Month In Review: January 2014

Hello CPAC,

In this new series I am setting up, I will be reviewing each month of this year based on it’s events and show how stable our community is. Every month I will write up an overview of the month, so let us get started…. Continue reading

Pufpuf103, Dark Warriors Legend, Retires

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – Following the cease-fire between the Doritos and the Dark Warriors, Pufpuf103, a leader and legend of the DW, announced his retirement.

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Water Vikings and Underground Mafias Army Sign Treaty

Klondike, CPAC Headquarters – Following a 2-week conflict, the Water Vikings and Underground Mafias Army agree to terms to end their war.

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Dark Warriors vs. Doritos War Ends

KLONDIKE, CPAC Newsroom – What might have been expected to be a full-fledged war between the Dark Warriors and Doritos has drawn to an end.

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[Phil]|New Recruits Versus Veteran Recruits|[Osophy]

Hello I am your host, Phil Osophy, and tonight’s topic is “Why new recruits are more valuable to an army than veterans recruited from other armies.” Prepare to have your socks knocked off but prepare your hands and keyboards, I want to hear your opinions, comments, or any general rabble rabble you wish to share (in the comments below).

Welcome To The Shab Show

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Introduction of CPAC Staff Payment || Reporter Applications

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IW & RPF War: The Battles So Far

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation war has begun, there have been many hard fought battles already. Lets take a look into each one.

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You know what? Screw the introductions, this needs no introduction!
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The Retirement of Tylund1

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – In the stir of the Water Vikings and Underground Mafias Army war, Tylund1 retires from the Water Vikings.

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DCP/DW War – Battle For Summit

Summit, Doritos Empire  – One day after the Doritos issued their declaration of war on the Dark Warriors, the first battle of the war commenced on the DCP Capital, Summit.

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