Top Ten Armies: 6/30/13

As we near the month of July, which is known to be a yearly peak for armies, let’s take a look at the last Top Ten for June. 

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+0] [94.88] 

2. Ice Warriors [+2] [87.88] 

3. Army Republic [+4] [83.75] 

4. Rebel Penguin Federation [+1] [78.16]

5T. Dark Warriors [-3] [72.88] 

5T. Water Vikings [-2] [72.88] 

7T. Doritos [+0] [67.75] 

7T. Army of CP [-1] [67.75] 

9. Chaos Army [+2] [59.88]

10. Special Weapons and Tactics [NEW!] [56.75] 


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Water Ninjas [-1] 

12. Pirates [NEW!]

13. Pretzels [+0] 

14. Watex Warriors [+1] 

15. N/A


❗ Some WV events have been omitted due to the defacing. ❗

1. Nachos: The Nachos began the week with their joint Declaration of War on the Dark Warriors, alongside allies AR and WV. The first invasion, Half Pipe, saw the Nachos max 41. They crushed DW at the defense of Fjord, maxing again around 40. They maxed 25 at another defense, and then 45 at a patrol-turned-unscheduled battle with RPF. The war with DW was then ended, as ally WV signed peace accords with the army, and AR backed out as well, effectively ending the war. RPF has now declared war on the Nachos, and they are preparing for a series of battles this week. Nachos remain at first this week, and are bracket in the First Round of the Legends Cup, thus they will not battle until the second week. The Nachos will face the winner of the Pirates/Elemental Ninjas battle following the LC Qualifiers.

2. Ice Warriors: IW makes a jump to the Top 2 after several weeks hovering in the mid to low Top Ten. IW began the week coming off of their upset defeat of the WV in the AWL semi-finals. They had two mass recruiting sessions, with maxes of about 30 at each. Another recruiting maxed around 25. They then battled RPF in an “old-style” practice battle, with sizes of 30-35. Another training session was held, with a max of 25, before a Practice Battle with the Water Ninjas, where IW also maxed 25. Finally, IW went on to defeat DW in the finals of the AWL with a max size of 40. IW comes in at second this week, and will face the winner of the Chaos/Global Defenders battle following the Qualifiers.


3. Army Republic: The AR seems to have lived up to the promise of their leaders and become one of the top armies despite the one army rule. As the week began, AR joined in the brewing fight against the Dark Warriors as one of the first three armies to declare war. As the war took shape, AR chat was taken over, which they have blamed DW for. AR Leader BuritoDaily also denounced DW’s “proof”, saying that Yoangelyo had “never cursed” and presented his own proof. During a raid of Frosty on the 24th, the army averaged around 25, and reached similar sizes the next day during the invasion of Snow Fort. During the invasion of Icicle following this, AR claims sizes of 40. DW continued the pattern during the invasion of Snow Globe and was a no-show to the battle, with AR reaching sizes of 25. On Friday night, the war between AR and DW came to an end with no treaty. The week was topped off with a short-notice event, where the army once again reached sizes of 25. The AR is bracketed to face off against the winner of the Pretzels/Freeze Warriors battle following the Qualifiers. 


4. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF has had another nice week, coming in at 4th. On Monday, the army held an unscheduled with a troop count of 25. The next day, during a PB with the Ice Warriors, RPF took home the victory claiming sizes of 40. Next came the army’s “Pizza Parlor Adventure Time”, which brought sizes of 20-25. On Thursday and Friday, three events brought great sizes of 30-35. Following this, the RPF, along with the Doritos and ACP, launched a war on the Nachos, with the first raid being on Saturday, where RPF reached sizes of 25. The RPF is scheduled to face off against the winner of the Water Ninjas/Shadow Troops battle following the Qualifiers.

5T. Dark Warriors: This week has been one of the most hectic in awhile for the Dark Warriors, but they’ve managed to hold out and remain in the Top 5 despite taking a slight fall. The week began as “The Three Buttbuddies” — AR, WV and the Nachos — declared war on the Dark Warriors. That same day, DW denied AR’s accusations that they were responsible for the hacking of AR chat, and instead presented their own proof that AR framed them. They also made the decision to ignore all invasions except those of the Water Vikings. On June 25th, DW claimed victory during the invasion of WV’s Capital Server with sizes of 30. That same day, the WV site was defaced and DW denied any ties to Taco, who was responsible for said defacing. Following this, DW claimed victory during the invasion of Sled, with sizes of 15. DW next claimed victory at the Defense of Wool Socks, and the invasions of both Frostbite and Marshmallow. Only two or three more battles were fought before the war came to an end with a “no treaty, no winner” agreement between the two armies. The Dark Warriors are scheduled to face off against the winner of UMA/Death End battle following the Qualifiers.

5T. Water Vikings: The WV have taken their first fall out of the Top Three since first entering it, but still remain in a solid position. We begin halfway through WV’s week, they have already fought many grueling battles against DW, and have just now been defaced by Taco, Former Pretzels Leader. Following this, almost two weeks worth of posts were lost permanently, and Dashing Snow left the army. Soon after, however, Dash returned to WV and the war raged on. That day, the army raided DW’s capital of Frosty, with sizes of 25. Soon after, the army claimed victory on Snow Globe to level the war. They also claimed victory at the defense of Snow Board, with sizes of 30 — the defense of Marshmallow resulted in the same result. After multiple successful AUS events, the army invaded Polar Bear. The next day came the joint invasion of DW’s Capital, Frosty, where WV reached sizes of 30 and ended the war with DW on  a “no treaty, no winner” basis. Now, the army is scheduled to face off against the winner of the Watex Warriors/CP Police Department battle following the Qualifiers.

