruits like pets”. Your conclusion was abrupt, did not wrap up your post, and made it seem like the whole point of it was about making friends and being nice to recruits.
        If you’re going to curse (I encourage this), don’t censor it. It makes it seem like you don’t condone it yourself.

    • I’m sorry, but I’m ashamed of this type of writing….

    • You made some very valid points here. When making a post, make sure to use “formal language.” Cussing has no place in posts like this. There were various grammatical errors as well. “Are CP Armies Safe” is an example. Armies are plural, so you use are instead of is. Lastly, you were jumping around with your topics. Try to stay on one topic.

  4. Hey, maybe with these xats, we can purchase overly priced trading cards!!

    Go Iceyfeetmon!

  5. Name: Rocky25721

    Previous Media Experience: Former CPWN Reporter, TSN Reporter And CPSC Admin + I Am The President Of Club Penguin Army Comedy Central Follow the site 😀

    Example Post: Title: Doritos and Dark Warriors war gets very intense

    Throughout this war so far Doritos and Dark Warriors both keep getting huge numbers and victories, Both claiming theyve won in practically every battle so far. Here are some pics from the war:
    Will one army come out victorious? Will the war never end? Might there be any ceasefire or treaty soon?

  6. I have plenty backup posts

  7. This is an example post that I already have done in my past work for SMAC, but I am now retired.

    • Not a bad post, but “Rising Army” posts aren’t allowed in CPA Central. Within this post, there were a few grammar issues as well. Make sure to check if the noun is plural or singular when picking the correct verb.

  8. This is also another example of my past work.

  9. I for one, Even if I did register for a chance for Pay, would refuse it as on the basis that I just hate Xat as a system.
    Bitcoins would be loved though.

  10. Is there a minimum dick size requirement?

  11. Name: Hefman

    Previous Media Experience: RPF Author,

    Example Post: Last night, after hours of planning the RPF infamous leader, Elmikey announced Operation Y. Operation Y is a series of battles, taking place one after another for 4 and 1/2 hours straight. Why do this some of you might ask. As always Elmikey and his plans are to show the might of his army, RPF. In addition to the hours of battles and invasions, Elmikey is splitting up the army into three parts and invading/defending three servers at the same time. As part of this experience each time the army is split into three, we lose at least one battle. So this operation can symbolize two things, either a new age in which the mighty RPF will rule, or fall. Invading three servers at once for 4 and a half hours is very risky. Which brings us back to the point of why. When Elmikey wakes up in the morning, he sets himself two goals. One is to recruit as many people as he cans with his newest recruiting lines, the other is to find a way to bring up the might of RPF. Now all that is left is to wait through another of these plans, and see who will succeed.

    • the fact that you’re RPF makes it seem like this post is glorifying the plan and the army
      too short
      no pictures
      you probably should’ve posted about operation y AFTER it happened, therefore you would have more information
      an interview with elm about this operation would’ve been nice
      the reason of a 4 1/2 hour invasion session wouldn’t be just “to show the might of the army” so you might want to do some more research about that
      i’ve seen comments that are longer than this
      in one sentence where you mentioned the army splitting into three, you referred to RPF as “we”
      when you get brought back to the point of “why”, you never actually address the point
      in the final sentence, you ask who will succeed, however you never mentioned someone that would be fighting against RPF during operation y

    • You have selected a good topic. There were various grammar mistakes within this. Also, try to leave out your opinion in reports. I know it is difficult, but bias isn’t good.

    • both posts are way too short
      in the first one, there are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes (contrary to what Earthing says)
      Starting your conclusion sentence with the word “but” makes it seem very abrupt
      In the introduction, the sentence “could this make club penguin armies move to a different game or consequently stopping at all.” is actually a question (so use ?)
      You say to “keep reading to find out what’s really going on”, then you say exactly 2 sentences describing the situation, and spend the rest of the post talking about what you could do.

      In the second one, you basically describe 4 tactics altogether because the emote bombs are basically the same thing
      if the picture is removed, then it’s shorter than the first one
      you assume that the reason some don’t do tactics is because they don’t know how (it’s because they’re lazy)
      you should’ve put “formations” in its own section since that counts as a tactic too
      not as many spelling and grammar mistakes as the first one

    • When posting. grammar is crucial. When reporting, the minimum words is 300 (excluding interviews and quotes).

  12. Name: Sir Pj
    Previous Media Experience: CPAC
    Example Post: Just look at my old posts ty ty

  13. Name: Jooeric
    Previous Media Experience: CPAF,
    Example Post:

    Just taking a try at it. Failed previously, and I did own a “not-very-popular” news website.

    • When posting, your grammar and depth of post is crucial. While your grammar wasn’t too bad, the length was. Also, when reporting, use formal language.

