Kingfunks hits a home run! : Mchappy is A.W.O.L

Today, Kingfunks4, the longstanding ACP 2ic was temporarily promoted to Supreme Commander of the Army of Club Penguin. This is unusual and new for many members of the ACP.

Kingfunks has been 2ic of the ACP for 29 days now. He was promoted from 3ic in the recent owner rank shuffle that happened once Mchappy took power after the retirement of ACP Leaders – Flipper and Kenneth.

Mchappy appears to have mysteriously disappeared from the ACP in the last week, a lot of theories have come up as to the whereabouts of his absense, the most interesting and perhaps far fetched one I’ve heard is  ‘Mch’s ship has been compromised by Nachos, we are sending help’.  But the unofficial line that ACP seems to be taking is that Mchappy is on a temporary break. As said by Kingfunks himself

”Mch[happy] is taking a break” – Kingfunks4, ACP Temporary Leader

This quote obviously gives us some insight into the issues surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Mchappy. But a lot has not been answered for, the ACP website has made no comment on this issue. Could they be hiding something? or is this simply a case of a Leader who needs a break from the stresses of running one of the largest and most time consuming armies in Club Penguin?

Ekpenguin, ACP third in command and longstanding friend of Kingfunks, has generously provided me with this statement on his thoughts for the future of ACP under the new temp leader.

 Comment with YOUR opinion! What effect will Kingfunks’ temporary leadership have on the Army of Club Penguin? Is Mchappy really just taking a break from the stresses of ACP?

Max Cassius Brutus, New CPAC Reporter 😀

ACP vs. Nachos War: Ended/Postponed

For the past month, the war between the Nachos and the ACP has been the main event of the Club Penguin Army community. Several, huge battles involving multiple armies have been going on, with both sides sometimes having over 40 soldiers online.

Finally, an agreement was made between the Nachos and the Army of Club Penguin, and the war was ended.

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The Fired Staff

We have chosen to let go of four reporters and hire three new ones. Continue reading

DAY 3: Legends Cup First Round Results

Another day have battles have come and gone as we continue to move along in the Legends Cup III tournament. Yesterday, we had three interesting battles in Day 3 of the first round. Here, the Night Warriors took on the Watex Warriors; the Snow Troops faced the Fire Ninjas; and the Rebel Penguin Federation battled the Water Warriors. Continue reading to find out who the winners were!

Night Warriors vs. Watex Warriors

Winner: Night Warriors!

Congratulations to the Night Warriors as they now move onto the Second Round to face the Sky Troops!

Snow Troops vs. Fire Ninjas

No show! Since neither army arrived, the ROMANS will replace them in the next round!

Good luck to the Romans next round as they will take on the Doritos!

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Water Warriors

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation!

Great job, RPF! The RPF will battle the Shadow Troops!

Good luck to all armies next round! Read HERE for all the information about Round Two!



Toboggan Showdown

Recently, the Light Troops declared war on the Army Republic. The LT have already scheduled a series of invasions on the AR and they will only stop if the AR stops helping the ACP in the ACP-Nacho war. The Army Republic accepted the Light Troops’ declaration of war as the AR did not want to stop assisting the ACP.

Yesterday, the two armies met for the first time in their current war on Toboggan for quite a showdown. Both armies arrived with similar sizes of about 20-25 soldiers, but soon the sizes would increase as two more armies would join to help their fellow ally. The Army Republic called on the ACP to assist them, so the LT soon brought in the Nachos too. Size still remained equal as their ally began to arrive making it a terrific battle.

The battle begins with major fighting at the Ice Berg.

The Nachos soon leave to allow more Light Troops to enter. AR and ACP remain together.

The Light Troops then moved to the Dock to meet up with the Nachos.

The LT and Nachos soon moved into the Town where only a few AR and ACP could get in.

Following this, the Light Troops and the Nachos logged off claiming victory. Despite this, the Army Republic also declared victory on Toboggan stating that they had successfully defended the server. Overall, it was a very close and great battle between all the armies, but who do you think won?

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What do you think about the battle of Toboggan? Who do you think won? Comment and let us know!


The Dark Warriors Officially End

The once powerful Dark Warriors have ended yesterday. It wasn’t too long ago that the Dark Warriors were recreated when they changed their name from the Golds to the DW. This recent generation of Dark Warriors managed to maintain a medium army status, and they seemed to had been even rising. However, as previous generations of the DW, this generation did not last long either.

According to their website, it was decided that the Dark Warriors could no longer continue like they have been. They weren’t living up to the standards of what the DW should be. Also, after Dark Warrior leaders Subz11 and DW legend and creator Elite910 decided to resign, the DW knew they could no longer continue.

Xiunknown, a DW legend, left a post officially stating the end of the Dark Warriors:

The Dark Warriors legacy finally ends here, after many bumps on the road, DW has hit a stalemate today after Subz and DW legend and creator, Elite quit. The Dark Warriors cannot continue like this thus we must end. DW has one of the best histories in armies, along with the ACP, Nachos, UMA, IW and RPF. We were one of the best armies ever, if not the best. I’m honoured to be a DW legend along with some big names in armies. Now that DW will finally rest in peace we can always remember how great DW once was. Everybody who ever contributed to DW, weither that being attending events, recruiting people, becoming a DW legend, we thank you. Everybody who has ever joined DW should be proud of themselves. You have made DW what it was today.

I ask DW never to be recreated, so I will be asking CPAC to never let DW back into the top 10, even if Ambrosha comes back, we can’t be recreated. We all know DW has had too many generations, sadly all great things must come to an end. Thank you all and let the DW legacy be remembered forever!

I, xiunknown, Dark Warriors legend declare this website apart of Club Penguin army history.

