Nachos vs RPF: “You Can’t Admit Defeat”

FJORD and TUXEDO – In a war that has now lasted since June 28th, there has been little agreement on any of the battles to who won what. Both armies have claimed that the other army cannot admit defeat, simply claiming that they won to make their army seem better than they actually are. Large parts of the Nacho nation are found on the RPF empire page and vica-versa for the RPF. Both armies have also been fighting for the top spot, so the main questions are: who really can’t admit defeat and what is the point in this war?

The war started when RPF originally declared war on the Nachos with allies, among who they thought included the ACP. All allies later dropped out, leaving them to fight the Nachos alone and the RPF soon rose to 1st on the top ten. Since then, the Nachos and RPF have had their turns at taking the top spot. On top of this, RPF appealed for help to several allies in which some said they would think about helping, but none did. This could be due to the style of this war, with little separating these two enemies and questions of Ddosing from the Nachos to RPF becoming increasingly asked, especially when DCP owners were found to be Ddos’d after their victory over the Nachos in the Legends Cup. In the recent stages of the war, only one admittance of defeat from the nachos has occured, making battles pointless to do and a waste of time. Both sides have said that the other one needs to admit defeat more.


  • Who really can’t admit defeat?

This question is down to opinion. This is fairly obvious, because if it wasn’t down to opinion, then this situation wouldn’t be happening. Both armies have found it hard to fit in one room, due to the great sizes reached by both. Also, this has led to it being even in the rooms that are charge upon by both armies, as the room is full leading to the rough 50/50 split found in the rooms. The fact that we have seen no surrenders does take the reputation and credibility of the war down, due to the predictability of the battles. They gather in one room, charge in another and do this several times, then both claim that they won. There are examples of both armies claiming the other is the one in the wrong:


RPF Propaganda

Nachos description on disputed battle of Snow Fort

  • What is the point in this war?

Of course, the point in any war is because we are CP armies and made for wars. However, wars are supposed to be honest and competitive. While this war is competitive, it is not honest with both armies claiming victory on almost every battle. So, to answer the question in my opinion, there is no point in the war as every battle is ending in dispute. What is the point in going for a battle, that sometimes lasts 1 hour long, when you know from the start that both armies will be claiming they won? On top of this, there’s normally a battle each day or more than one in a day.  This is similar to the situation of the postponed AR vs ACP war, with both armies normally claiming they won. However, the situation in this war is much worse. I interviewed 6789cool, Nacho 3ic, on these issues. 

Which army, Nachos or RPF, can’t admit defeat?


Why do you say this?

I know it seems biased from my opinion, but Nachos have admitted defeat when necessary. Nachos have been on the run for a little time, but we’ve recovered and RPF have been the ones on the run for the majority of the war. 

What is the point in this war, with every battle being disputed?

We aren’t the ones who started the war, so for the Nachos, the war is pointless. Our only aim is to stop RPF and repay they for the insult they’ve shown by invading us, and it’s the RPF who should know the true cause behind this war. 

Do you have any other comments?

Yeah, that RPF should stop trying to make us out to be evil and fight a war that they started and deal with the insults we throw back at them, they should have known that they would get insulted and made fun of if they started a war with us. They started it so they should either give in if they can’t take it, or just deal with it. Also, join the Nachos, we have free cookies and equal rights everywhere. 

Cool, who is also the UK leader during the non-summer, feels that the RPF should be answering the questions of the point in the war and should stop calling the Nachos “evil” because they started the war. As expected, he also said the RPF who are the ones who can’t admit defeat but does recall a proven fact in that the Nachos have admitted defeat during the war. I interviewed Elmikey, RPF Leader, for a balanced opinion. 

Which army, Nachos or RPF, can’t admit defeat?


Why do you say this?

I record my full events and everybody I show the video to confirms that RPF always wins each room because we always have the best/more tactics and greater sizes. If some days we’re equal or slightly less for whatever reason, we still get the same amount on both sides in the battle room. Nachos just wont admit defeat in fear of losing their brainwashed troops. 

What is the point in this war, with every battle being disputed?