7T. Doritos: The Doritos have had a nice week as well, fighting a war against SWAT and the Pirates. The week began as the army defended Mammoth — and following the victory on Mammoth, DCP returned the server to ACP, who in turn made the server free domain once again. Next on the 25th, the army defeated the Pirates during the Battle of Mullet. Following a few other battles in the war, DCP successfully took Sleet back from SWAT with sizes of 25. Finally, after securing Ascent and Thermal, DCP Leader Mustapha reported that SWAT was completely out of servers and, thus, was a dead army. As this war came to an end, another began as alongside ACP and RPF, DCP scheduled a joint invasion of three Nachos servers — that war is yet to begin. The Doritos are scheduled to face off against the winner of the Light Troops/CP Night Divers battle following the Qualifiers.

7T. Army of CP: The ACP have had a rather eventful, interesting week. They kicked it off by declaring war on their notable nemesis, the Black Alliance, shortly followed by the ACP testing their Australian/Asian division out in an unscheduled event with sizes of 7-8. The next day, they logged onto Avalanche to train for their war against the Black Alliance with 20-25 penguins logged on. Mchappy, former ACP leader, returned from his unannounced AWOL status, but made a quick departure from his home army for the third, and most likely final time. After retiring the army, he promoted Capncook and Tori to the rank of Supreme Commander/s. Very shortly after being given leader status, Capncook resurrected two divisions in the ACP; Alpha and Echo. Another high ranked member of the ACP, Superoo13, former 3rd in Command, steps down. Because of the shortage of owners, the newly promoted ACP leaders promote Cassius Brutus and Monsoon to replace Superoo. Very shortly after Superoo’s abdication, the Pirates backed out of the Black Alliance, and admitted defeat against the ACP. Now only up against SWAT, ACP successfully invade Big Surf and Half Pipe from their opponents empire, with sizes of 30 on Big Surf, and 15-20 on Half Pipe. Throughout the next two days, they had an unscheduled event on Avalanche and an Australian/Asian training session. They got around 18 on Avalanche, and 12 at their Australian/Asian training.They currently have a practice battle scheduled with the Rebel Penguin Federation, and will face off against the winner of the GT/SWAT battle following the LC Qualifiers. 

9. Chaos Army: The Chaos started the week by declaring war on the newly rising army, the Water Ninjas, but on the same time were surprised to see that the Light Troops had declared war on them. (Chaos.) Shortly after declaring war, they raided the Water Ninjas with 13 on CP. Two days later, they successfully defended Snow Cone, averaging 18 and maxing 25. They also invaded Powder Ball, with 15 logged on Club Penguin, the invasion was in their favor, and they won. Other than that, Chaos have had a rather quiet week. Chaos will face off against the Global Defenders for the chance to battle the Ice Warriors in the Legends Cup IV. 


10. Special Weapons and Tactics: The SWAT have had a fairly quiet week despite their ongoing war with the Doritos, and slide in at 10th this week. On the 25th, SWAT claimed victory on Sleet with sizes of 15, and claimed a tie the next day during the Battle for Mammoth. During the Invasion of Ascent, SWAT reached sizes of 15 and again claimed victory. Following this at the Invasion of Thermal, DCP was a no-show and SWAT took victory. The army is scheduled to face off against the Golden Troops in the Qualifier Round of the Legends Cup IV — the winner will face off against ACP.



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  1. First

  2. go go power rangers

  3. Wait, claims to max 40? We maxed 41, js

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  5. Chaos were a small army… then a medium army… NOW THEY ARE IN CPAC!?!?! Scary…

  6. I thought AR may have done well enough to tie with IW in terms of consistency, but good top ten none the less.



  9. IW maxed 46 if you count the people locked out.

  10. Congrats to Chaos!

  11. Good job chaos

  12. Biased RPF did better than number 2.

  13. I demand justice

  14. You even cut our picture

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  16. Picture doesn’t matter, RPF still did better than 2 and 3 in every aspect what is this!? To top it all off we defeated IW in a pb this week. RPF definitely should have be number two even your “staff” agrees.

  17. guise watch out elmikey is gonna get his autotypers and noobs on our asses!!! RUN 4 COVER W R GONNA DIE!!

  18. ar amazing sizes of 25+.


    This is war.

  20. This top ten… it is not really that accurate. RPF should’ve been 2nd-3rd, with AR behind them. SWAT shouldn’t even be in top ten- no offense.

  21. Great Top Ten! I just want to know when RPF became gray?

    • Eh, it’s an on and off thing, though if you dislike the color I’ll stop using it.

      I just try to break up all the armies with black as their color with greys.

  22. When did RPF ever hit 40, let alone 50? Just saying.

  23. I would say SWAT should be lower?

  24. SWAT should’ve been lower, otherwise great post. Good job Chaos.

  25. Inb4 RPF rebels from CPAC.

  26. hey guys I’ve been working on a new army it hasn’t officially launched but I think it could be a success infact my plans are to mix the old way with battling with the new one which could result in epicness join here if you wanna join this could become a legend

  27. It’s unbelievable that 17% voted “Yes” in this week’s poll! When you ignore the invasion that is valid (24h notice etc.), you automatically lose your server!

  28. Why so Serious?

  29. Armies are always able to ignore invasions, it just means they’ll lose their servers (wary)

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    oagalthorp is somewhere

  31. Didn’t SWAT lose their entire nation in the war?

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  34. Er, CPPD is numba 15 to let you know so you can fix it 😛

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