Legends Cup IV: Semi-Finals Times || The Road to Redemption Times

Funks: CLICK HERE for the Quarter-Finals Review.

For those of you who are already guaranteed a spot in the Semi-Finals, good luck. For those of you who have already been knocked out of the Quarter Finals, you’ve got a chance at redemption. 

In an exciting few battles and some major upsets, four armies have now made it to the Semi-Finals of the Legends Cup IV, and are this much closer to the five thousand xat prize. The full review of the Quarter Finals will be released tomorrow. Below are the times for the Semi-Final rounds.

Doritos (8) vs. Army of CP (7)

Saturday, August 3rd

Klondike, Forts

11:30am PST 12:30pm MST 1:30pm CST 2:30pm EST 7:30pm GMT

Rebel Penguin Federation (5) vs. Dark Warriors (2)

Sunday, August 4th

Klondike, Berg

11:30am PST 12:30pm MST 1:30pm CST 2:30pm EST 7:30pm GMT

Now, there’s another half to this post. A game-changer is being introduced to the Legends Cup IV that’s going to change the way this tournament is played. It’s called Redemption Week. This weekend, along with the two Semi-Finals battles, two Redemption Battles will be held between the four armies who were defeated in the Quarter Finals this weekend. The two armies who win those battles will then face off, and the victor among the four will secure themselves the third spot in a three-way, forty minute, free server reign final this year. Battle times are below. The second battle is yet to be scheduled. 

Nachos (1) vs. Water Vikings (4)

Saturday, August 3rd

Klondike, Berg

12:30pm PST 1:30pm MST 2:30pm CST 3:30pm EST 8:30pm GMT

Army Republic (3) vs. Chaos Army (11)

Sunday, August 4th

Klondike, Forts

12:30pm PST 1:30pm MST 2:30pm CST 3:30pm EST 8:30pm GMT

Good luck to all the armies participating in both the Semi-Finals and the Redemption Battles. Comment below with your predictions from here on out!


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30 Responses

  1. Lmao Chaos Made This Far?

  2. Fix the dates. the 1st and second are on thursday and friday

  3. I’m looking forward to fighting the Nachos. 😀

  4. Oh! So, the final is gonna be a triple threat this year? That’s cool.

  5. Chaos started from the bottom, now they here.

  6. Good Luck ACP! ~Joshua DCP Head General

  7. Semi-Final battle predictions:
    DCP vs. ACP
    RPF vs. DW
    Redemption battle predictions:
    Nachos vs. WV
    AR vs. Chaos
    Redemption final battle winner:
    Final battle prediction:
    ACP vs. RPF vs. Nachos

  8. Also, I slightly disagree with the redemption battles.

    if the Nachos. AR, WV and Chaos gain a second chance, shouldn’t the ones that actually won their place in the semi-finals fair and square deserve a second chance too?

    Or are they immediately eliminated, which is a bit unfair due to the fact they actually defeated each of their opponents without any second chance?

  9. ACP gonna win

  10. Cool

  11. On the Dcp and ACP battle it’s pretty to hard to say who will win

  12. DW will beat RPF.

  13. I think DCP can and will make it all the way if they get the sizes that they did against the Nachos. Water Vikings will give a good battle to the Nachos, but I don’t know if it will be enough.

  14. Final Standings prediction:
    1. DCP
    2. RPF
    3. Nachos

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