RPF will always stand up for what’s right, no matter what happens we will keep fighting through all Nachos unconventional methods and still defeat them. This proves RPF is the greater army because through it all we still win. People say RPF lies but Commando717 is on the board of trustees lmao… We’re the guys who literally kick-started this community and we can’t watch these guys ruin it any longer. 

Do you have any other comments?

Fight the good fight, check RPF’s site for news concerning this war and more. 

As expected, backing up the idea that both armies claim that the other can’t admit defeat, both have said that the other army is the one in the wrong. Elmikey says that the Nachos are only claiming victory in battles they lose because they don’t want to “lose brainwashed troops”. He says that “RPF will always stand up for what’s right” and feel that the Nachos are not right. The war continues, with propaganda and controversial claims repeatedly coming out. 

What do YOU think about the claims from each army? Is it the Nachos who can’t admit defeat, or the RPF? Also, what is the point in this war when most of the battles are ending in disputed territory? Comment YOUR opinion on these issues.

-Kingfunks4 Former CPAC Head

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  1. This is retarded. I am a Nacho, but I’m treated like RPF so I’m unbiased. Both armies are in the wrong here. RPF started the war, and they should have known what was coming. Nachos tried to take over some RPF servers, and if the war was so pointless then why would we do that? Both armies are in the wrong here, and I’m just about done.

    • note that rpf is in the top ten and is being blamed by mostly nachos blaming others is not the way to go rpf isnt bad and nachos isnt bad ur doing wat armies do fight (for no reason) its the reasons u make up that r bad dont cuss pls

  2. ye

  3. Though I’m a Nacho, I’m unbiased here. RPF is wrong for starting the war and then expecting everything to be great. Nachos are wrong for trying to attack some of the RPF servers if the war is so pointless. It IS pointless, so I’m just about done. I have a life, and I’ve wasted too much of it on this madness.


  5. It’s obvious that ACP are winning this war *wary*

    • Lies, the only thing ACP wins, is the award for the best day care center.

      • LOL Thank your for this xD

      • yea lots of lies and mindless babys here im asamed of posting here this whole war is a tie cause no one really no who started or whos winning if one army just says “lets stop its pointless” without looking like they r scared they might just find whos the winner like if the army who stops (A)says lets keep pestering them and the other army(B) stops b wins but if b says”awww but we wanna fight!” then a wins cause they arent blood thirsty

  6. I’m a Nacho and I have to say WTF RPF for starting this war. I mean what did the Nachos ever do to you! We were in peace but for some reason RPF declared war on us. I think they were just jelly and wanted to record the longest fucking war in cp history! END THE MOTHER FUCKING WAR!

    • You do realize that the Nacho leaders continually threatened the RPF in the months leading up to the war, correct?

      • RPF always recruited on Nacho servers, and when ever we went on one of our big servers, we always found RPF recruiting, I have seen this happen since the beginning of summer.

    • dont cuss it seems like nobody knows who started the war or whos winning this page might just b gossip that is worng posts like urs might fire up the war even more

  7. Elmikey records the war watch the video and see rpf won

  8. before any more peeps give there opinion id just like to say if you interveiwed some rpf besides elm youd get TOTALY different answers thered be like a 80% chance of it and plus if rpf is SOO great y do there troops leave them and join nachos i mean seriously if your OWN troops just joined your WORST enemy you must be doing a horrible job

  9. Apparently if you record an event you auto win. Maybe I should start.

  10. I never admit defeat, Even in bed

  11. “People say RPF lies but Commando717 is on the board of trustees lmao… ” And that proves what?

  12. Nachos started the war the moment they started using follow-bot on a coming back RPF resulting in two weeks of cancelled events. At the same time they raided Tuxedo on a daily basis to taunt us. I also learned of their past atrocities against other armies, no wonder why nobody stands up to them. We will not forgive, we did not forget. Now this war is extremely personal for RPF due to the doxing, cyber-bullying, DDoSing, Threats, Hate-Mail arriving at our homes. They tried it all and nothing will work. They have no clue who they’re up against. Now ask yourself do you really want these people in your community? RPF strives to be a Club Penguin force while the Nachos are anti-Clubpenguin. You Nacho followers can thumbs down this comment. You need to think for yourself? Who really are the bad guys here? The guys trying to restore the once great Club Penguin armies which benefit everyone or these Nachos?