  14. Pay me in women.

  15. Flappy112
    Ex-reporter on SMAC, RPF previous editor, LGA editor, SW editor.
    My first two armies were ACP and UMA. I rebelled from UMA in 2007 following Commando. At this time I found my home, RPF. I remained in RPF from May 2007, to now of 2014. I never once left RPF, however I retired once in November 2013. I rose throughout RPF ranks from Private to Leader. I have been in almost every CP army. To name a few, RPF, UMA, ACP, WW, CPST, PI, Golds, Romans, BB, FGR, and the Nachos. I just retired from Lime Green Army. I am not in any army officially.
    Post example:

  16. Flappy112
    I’ve been a reporter on SMAC, RPF, LGA, GH, and XL. I have posted on all of them.

    My first two armies were ACP and UMA. I rebelled from UMA in 2007 following Commando. At this time I found my home, RPF. I remained in RPF from May 2007, to now of 2014. I never once left RPF, however I retired once in November 2013. I rose throughout RPF ranks from Private to Leader. I have been in almost every CP army. To name a few, RPF, UMA, ACP, WW, CPST, PI, Golds, Romans, BB, FGR, and the Nachos. I just retired from Lime Green Army. I am not currently in any armies officially.

    Example Post:

    • too short
      title of post too vague
      you accidentally called PW “metal warriors” at one point
      last paragraph heavily glorifies LT
      no pictures at all

    • Not a bad topic. I noticed a few verbs put into the wrong tense. The post itself was a bit short. When writing, you want to be short and sweet.

  17. I already applied and got an email saying I got the job then I emailed you back to ask how I Make posts and you never replied and it’s been about 2 months So I decided to re-apply. This was my original application. This time If I get the job please email me with more instructions.
    Name: Pinkratgirl
    WordPress email: [email protected]
    Past experience: I am a very good writer.
    Post: 2013 Christmas Chaos Tournament Results

    The winner of the 2013 Christmas Chaos Tournament is… The Rebel Penguin Federation!
    The Rebel Penguin Federation had 60+ players, while The Dark Warriors had 50+. When the room change to the pool was announced, The Rebel Penguin Federation beat The Dark Warriors, which resulted in The Rebel Penguin Federation’s victory.
    The Dark Warriors claim that The Rebel Penguin Federation multi-logged (which is against the tournament rules) but, until The Dark Warriors can give evidence that The Rebel Penguin Federation cheated, The Rebel Penguin Federation will remain the victors of the 2013 Christmas Chaos Tournament.
    Dark Warriors declared war on The Rebel Penguin Federation. This is the post made by The Dark Warriors stating that they declare war on The Rebel Penguin Federation:
    (WARNING: Mild Language)
    “Elmikey, you didn’t learn the first time. Enough treaties, this is a 1v1 war. No allies, No bots, no anything. Yes, this is a formal declaration of war by the Dark Warriors of CP. I remember in the last DW-RPF war, you guys lost against us in a UK battle and a US one. You’ve pushed both me and Freezie into a war twice already, and both of us let you go freely. You asked us both for a treaty, we accepted it because to us, It’s a formal surrender. This time though, nah. Not one leader is going to accept your next dumb idiot treaty, and not one of us is going to accept a surrender. I mean yeah, before I vowed to never accept a surrender from RPF, but I accepted it anyway because I felt bad for the Rebel Pedophile Force. You guys were getting beat by AR, Beat by Nachos, beat by us, It was a sight to see RPF losing. In addition, for the past 3 years or more, RPF has been an irrelevant army, maxing 3-5 to whatever event they scheduled. It was sad. And now, to this very moment, I see Elmikey shoving up infront of our faces, “RPF MAXED 100+ LOLOLOL OMG U GIUS ARE HATERS, AR IS EEVUL DW IS JEALOUS”. By far, I completely LOL’d to whatever statement he makes. I remember in the RPF-Nacho War in the summer, he kept claiming to be ddosed, even though he provided 0 sign of proof. I don’t even understand RPF’s Owners. How can you guys even put up with Elm forcing you to recruit 24/7, even though you guys have a life? Why are you rejoining RPF at the age of 18 and above? Wow, get a life, lmao. The day when RPF begs for a surrender is the day I will forever remember in CP Army history.”

    Why you’d be active: Because I think people should know what going on in the Club Penguin army community.

    Any other comments: I hope I get the job! It took me 3 hours to write this.

    This post was written by:Pinkratgirl
    Email me at: [email protected]

    • over half the post is filled up with the DW war declaration
      you barely talk about the actual battle
      grammar and spelling is good
      no introduction / read more thing

  18. Note to all applicants. If you have any questions about the staff payment, you may contact me on xat. I will be reading all application posts and giving comments accordingly.