Although many may think the Dark Warriors will most likely be recreated again like the in the past many times, Unk seems adamant that the Dark Warriors are history. The DW have had many recreations and different generations, so it is reasonable to assume so. However, this seems to be the final end of the Dark Warriors.

The Dark Warriors leave a legacy as one of the most respected armies in Club Penguin. Throughout their history, this army often changed their name from between the Golds and the Dark Warriors. With either name, the army was always able to remain fairly successful. The Dark Warrior army was created by Elite910 during September of 2007. One of their most successful eras was led by Donut6780, Feephill, Khimo, and Motoxjohn where the DW reached a Golden Age. More recently, they had another amazing generation led by Khimo and Phipy where they constantly battled the Army of Club Penguin for the top spot in Club Penguin.

The Dark Warriors end with a great history behind them as they should always be remembered as one of the great armies in Club Penguin Armies.

What do you think about the Dark Warriors ending? What kind of legacy do you think the DW left? Is this really the end of the DW? Do you think someone will try to recreate them? Comment and let us know!



Three Years of the Press

Today marks the three-year anniversary of the opening of Club Penguin Army Central. CPA Central was created by Woton to provide the most informing, entertaining and up-to-date news, something we have continued to provide since its creation. This site has been through three years, 2,595 posts (only 1,595 of which have been restored), some 300 staff members, 4 hacks, and seven Heads of Site.

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Army of the Week: Cabin Warriors

NOTE: The Cabin Warriors changed their name to the Shadow Knights.  Click HERE to view their site.

In the third full edition of Army of the Week, we take a look at a fairly new army: the Cabin Warriors.  CW are a small army, but it is fair to say that they seem to be rising.  Can they rise to be a medium, and in the future possibly large, army?  Or will they remain a small army?  The upcoming next few weeks could determine the answers to these questions.

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Are you interested in joining the Cabin Warriors? Click HERE to join them!


Because CW are a rather new army, there isn’t a whole lot to tell.  The Cabin Warriors were created on April 4th, 2012 by Cpaul1 and Adro3The army drew many people into joining it quickly after it’s creation.  The army grew fast, reaching sizes of 18 at events.  They even became the 12th largest army at one point, right outside of CPAC’s top ten.  However, they merged into the Pirates, and weren’t seen again until their second generation.  Max took Cpaul1’s place as leader, and he led CW alongside Adro3.  The second generation did good, but not as good as the first.

CW recently started their third generation.  They’ve had a decent start, but only time will tell how well this generation will be compared to the others.

Current Leadership:

The Cabin Warriors currently have two leaders.  They are led by Adro3 and Max.  Both of them have led CW in the second generation.  They both seem to work well together, so the leadership of CW shouldn’t be a problem.  So far they’ve managed to get CW decent sizes, so CW has some decent leadership.

Recent Events:

The Cabin Warriors have had very little events recently, but they have done a somewhat good job in them.  Earlier this week CW had an unscheduled event and reached sizes of 6-7 troops, which is okay for an unscheduled event.

More recently, the Cabin Warriors dueled CPND and the Red Alliance (which was a no-show) and had good sizes of 8+.  Here are some pictures from the event:


I think the leadership of CW aren’t too serious about events, so CW seem like a fun army, and people who are joining an army to have fun would probably join them.  I think CW can make it to be at least a medium army, but I don’t think their current generation will last for a long time, seeing as their past two generations were only around for a few months.  However, they had a fast rise once, there’s a possibility they can do it again and make it last.

Are you interested in joining the Cabin Warriors? Click HERE to join them!

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How do you think CW have been doing?  Can they rise to be as powerful as they once were?  Or will they stay a small army with the chances of dying?  Comment with your opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter

Legends Cup – Round Two Times

UPDATE2: DCP vs. Red Vikings battle info added.

UPDATE: SWAT will remain in the tournament and replace the Dark Warriors.

To make sure all armies notice their battle times and they don’t miss the battle notices on the results posts, I will just update the times on this post. This is for round two of the Legends Cup.

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Night Warriors Go To War With Ranger Troops

Lately the Night Warriors have been on the hunt for more servers in their attempts to rise through the Top Ten. Yesterday, on July 25, the Night Warriors declared war on the Ranger Troops, ranked 6th in the Top Ten. In the post declaring war, Second-in-Command Corey claimed the war “will be a long war since [the Night Warriors] have a lot of servers.” Servers being the reason for the war, the Night Warriors plan to take this war until they have taken all servers possible. In the same post, Corey told his troops:

“I trust that you all can get the job done and come out on top in every event.”

The Ranger Troops met the challenge with complete confidence. Today, they responded with the challenge to invade all NW servers “before they have a chance to do the same.” Ranger Troops’ leader Paco claimed in his response:

“The Night Warriors are trying to commit suicide so lets just murder ’em and save ’em trouble.”

Both armies plan to invade a large amount of servers from the other. As part of the battle strategy, the Ranger Troops will be invading a series of NW servers late at night. Night Warriors responded that night events are when they are most active, fitting with their name. Both armies seem very confident with the war. NW believes the Ranger Troops to be too inactive to be much of a problem, but with RT a good four ranks higher in the Top Ten, will NW be able to win the war they set out for?

Let’s take a look at some recent battle pics:

NW’s Recent Invasion of Ice Palace from AU

Ranger Troops Recent Victory Over Doritos

The Night Warriors recently had success against the Army Union, but will they have the same with the larger Ranger Troops? And with Ranger Troops aiding in the ACP-Nacho War, will the RT be able to defend from NW? Wherever this war leads, with so many invasions already planned, this is sure to be a lively war.

– Redd, CPAC Reporter –