    • And ACP’s enemies say ACP is anti-CP (wary)

    • elm is right nachos have become more than a rival army they are bullies stop thinking “this is my army MUST PROTECT” and think wat about wat we did to them? rpf olny fights the good fight but we also can b worng this whole page should b deleted its olny making thing worse no body has the true data and who knows the whole war could b a tie (dont say no rpf won! or nachos u dont no)and we all must just get along if we stop the war we might find out whos the winner! if nachos tries to start again rpf ignores them like the bullies they r im new but so far it seems like rpf is good.

  13. Also on a side note the last time I was in armies my sole purpose was to kill the Pinks Underground Mafias Army for their crimes against Club Penguin. We are Rebels, we stand up for what’s right even if the odds are against us.

  14. I was laughing so hard at the meme…

  15. I really couldn’t care less about the server disputes, since I’m not an army leader. But it’s really getting out of hand. I’ve attended the majority of the battles in this war. Both parties are guilty of claiming victory when anyone with eyes should have a different opinion. I think it merely boils down to pride. So, Why not find an impartial judge? Some resulotion has to be made. No matter how you slice it, every battle in this war so far has been completely pointless.

  16. if nachos admit defeat once then rpf wins

  17. I think we should get a panel of judges set up to decide who wins these. That way, if someone is biased, they’ll get outvoted.

    • Judges never work, one army always ends up saying something to the effect of “YOU (the judges) ARE BIASED AND YOUR JUDGEMENT IS WRONG, SO WE’RE JUST GOING TO IGNORE YOU AND CLAIM VICTORY ANYWAY.” Trust me, even if they initially agree to it, after one or two rulings one side dislikes (and they obviously will since both think they win everything) the system will fall apart when the armies refuse to listen.

      And we’re back at square one.

  18. I find it hilarious that Elmikey says “we will never admit defeat”, and “we will never lose” yet he yells at nachos…

    • when did i say that

      • In your many “war posts” you say a lot of things along that line. “No matter what, we will win the war” is one of the many quotes you have said, to suggest you will never surrender.

  19. the nachos are the evil ones in this war,we started it but we started it becouse we want to end the nachos.They are evil,they sent someone in rpf adult dipers trying to make fun of us,do you realy want them on cp annoying you?sometimes we even get pics of the leader addmitting defeat on there chat but when we dicide who won they clain victory.WTF

  20. purple republic won 🙂

  21. If the RPF is starting to seem more and more alike to the Black alliance the way these tactics are going. Frankly I want to stop this war if I had the power to or at least be able to get it through Elm’s head that I have seen the end results of this. It aint pretty

  22. What’s funny is RPF
    Is the opposite of what elmikey says
    also RPF sounds more like the Ba

  23. This war is nothing better than a flame war.

  24. If you apply logic, since the Nachos admitted defeat ONCE in this war, and the RPF NEVER admitted defeat in this war, the war score should be like this:

    RPF Wins: 1
    Nacho Wins: 0
    Ties: 0
    Disputed: 30+(seriously who keeps count?)

    Using that logic, the RPF can “claim” victory in this war, although they are not the real winners. It takes an army courage to admit defeat, and even though the Nachos only admitted defeat once, everyone must respect them for that. So the RPF can go ahead and say “We won!”, although it would be the Nachos who have won the most important thing; the respect of the community. That’s a hollow victory for the RPF in my opinion then…

  25. Personally, I could honestly compare this war to the Black Alliance war. Both wars have their similarities.

  26. no matter what anyone says I know the rpf they never admit defeat even when they just lost a battle 100 troops to 1. I know this because I used to be in rpf awile ago.they never give up a battle even when they’ve lost majorly so I hope the nachos win this war.they r the ones tht r winning,ive seen a battle,nachos aren’t being beaten the rpf is.
    im not rpf OR nachos im an ice warrior. ive seen a few battles and the nachos have won all the ones ive see.JUST PLEASE END THIS WAR QUICKLY ITS POINTLESS BECAUSE NEITHER ONE ADMITS DEFEAT!(.p.s commando was one of the worst rpf leaders he was the reason I left the rpf.pain is breaking that record no wonder the ept troops didn’t like him.

  27. Learn to read I put soilder not solider


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