Army Republic Claims Victory in War Against Rebel Penguin Federation

UPDATE 2:54 PM EST, 8/28/13: Information regarding Buritodaily’s interviews with Top Ten Army leaders has been added to the post.

BERG, AR Empire- The controversial war between the Army Republic and the Rebel Penguin Federation has been raging on for the past week and a half.  However, a bold statement by AR leader Buritodaily claimed victory for his army in the war, while the RPF begs to differ.

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Army Republic and Rebel Penguin Federation Battle for Ice Age

ICE AGE- The war between the Army Republic and the Rebel Penguin Federation continues as the two fierce rivals battle for the server Ice Age.

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AR Chat Hack — A Publicity Stunt?

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire — Last night, a user going by the name of “Gnashr” took control of the Army Republic chat claiming to be working for the Rebel Penguin Federation, who are currently at war with AR. Now, however, evidence is building to suggest that the chat hack itself was a publicity stunt pulled by the Army Republic.  Continue reading

YouWrite: What is Fun?

The article below was written by Patriot using the CPAC YouWrite feature. To submit a YouWrite, see here.
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Tap vs. Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam

tbmThere is an obvious Lack of 628 Aliens.

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[SATIRE] Anonymous threatening CP Armies?

Anonymous calling out SPA and it’s soldiers? Seems legit


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The Retirement of Mustapha10 || Crazy Soon to Retire

SLEET, Doritos Capital – Mustapha10 who is a long run Dorito has recently retired. Also, Crazy186 who is a long term troop of the Dark Warriors has also decided to retire.

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It Ends Now

For years, I have seen bullying in the Club Penguin army community. Whether its the little stuff like “noob“, or the even bigger things, we cannot allow it to go on. I have seen people being bullied because of their religion, sexuality, race, age, and rank (in the army). I know I am not a saint, but I feel that this can all be changed, and it comes down to how we fight it. Continue reading

Top Ten Armies 8/25/13

As the week comes to an end another interesting top ten is released, with a few armies rising and falling and a new member to the top ten, this top ten is certainly one to read!

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Invading vs. Defending: A Historical Analysis

Lately it seems we’ve had tremendous difficulty differentiating what it means to invade versus what it means to defend. This confusion has led to very lopsided results in the perception of who is actually winning wars. The problem originated in the RPF/Nachos war where RPF operated under the perception that the defending army (in this case, the Nachos) must attack the invading army for the invasion to count. However, in the current war between AR and RPF, it is AR that is asserting that the defending army must attack the invading army, which RPF now denies. So who is actually correct? For the answer, we will look beyond the perceptions and misconceptions fundamental principles of war, the historical conduct of Club Penguin Armies, and the rules established by our community along the way.

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