  19. Name: tompenguin6
    Previous Media Experience: CPAF
    Example Post:

    I think I could be a very good addition to your staff

    • I was almost fooled by how much of the page your post took up before I realized it was actually really short
      Don’t double space and separate every sentence, that’s how you made it look so big
      1 typo, some punctuation / grammar mistakes
      first sentence is hard to understand (makes post look sloppy)

  20. What if someone doesn’t have any days? Would you play them in those instead so future payments could be in xats?

  21. Name: Xat: VinceIsHere CP: LongWay1

    Previous Media Experience: CPAF, SMAC, CPAC

    Example Post: Splasher graded it a 8.5 back then so I should be able to return to cpac.

  22. Name: Bluey10132
    Previous Media Experience: CPAF Head, SMAC Reporter
    Example Post:

  23. inb4 CPAC has a surplus of appli – wait, too late.

  24. People:
    ”I am only applying for da money.”

  25. Name: waterkid100
    Previous Media Experience: CPAC Editor, CPAC Reporter, SMAC Reporter, CPWN Head
    Example Post:

    (I originally wrote that post but CPAC changed sites and blue1 had to upload it to the new one and put the post under his name)

  26. Name: Zing King To
    Wordpress email is [email protected]

    Previous Media Experience: I have written a large number of school newspapers at my school before as I am a B+ working my way up to an A grade in English. I have also had several blogs however never a Club Penguin Army blog. I used to do a few newspapers for the Watex Warriors forums however which Watex would tweet about. I do have experience with writing

    Example Post:

    Hey Nachos,

    Today our US forces logged onto Crunch, this time to invade the server of Crunch and hopefully fight of the Rebel Penguin Force, RPF if or when they were to show up to the event. With help from several random members of the public on Club Penguin, we were successful in our efforts as the RPF did not show up and therefore, they did not beat us meaning a victory for the Nacho Army. Our tactics were well thought out and they seemed to be effective in getting people to notice our army. There were a few problems such as people being AFK at times however, it seemed to go quite well. Great job to the Nacho Army!

    List of people who attended the event in Crunch and wore Orange/Red for the battle in hopes that the RPF would turn up and take us on.
    – Darkman5
    – Danny9632
    – Jimichimi
    – Akabob223
    – Zing King To
    – Sassy3346
    – Guitar48300
    – Tamary
    – San Chivas
    – Baseball1043
    – Lexiegirl09

    Due to this battle being at the same time as the Ice Warriors battle, the RPF knew that if they split up it would be bad for them so they decided to attack the Ice Warriors in full force and you will probably know more about that on their blog. Due to them being on the Ice Warriors server, we were able to cruise through this invasion with ease although straight after we logged out, we raced to the defence of our ally, the Ice Warriors. “Cake to celebrate a victory!” “Viva los Nachos!” “No RPF, Just NACHO ARMY!”

    Overall, I have to say that everyone who turned up to this deserves a huge pat on the back. When ever a soldier wears the colours of the Nacho Army, it makes myself and the owners of this army really proud and for you guys to come online today and proudly show off your colours was great. Personally, I would like to see more of the UK warriors turning up! Yes, I know it is late and with School, it’s hard but at the end of the day, if you can get on the great!

    Huge thank you to everyone who came. I would also like to take the opportunity to remind you all that for every battle you attend, it raises your chances of being promoted! Promotions are coming out very soon so try to attend most the battles.


  27. Name: Zoo889
    Previous Media Experience: Club Penguin Army Files
    Example Post:
    Older post when my grammar was worse.
    Email me at [email protected] if there are any concerns.

  28. Name: Gold Fan
    Previous Media Experience:
    Example Post:

    • Name: Gold Fan
      Previous Media Experience:
      Example Post: The Return of the Golds

      The Golds of CP shut down for a long time.

      The golds were having a hard time to keep their army stable and had then declared that golds have been shut down once and for all.

      Then suddenly there was a big surprise for the troops, and the golds had returned, although unexpected, lots were surprised that the golds had rose out of the blue.

      The Golds of CP began the week with an event declaring the opening of golds and from then there had been daily battles and epic showdowns and washed down by an epic raid on the Night Rebels and the Army Republic of CP.

      Despite the opening of the Golds, the response to the opening of the Golds were a series of fan videos and hails of comments, and the declaration of new leaders, and the creator of golds, JohanWilfr also turned up on chat the day golds had opened.

      Golds have set off to a new start but can they keep their army stable? The Golds of CP were a powerful army in their earlier days, and perhaps they have not lost the knack after all.

      Will they climb to the top of the ten armies? Will the leaders be able to keep golds stable and do they have a bright future ahead of them?

      Keep up to date with the latest posts to find out

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