Top Ten Armies: 9/24/12

Welcome one and all to the 2nd Top Ten ever written by yours truly, Blue2. This week we’ve had some small movements, but only one really noticable rise in the upper rankings, and a few armies slipping closer and closer to their fall. Once again, there was very little for the lower Top Ten section, so numbers 14 and 15 have been omitted. If you have a rising army, please comment it on this post or show it to Blue1 or I on chat so we can review your army next week.

In addition, the Top Ten will now be released on Saturdays, with all events Saturday – Friday counting towards it. This starts next week. For this reason, I have published this Top Ten slightly early.

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The Reformation


Ok, so here’s the deal. Continue reading

Behind Behind IW: Unmasking the Unmasking

Two posts have been made voicing Ioio’s accusation of IW using Riffy888’s twitter and chat to gain recruits. It remains unknown whether or not Riot was influenced to make these posts under a bribe. But until we find out, here is what CPAC didn’t tell you, mainly because Riot isn’t in IW. Continue reading

Recruiting: How It Is Used

Most people know that armies have been on the last thread for gaining troops. CP is recruiting is almost gone due to the minimum recruiting phrases. Most armies are looking for other ways to recruit in order to survive, but are we allowed to?

Over the past few months, or even years, armies have been attempting to recruit in order to survive the slow downfall. Some armies use tracking chats to recruit, others post recruitment videos on Youtube. Some people even ask their friends, or siblings, but are we allowed to?




Although some recruiting methods are only for minimal gains for a single battle, others are used to gain loyal troops. If you look into 2 different recruiting methods, you will see that there are some similarities, but many differences. Although both are attacked for being lazy ways of recruiting, 1 takes more than just a few clicks of the mouse.

 The 2 ways of recruiting are chat recruiting and Twitter recruiting. Both can be used as “easy” methods of recruiting, but there are much more differences that people don’t understand. But first, let’s look at the similarities.

  • Both are relatively easy to use.
  • Both show fast results when they used correctly.
  • Both  are able to give a good amount of recruits.
Both have some good similarities for recruiting troops for the army, but there is a major downside that armies face as an aftermath of the easy-to-use methods. Before we skip to that, let’s take a look at the differences between Chat recruiting and Twitter recruiting.
  • Chat recruiting recruits people that you don’t know, while Twitter recruiting recruits your friends.
  • Chat recruiting has random CP players that can be of almost any age, while Twitter recruiting has a much smaller age gap.
  • Chat recruiting requires no knowledge or work beforehand, while Twitter recruiting requires the ability to meet new people, make new friends, and have popularity to gain more followers faster.
Now do you see the picture? Twitter recruiting requires FAR more work beforehand in order to gain any recruits whatsoever. On top of that, gaining appropriate followers that CAN be used for recruiting requires popularity, which is gained through hard work over time.
But although both methods can give armies an advantage, they have the downside. If chat recruiting is abused during the tracking season, then the army will have a HUGE downfall within the following weeks of the party. If Twitter recruiting is abused with random people that you don’t even know, then the outcome will be even worse, because all of those people will leave after the first battle, creating an even BIGGER downfall.
Overall, although both of these 2 key recruiting tactics can be used for good, they can be the worst thing that happens to an army in almost all cases. The best way to recruit loyal and active recruits is through CP recruiting. Although it may sound like a lot of work, it can be very profitable. Using the right servers and recruiting phrases can gain the army a good amount of active and loyal recruits after just a few sessions.
bye for now,
~ Iceyfeet1234

Behind IW: Scandals in The Snow Part Two

More updates have unearthed from the gravelly gates of Journalism in the past 24 hours on the Scandal inside of Ice Warriors. Read on in this updates special to Behind IW, Part Two.

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Ice Warriors Lose their Capital

(Note: I had three complaints on chat that there are too little posts. Guess what, we CPAC staff have school too and we don’t have all day long to write a post. So please respect us, and we are trying our hardest to make a post at least once every SCHOOL DAY.)

Overall IW V.S. LT war records:

IW: 5 || LT: 2 || Draws: 0 || Undetermined: 1

Jack Frost: IW Victory
Pine Needles: IW Victory
Snow Day: LT Victory
Snow Drift: Undetermined (picture of proof by Iceyfeet)
Sub Zero: LT Victory 
On September 20, 2012, the Light Troops decided to make a  bold move, invade the heart of the IW empire…. Sub Zero. After two losses against IW, many of the LT troops were unsure of a victory, while IW’s average of 30+ gave their troops a spur of morale. When both armies logged on, it was already known this would be one hell of a battle.

The Ice Warriors were in fact the first to log on, however a minute later LT decided to log on too. Lt started out in the plaza, while IW charged in the room with an impressive E+P tactic. The size and tactics of both armies were so even, it was impossible to decide the victor of the room.

LT performing an almost perfect E+G tactic while waiting for IW to charge.

IW entering the plaza with joke bombs while LT counter-attack with mad faces.

