Doritos Receiving Multiple DDoS Attacks

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – After being ranked 2nd in this week’s Top 10, the Doritos experienced multiple DDoS attacks on many different troops. Who could it be the one hacking in this situation?

Note: This is a developing story. More information will be added as it is given.

Heard from a source on the Doritos chat, their have been countable DDoS attacks against the troops in the army around 2 hours ago from now. After a win against the Nachos in the Legends Cup IV battle, Doritos Leader Mustapha expects the Nachos to be behind this.

Our whole chat went offline. Then everyone slowly got back on. Everyone’s internet was slow, including mine. About 20 minutes later everyone came back on. Expect for Penguin who kept getting DDoS’ed. Summit has not been back on since he was DDoS’ed.

~ Xxtoysoldier

No one is really sure of who has done this. As a rising army in this community, DDoS attacks against them can severely drop them.

I had the chance to interview Xxtoysoldier, Doritos Leader in Training for more on the DDoS attacks against his army.

Me = Black || Xxtoysoldier = Orange

How many troops did these DDoS attacks effect?

I would have to say 5-6 people.

Who do you expect delivered these attacks against the Doritos?

Like I said, I am not 100% sure, but the only army/person that would do it right now would be the Nachos.

If a specific army/person did this to the Doritos, would you in any way get back at them?

No. I would just tell my troops to change their IP’s and not click on ANY links a person sends them. If it does continue, we will think of something.

Could this in the future effect the Doritos again, supposedly in our Legends Cup IV?

Possibly, we’ll see.

What do you think about these multiple DDoS attacks against the Doritos? Could this effect them again in the future at events? Who do you think did this to them? Yes, we want YOUR opinion!


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  1. Same here I was surprised that even my low rank mods are getting hit. The daily attacks in the past week haven’t been strong enough to completely knock some of us offline but when it happens we can’t open other tabs or if we reload xat it would load until the attack is finished. If this continues I plan to contact my isp so the attacker(s) can be prosecuted. I’ve been down this road before on other games. It may not be easy but if I put effort into it anything can happen. I have the connects and my family’s layered up.

  2. Wouldn’t* load until the attack is finished*******


  3. Yeah that was epic HELLL inna bad kind way ehhh

  4. Fucking [email protected] Grow up and learn to be a VPN/Proxy. Be web smart. Your ISP could probably give less of a shit too, they have bigger and better things to do than take care of a 17 year old Club Penguin army leader who is getting ddos’d.

    • Yes times one hundred.

    • Not when the Club Penguin Army President has a family that needs to use the internet to take care of business online. 😉

    • Being Ddos’d is illegal and disrespects the law. Therefore you ISP must care. I suggest you download AVG security and pay for the extra security there u will get an vpn and you cant take it off unless you delete the program off your computer.

      ~Using a fake IP adress 😉

  5. I love how CPAC doesn’t report on the same thing happening to the RPF multiple times ever since they went to war with the Nachos.

    • We work on an importance basis. During those major attacks, there were many more important stories going on across armies. Unfortunately, our reporters were unable to get to it. Currently, news it pretty dead to be honest. However, Shiver did slightly touch upon the issue in his post “Seeing Double”.

  6. So that makes 2 armies that blame the Nachos for the DDoS attacks. I wonder who the 3rd one will be?

  7. Or maybe they just all have shitty computers.


  9. “Our whole chat went offline.” Maybe that’s because xat is shit?

  10. If someone in the Nacho Army is DDOSing you guys, I’m sure that the soldier will be fired, demoted, or somehow punished if a Nacho leader finds out that a Nacho is DDOSing you guys and which Nacho is.

    • Not when it’s the leader calling the shots.

      • Puckley has always thought that using hacking programs to give your army an advantage has been unfair. DDOSing counts as using a hacking program to give your army an advantage. Even if it’s not done to give your army an advantage and is just done for some sort of stupid revenge, I honestly doubt that Puckley would be fine with it.

        I don’t think that there are that many leaders that approve of DDOSing. If there are army leaders that approve of DDOSing, Puckley doesn’t fall into that category.

        • Nachos have multiple leaders, did Elm ever mention anything about Puckley? Hmm.

        • Lol, listen to yourself. Puck’s not the kind of guy who would DDoS. I’ve led with him for over a year now, and we’ve never once had a conversation about lagging the shit out of anybody.

  11. Interesting this happened right after DCP beat Nachos. Coinicidence? Yea, just call your isp and report it so they can track it back.

  12. LOL. It’s obviously someone on the DCP site selling IPs to a guy with a DoS tool. If your site staff are disloyal, get a proxy or something. Seriously.

  13. Unless you didn’t know, you can easily trackback a DoS attack with the netstat command. Go to your command prompt and type in “netstat” during a DoS attack. The attacker’s IP will be listed there. It will almost always be their real IP because attacking behind a proxy/VPN is ineffective.

  14. Tbh, Toysoldier’s description of this “DoS” attack doesn’t even sound like a DoS. No way the person DoS’d everyone on the chat, it sounds like the chat just went down as chats often do. As for Summit, he probably just got off the computer when he left and decided he didn’t want to come back on.

  15. Can you people just stop using the Nachos are a scapegoat, you probably just have bad computers, or your chat is being derpy.

  16. The Nachos would never commit such heinous acts! Stop acting like the Nachos are so “bombastic and evil.” We’re a respectable and hard-working army!

  17. Gotta agree with Bur. Xat was probably just glitching…

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