Both armies show their colors through emotes.

After a fierce fight in the plaza for about 5 minutes, LT stormed into the docks while IW came into the room right after them. This time though, IW did have a small advantage in numbers, however the tactics for both armies made the room constantly moving. The battle hardly stood still for a minute minutes, as both armies kept each other confused with bombs.

LT performing a tactic.

IW performing an E+G tactic while in the anchor formation.

Complete mass confusion.

After 15 minutes of IW dominating a bit in size, another room change in the battle was to be made. LT moved to the mine, and both armies made the bones of their lines. Both armies had around 20 during the first few minutes in the mine, but suddenly the unthinkable happened. At around 6:25 EST, IW started shrinking, annd after a few minutes only about 10 IW troops were fighting the 20 LT troops. This is where LT took the lead in the whole battle, and the tide was quickly turning against IW.

IW is still keeping it’s size, however the difference in tactics can be spotted.

LT show their mad faces as IW try taking back their lead through a E+C bomb.

LT were able to capture the moment when IW started losing their troops.

LT in a stunning “C” formation against what is left of IW.

The Ice Warriors quickly tried calling in AR, however they came too late. Hardly any IW troops were left in the battle field, and AR’s size of 8 could not compete against LT, who were still averaging 15. LT moved to the Town, the last room where the battle would take place against AR, trying to save IW’s capital. However soon after, the battle was over with IW surrendering the battle.


AR trying to fight against LT.

However, IW will not give up. A re-invasion of their capital has been scheduled for tomorrow, and this is one of the most important battles for both IW and LT. If IW win this invasion, their capital will be back which will bring a spur of morale. However, if they lose, the opposite could happen and change the whole war all together. Bye for now guys, I have to finish my homework. Also, if you do not like my captions at each picture, although I just tried to make this post a bit “lighter”, I will respect that, however, I was not being biased. I was only stating the facts from the pictures. Comment on you opinion on the battle and my report!


Both armies show their colors through emotes.

An Exclusive Look Behind Riot’s Research



For More Information, please Private Chat your Local Bluesockwa. They should be able to help you.

Behind IW: Scandal in The Snow?

UPDATE: Blizzard attempts to make a fake picture of Iceyfeet’s twitter account. Investigators have stated that the text in Blizzard’s fake picture is a different font from Twitters.

Thanks to ioioluk, aviv, jose, kenny, and several others for the pictures

Thanks to aviv for helping me throughout this post.

Thanks to Alb for cooperating during the interview.

I was told by at least fifty people about this event, so I do believe it is worthy of a new installment of “Behind.” I didn’t believe any of this at first, however it did catch my attention when I did some research on Riffy’s site and twitter feed, where IW leaders and creator Iceyfeet has access to.

Everyone in CP Armies know about Ice Warriors, currently the Number One army in CPAC, however, I was told by Kenny, Jose and several others about the events before I decided to post. Sort to say, this is my very first “report.” This is 100% unbiased, as I have never even been on IW chat before, and have no idea about IW standards.

Now, According to several users who wish to remain anonymous, Iceyfeet posted on the Riffy Twitter feed calling to everyone that “Rookie Will be On Jack Frost”, where Ice Warriors will be battling Light Troops later on. Updates to follow this battle later on. Anyways, I have proof for once, dear sir.


Now, I am no expert in Battle Rules, but I am pretty sure this is somewhat cheating…

Now, Joee/Aviv, a philosopher I look up to, conducted this interview with someone on the Ice Warriors chat shortly after the incident occurred.  Here is what he got:

Aviv is Yellow

Thanks again to Joee/Aviv for wanting to help me during this post.

Anyways, I will be steadily updating this post as more details come through.

Ice Warrior’s Side of The Story:

Icey also stated that he posted this tweet the BEFORE the battle. The Riffy moderators also told me that Riffy was never on his chat, and a group of members randomly said that Rookie was on Jackfrost.


Sunday’s Super Duper Delayed Comic- How People See CP Armies

I’m back. ‘Nuff said.

This has to be the most delayed comic ever in CPAC history. Reasons? School, laziness, etc. Anyway, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Note that this is either the worse comic I’ve ever done or the most trololololed CP comic ever made. 

Uh, enjoy?


  • I chose ACP pic not because I’m in them. I chose them since ACP was the regular known army as their name. Don’t start arguing with me; I like them, but I didn’t join. 
  • Gonna do some Pinata game for fun for the viewers. Rules are that you find the pinata in the comic. No prize at the moment.


CPAC’s Comic Designer

Edit: Oh cool thanks guys for the comments. Anyway, it’s hard to pinpoint on how I should make my comics on. If you want to (this is optional, but would help for future comments), please tell me if you want more comics like these or bring back my old comics before this one was published. Thanks! Also, I won’t be accepting ideas from comments. Do them in PC on chat so I know you REALLY want those ideas to get in, plus to get my input/approval.

Top Ten Armies: 9/17/12

In yet another intriguing Top Ten, we see some shocking rises, some new armies rising into the Top Ten, and others completely disappearing into the abyss. And even with armies becoming larger, we have no armies to fill spots 14 & 15.

Power Rankings
(will change every week based on averages)

World Power: 35+
Major: 25+
Large: 20+ 
Medium: 15+ 

Top Ten Armies


1. Ice Warriors [+0] (91.93) World Power

2. Light Troops [+7] (85.13) Major

3. Doritos [-1] (81.25) Major

4. Army Republic [+0] (72.63) Major

5. Army of Club Penguin [-2] (70.19) Large

6T. Nachos [-1] (66.06) Large

6T. Pirates [+0] (66.06) Large

8. Pretzels [+0] (59.69) Medium

9. United Countries of CP [+3] (51.14) Small-Medium

10. Sky Troops [+3] (45.38) Small-Medium


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Navy of Club Penguin [NEW!]

12. Underground Mafias Army [-6] 

13. Rebel Penguin Federation [-3]

14. N/A

15. N/A

1. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors, like last week, began quite slowly, with barely any posts the first few days. They had a recruiting session Wednesday with successful results, followed by two invasions on Saturday, one of which was messed up by their chat malfunctioning. They finished the week with a training session, in which they maxed out at a whopping 50, practically guaranteeing them the Number 1 spot. The Ice Warriors have just recently declared war on the Light Troops, and their first battle is scheduled for Tuesday.

2. Light Troops: The Light Troops have had a spectacular week this week, rising 7 spots in this Top Ten. They began by getting 15 at a Training Session, but the next day, rose to getting 20+, followed by a raid of UMA, in which they maxed out at around 30. They then battled ACP and AR with several allies the next day, claiming a victory for their side. Afterwards, they had a battle with UCCP, a training session, and an Invasion of Sabertooth, all of which saw sizes of 30+. LT are currently at war with the Ice Warriors, and have an invasion scheduled for Tuesday.

3. Doritos: The Doritos dropped a spot this week, despite them claiming that they’ve entered another Golden Age. They began by invading the Pretzels’ Capital server, claiming it from them and getting sizes of 20+. They then followed by winning on Cloudy and Southern Lights with around the same number of troops. They then followed with an Invasion of Ice Palace, in which the Doritos showed up with a shocking 30+, winning the server in a matter of minutes. They have ended their war with the Pretzels, and have no events scheduled so far.

4. Army Republic: The Army Republic had a slow week this week, retaining their Number 4 position. They began by maxing 35 at a Training Session, and then invaded Flippers on Sunday. Even though they have no results posted, they supposedly maxed 25+. They have just recently joined the Ice Warriors in the war with the Light Troops, and plan to invade them this coming Thursday.

5. Army of Club Penguin: The ACP just barely hang onto their Top 5 position. They began by invading Big Snow from the Pirates, in which they claimed victory on. Then, later on, they had 10 different defenses on Saturday. ACP claimed victory in all but one of the Defenses, maxing 20+ in several of them. ACP then invaded Klondike from the Pirates, maxing around 20. They have several invasions scheduled throughout the week.

6T. Nachos: The Nachos fall out of the Top 5 this week, tying with the Pirates. Their first event was a training session last Wednesday, in which they were able to get around 20+ at with very good tactics. Later in the week, they raided fellow Top 5 army, the Army Republic. They had sizes of 10-15, not their usual standard. They have yet to post any events this week.

6T. Pirates: Pirates had an action-packed week this week with up and down sizes. They started off with a defense of Big Snow, in which they claimed victory, getting sizes of 15-20. They had several invasions throughout the week. The most shocking one was Klondike, in which the Pirates only chose to let their closest allies go on it. They also maxed 25 at an Invasion of Flippers against ACP. They have defenses throughout the week, and are also invading the Ice Warriors.

8. Pretzels: The Pretzels had some leadership issues this week, after overthrowing Pain and seeing some major changes. They began by invading Winter Land from ACP, getting some great sizes of around 20+. Their creator, Braveboy, returned as Leader, overthrowing Pain and establishing a new leadership. They had a few training sessions in which they maxed 12+, and have ended their ACP war.

9. United Countries of CP: The UCCP had a substantial week this week. They began by invading Walrus with Light Troops and other allies, followed by a loss to the Light Troops in a Practice Battle. They had an unscheduled recruiting session on Klondike, maxing about 15 with pretty good tactics. They are declaring war on someone soon, but they have yet to announce who it will be with.

10. Sky Troops: The Sky Troops return to the Top 10, barely passing for a Large Army. They had little postage this week, and the only event posted was a Victory on Big Foot. They maxed at around 12+ with good tactics. They also had a defense of Hockey, whose results have yet to be posted. They have a battle with UCCP scheduled for tomorrow.

What do YOU think about this week’s Top Ten? Surprised? Glad? Leave your comments below!

Until next week,

<•><•>Zak, CPAC Associate Producer<•><•>